bear canisters (each with cover, perlon and ’biners to hang coins as openers) KITCHEN SUPPLIES (Action Pack)
t.p. compactor bag marked “pack out” high on bag paper towels plastic plates cups for everyone personal lexan knives, forks, spoons for everyone long spoon purell hand sanitizer (in baggie) dobie pad (type for scouring) dish soap (4 oz) COOK SET (nested in compactor bag)
GROUP ACCESSORIES (Medium Green Duffel Bag)
Black Accessories Bag
knife in sheath (sharpen w/kitchen sharpening rod) duct tape digging tool (if no big shovel) spare perlon and utility cord glasses repair kit (incl screwdriver) water purification tabs compass optional: GPS matches (and emergency matches in waterproof pouch) razor blade Water Pump(s)
PUR Hiker filter pump with new cartridge, caps, with instructions (in zip-lock) intake tube with float and acorn pre-filter; discharge tube spare filters (in their boxes inside baggies for protection) BackPack Stove(s)
MSR pumps w/quart bottles (w/fresh fuel) (in baggies) stoves, in baggies, in blue kit windscreens and heat reflectors in side pocket jet cleaning wire field maintenance kits & instructions in baggie Fuel (in compactor bag)
propane bottles (used 3 in 1995, 4 used in 1997, 4 used in 2003) Collapsible Water Bottle (in compactor bag)
5-gallon collapsible water bottle w/cords (1 for untreated water, 1 for good water) FIRST AID KIT
tylenol/aspirin/advil 222’s (tylenol 3 w/codeine) dayquill/nyquill blister preventers blister kit small scissors benadryl tiger balm antibiotic ointment (neosporin) bandaids, butterfly bandages liquid bandage tweezers straight pins Round Blue (Secondary) First Aid Kit hydrogen peroxide alcohol collyrium eye wash cotton balls burn cream/betadine/antiseptic wipes/Imodium Anti-Diarrheal adhesive tape ace bandages w/ clips stretchy bandage glossy sterile pads tick kit vacuum pump for bites hike-in lunch other lunches dinners & hors d’oeuvres breakfasts & miscellaneous salt & pepper trail food: candies (e.g., Starburst); energy bars saltines (for use if someone is not feeling well) PERSONAL EQUIPMENT
ENTRY/EXIT (Blue Overnight Bag)
redbook: hotel conf; wilderness permit; pack outfit conf; dinner conf; checks for mules; cash for meal reimbursements to wear on drive: shorts/belt/t-shirt/underwear/sox/tennis shoes/sunglasses/watch to use at hotel: swim trunks in zip-lock, sandals, jeans, long-sleeved shirt, sox, underwear, shampoo, conditioner, parka; PDA charger, shaver entry day baggie: cap, sunglasses, t-shirt; underwear; pants; sox; hiking boots; walking stick w/cap, tip money: (4) 20’s & (4) 10’s & (2) 5’s (in small envelope) exit day baggie: sox, underwear, shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, shaver, deodorant TOILETRIES
daily pills/Rx’s diamox (acetazolamide) (250 mg: As a preventative for altitude sickness, take 1 capsule twice a day. Initiate 24-48 hours before reaching altitude & continue for 48 hours while at altitude, or longer as necessary to control symptoms. Makes carbonated drinks, beer taste strange.) tooth brush tooth paste; dental floss nail clippers/file hair brush bar of soap (in small wide-mouthed bottle) mosquito repellant spray tylenol decongestant alka seltzer laxative, Imodium saline nasal spray in baggie lens case wetting, cleaning solutions spare sun glasses in case wash cloth in small zip lock hand/foot warmer pads pens & small note pad; this list toilet paper in baggie Camelbak or other day pack water bladder and/or water bottles (can be 1/2 frozen) -- to total of 2-3 quarts water topo map; detailed trail notes (from disk file) and guide book excerpt kleenex sun block & mosquito repellent baggie mosquito repellent sun block and lip balm (hi SPF) digital camera with spare batteries and chip mini-tripod (ice-axe tripod if bringing ice axe) eyeglasses in case with eyeglass retainers contacts stuff: mirror; case; spares; clean soln, wet soln (screw cap) lens centering instr: move lens to outside corner (easier to relocate from there); move lens toward center; hold lens in place, look toward lens and blink hard. ID (copies of driver’s license, health ins, emergency phone #’s) blister preventers flash light space blanket heating pads PERSONAL EQUIPMENT (XXL Black Duffel Bag)
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad
tent (note zippers work poorly, particularly on the insect screen) fly poles (4) tent stakes (14) instructions space blanket for underneath tent Electronics
flashlight(s) (tested) with fresh batteries, spare alkaline batteries & flare cone PDA phone and case spare camera batteries CLOTHING
sun-brimmed hat or baseball cap rain jacket fleece vest dirty clothes bag Net Bag: Pants
convertible nylon hiking pants and/or shorts (in net bag) Rectangular Bag: Shirts
Rectangular Bag: Sox & Underwear
Rectangular Bag: Cold Weather
optional: wind pants (nylon overpants to use around camp) long underwear tops, bottoms neck warmer warm hat mittens (rather than gloves for max warmth)

Source: http://ljhelms.com/pet/_eqpt/Old%20Versions/eqptlist-backpack%207-30-2004.pdf


TABLE 1: 2012 AGS Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults Organ System/ Recommendation , Rationale, Therapeutic Category/Drug(s) Quality of Evidence (QE) & Strength of Recommendation (SR) Avoid except in short-term palliative care to decrease oral secretions. Highly anticholinergic, uncertain effectiveness. This clinical tool, based on

Microsoft word - a. anaesthesia.doc

FROM IRENE WILSON, U.K. MASTOCYTOSIS SUPPORT GROUP LEADER WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ANESTHESIA – IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE Nancy Gould, Research Committee Regis (Gigi) Park, Research Chair, Board of Directors INTRODUCTION Surgery is a stressful experience. For a patient with mast cell disease, that stress is compounded by the possibility of complicat

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