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Lisle Library District
Pursuant to the terms of an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois (30 ILCS 15/0.01 et. Seq.), the following is an account of all receipts and expenditures made by the Lisle Library District during fiscal year July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 and the State of Treasury at the close of said fiscal year. Subscribed and sworn to this 11th day of December, 2013. GENERAL FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 3,781,649; State Grants 30,398; Replacement Tax 15,462; Investment Income 48,537; Desk Revenue 55,026; Miscellaneous 18,473. Disbursements: Abs Electric 6,112; Aflac 9,412; AlphaGraphics 26,425; Amazon 18,217; Arbor Printing & Graphics 3682; Baker & Taylor 197,870; Blackbaud 4,137; Brainfuse 2,950; Case Lots 5,181; CCH Inc 3,732; Compact Disc Source 12,773; Constellation NewEnergy 25,916; Crystal Maintenance Services 23,710; Delta Dental 22,361; Demco 4,877; Easypermit Postage 8,291; Ebsco Subscription Serv. 43,451; Emerald Marketing 4,800; Exelon Energy 7,399; FIA Card Services 43,428; Gale/Cengage 68,739; Garveys 8,864; Gaylord 3,816; Gordon Flesch 4,445; Hewlett Packard Co 2,380; Hinckley Springs 2,522; IHLS-OCLC 20,527; IL Library Assoc 4,053; Illinois Paper & Copier 4,228; Infogroup 10,710; Janway 4,829; Yolanda Kocemba 2,736; Larson & Darby 4,500; Learning Express 4,567; Librarica LLC 5,508; LIMRICC 253,085; Management Association 8,651; Matsock Agency 6,427; Mergent 4,910; MidAmerican Energy Co 8,861; Midwest Tape 52,483; Monaco Mechanical Service 16,893; Montanos Landscaping 11,400; Morningstar 2,922; Nicor 6,673; Overdrive 7,000; Paetec 7,308; Mary Paliga 2,736; Paulius Doftatas 5,160; Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, LTD 20,703; Polaris Library System 32,750; Proquest 2,520; Recorded Books 4,931; Red Books 2,869; Ruhl Landscaping 42,646; Scholastic Library 5,794; Selective Insurance Co 13,073; So Write Communications 15,587; Standard & Poor’s 2,511; Staples Business Advantage 3,432; Thyssenkrupp Elevator 3,642; Tyco Integrated Security 2,544; Village of Lisle 3,909; Xnet Info Systems 3,600; Vendors < $2,500 113,987. Under $25,000: Anderson, Lindsey; Anderson, Tabatha; Bannon, Mary; Becker, Sarah; Brennan, Bridgid; Crowther, Lauren; Dahlman, Tina; Demas, Jean; Dionne, Leigh; Donato, Bianca; Eichhorst, Faith; Falout, Judith; Filomena, Dawn; Forkan, Elizabeth; Foster, Christina; Fuerst, Martha; Galvez, Karina; Gnanaratne, Thushangani; Gurbani, Neetu; Habal, Taylor; Helper, Josh; Hoover, Nancy; Hopkins, Elizabeth; Hoyle, Natalie; Jordan, Ryan; Kandlik, James; Knight, Jared; Krawcyzk, Alyson; Kuch, Cristina; Larson, Diane; Loeding-Foster, Anne; Maas, Nicolette; McCurdy, Angela; Methenites, Allison; Mueller, Lisa; Naughton, Carol; Nowaczyk, Karen; Patterson, Winona; Pellizzari, Dan; Perek, Racheal; Procter, Justin; Purcell, Ellen; Russell, Dorothy; Sauter, Jessica; Saulters, Chrstine; Skinner, Alexandra; Smidt, Margaret; Snelson, Rhonda; Stein, Brian; Storm, Rochelle; Sullivan, Elizabeth; Todro, Amanda; Triner, John; Vinikour, Jennifer; Walquist, Grace; Williams, Luanne; Wolfson, Naomi; Zellner, Michael; $25,001 - $49,999: Agostino, Catherine; Anderanin, Linda; Brown, Rosalie; Castellanos, Nancy; Ferrari. John; Fischer, Mary; Fredericks, Jennifer; Frederickson, Nancy; Freer, Pamela; Green, Margaret; Kapala, Margaret; Karl, Natalie; Knight, Chris; Lesch, Jo; Longo, Timothy; McKeefery-Reynolds, Virginia; Ohzourk, Jennifer; Rakowski, Victoria; Siwek, Deborah; Soliday, Eileen; Supinski, Linda; $50,000 – 74,999: Boskelly, Ginger; Dorfman, Lindsey; Hurt, Paul; Kloepper, Krista; McQuillan, Elizabeth; Ruocco, Patricia; Weinstein, Tatiana; Zarat, Theresa; $75,000 – 99,999: Seelig, Katharine; $100,000 and above: Halikias, Shannon. Balance – June 30, 2013: $ 2,966,568 AUDIT FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 9,174; Investment income 26. Disbursements: Knutte & Associates, PC 7,500. BUILDING MAINTENANCE FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 90,065; Investment income 2,504. Disbursements: Inland Mechanical Services 31,216; Perfect Systems 69,586; Vendors < 2,500 2,832. IMRF FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 244,458; Investment income 3,744; Replacement tax 892. Disbursements: IL Municipal Retirement Fund 209,940 FICA FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 186,483; Investment income 3,853; Replacement tax 140. Disbursements: Internal Revenue Service 139,900 LIABILITY INSURANCE FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 1,302; Investment income 45. Disbursements: Vendor < 2,500 510. DIRECTOR’S & OFFICERS FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 3,898; Investment income 1. Disbursements: Matsock Agency 3,119. WORKER’S COMPENSATION FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 9,985; Investment income 173. Disbursements: Selective Insurance 6,685. UNEMPLOYMENT FUND
Receipts: Property taxes 1,300; Investment income 226. Disbursements: IDES 3,779. SPECIAL RESERVE FUND
Receipts: Investment income 2,054; Rental income 15,975. Disbursements: IL Municipal Retirement Fund 100,000; Larson & Darby Group 6,869; LZT/Filliung Architects 39,182; Miriam Pollack & Assoc 15.401; OM Workspace 10,138; RL Sohol Contractors 336,409; Ruhl Landscaping 26,016; Wittenauer, Sandra 3,964; Vendors < 2,500 13,144. WORKING CASH FUND
Receipts: Investment income 5,778. Disbursements:


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