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Breeding history showed that the animals were inthe advanced stage of gestation, i.e 2-3 weeks prior to parturition. On routine clinical examination, they warranted in certain antepartum complications like were found carrying live foetus and no other vagino cervical prolapse, hydroallantois or hydramni.
detectable abnormality of genital tract observed.
The present paper reports the use of PGF α and Based on the clinical condition it was decided to dexamethasone in combination for inducing parturi- medically terminate pregnancy in order to save the tion in three she buffaloes with vagino cervical life of the foetus as well to relieve the condition.
prolapse. The results of this study suggest that thecombination of PGF α and dexamethasone effec- tively induces parturition and could be used as apotent managemental tool.
Medical termination of pregnancy is warranted Parturition was induced in three buffaloes in certain antepartum complications like vagino by administering PGF α @25 mg IM (Lutalyse) and cervical prolapse, hydrallantois or hydramni Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 24 mg IM in (Devanathan and Quayam, 1987 and Memon et al., combination two weeks prior to calving. Parturition 1981) where the life of the dam and/or foetus is in was monitored closely in all the treated animals. Live jeopardy (Sloss and Dufty, 1980). In cattle this can calves were delivered with little obstetrical maneu- be achieved by administration of glucocorticoids and ver and subsequently the placenta was removed prostaglandin (Mapletoft and Barth, 1983). The manually. The interval between initiation of present paper reports the use of PGF α and treatment and the onset of second stage labour was dexamethasone in combination for inducing parturi- 31-36 h with an average of 33.5 h. None of the tion in three she buffaloes with vagino cervical animals showed any post partum complication, and all of them returned to normal lactation as reportedby the owner.
In the spontaneously calving cow, parturi- Three parous graded pregnant buffalo cows tion is initiated by rising foetal plasma cortisol and with the history of recurrent antepartum vagino hormones used to induce parturition initiate endo- cervical prolapse were brought to the Madras crine events normally triggered by foetal cortisol Veterinary College hospital campus for treatment.
Department of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Madras Veterinary College, Vepery, Chennai,600 007, India Buffalo Bulletin (September 2004) Vol.23 No. 3 (Lewing et al., 1985). It has been shown that PGF α combination dose constitute a safe, reliable and ef- and its analogues and dexamethasone either alone fective method of inducing parturition in chronic an- or in combination would induce abortion in feedlot tepartum vagino cervical prolapse in buffaloes and heifers regardless of the stage of gestation.
could be used as a potent management tool.
However, the simultaneous use of these drugs incombination may be more predictable in inducingparturition than the use of either hormone alone ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
(Barth et al., 1981). The exogenous dexamethasone The authors thank the Director of Clinics, The administered would have stimulated the activity of professor and Head, Department of Clinics and foetal cortisol, which would lead to consequent preparturient hormonal changes, and the PGF α Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Madras initiated the luteolytic process, which resulted in Veterinary College for providing necessary facilities termination of ovarian source of progesterone and in delivery of live calves in all the treated animals.
Thus, the synergistic effect of the combination maybe a result of the action of each drug on differentsites (Lewing et al., 1985) which ultimately REFERENCES
decreased the progesterone levels and that wouldappear to be the basis for higher efficacy of the Barth, A.D., W.M. Adams, J.G. Manns, K.D.
PGF α and dexamethasone combination.
Kennedy, R.G. Sydenham and R.J. Mappletoft Devanathan and Quayam, (1987) reported that, of (1981). Induction of abortion in feedlot heifers the 15 pregnant buffalo cows induced for delivery with dexamethasone alone, only one suffered dexamethasone. Can. Vet. J., 22: 62-64.
dystocia and there was lower incidence of retention Devanathan, T.G. and Syed Abdul Quayam (1987).
of foetal membrane and post-partum metritis. In the Induction of parturition using dexamethasone present cases, none of the animals had any in cattle suffering antepartum cervico vaginal post-partum complications. However, the frequency prolapse. Cheiron, 16(5): 220-222.
of placental retention was not decreased by the Lewing, F.W., J. Prolux and R.J. Mappletoft (1985).
combination of PGF α analogue and dexamethasone Induction of parturition in the cow using in cows (Lewing et al., 1985).
Cloprostenol and dexamethasone in combina- tion. Can .Vet. J., 26: 317-322.
delivery of foetus varies between animals and Mappletoft, R.J. and A.D. Barth (1983). Use of according to the use of drugs. Induction with Cloprostenol and dexamethasone in combina- dexamethasone alone resulted in delivery of the tion for the induction of abortion in feedlot fetus within 30-48 h with an average of 39.41 h in heifers and parturition in the cow. Compen- pregnant buffalo cows with antepartum cervico vaginal prolapse (Devanathan and Quayam, 1987).
Practicing Veterinarian, Special Edition. Pro- Lewing et al., (1985) concluded that the interval from ceedings from a Symposium on Reproduc- injection to parturition was 24 to 72 h with a tive Management in Food animals, p. 45-53.
mean of approximately 48 h when using a combi- Memon, M.A., T.F. Lock and D.R. Nelson (1981).
nation of PGF α analogue (Cloprostenol) and Induction of parturition with PGF α in cows dexamethasone in cows. In the present cases, the time interval between initiation of treatment and the Theriogenology, 16: 681-683.
onset of second stage labour was 31-36 h with an Sloss, V. and J.H. Dufty (1980). Disorders during average of 33.5 h which is less than in the buffalo pregnancy. In:Handbook of Bovine Ob- stetrics. Sloss, V. and J.H. Dufty (ed.), Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, U.S.A., p. 88- The results of the above clinical cases shows that, the use of PGF α and dexamethasone in


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