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It's about time we look at the REAL "causes" of school

** 6 Dead: 15 Wounded:
Perpetrator Was in
Withdrawal from Med &
Acting Erratically
**10 Dead: 7 Wounded:

Dosage Increased One
Week before Rampage
**14 Year Old GIRL
Shoots & Wounds
Classmate at Catholic

**14 Year Old Kills
Fellow Middle School
**15 Year Old Shoots
South Carolina Two Teachers, Killing
One: Then Kills Himself
**16 Dead Including

Antidepressant Use:
Shooter in Treatment
For Depression

**17 Year Old with
Sword Holds 20
Children & Teacher
**18 Year Old Plots a
Columbine School
**29 Year Old WOMAN
Kills One Child:
Wounds Five: Kills Self
Dead: 24 Wounded
**Eight Dead: 15
Wounded: Assailant
Had Taken 10 Times his
Normal Dose of
Depression Med

**Four Dead: Twenty
**Girl, 15, Stabs Two
Girls in School
Restroom: 1 Is In
Critical Condition

**Man Assaults Girls:
Kills One & Self
**Man Attacks 11
2001- Pennsylvania Children & 3 Teachers
at Elementary School
**Man Commits Murder
During Clinical Trial for

Luvox: Same Drug as in

**Man With Gun Inside
School Holds Principal
**Man, Angry Over
Daughter's Report

Card, Shoots 14
Rounds inside
Elementary School

**On Sept. 23, 2008 a
Finnish Student Shot &
Killed 9 Students
Before Killing Himself

**Over-Medicated Teen
2004- New Jersey Brings Loaded
Handguns to School
**Possible SSRI Use: 33
Dead at Virginia Tech
**Possible SSRI
Withdrawal Mania: 3
Dead at Law School
**School Counselor
Exhibits Bizarre
Behavior: Became
Manic On Zoloft
**School Custodian
Assaults Student &

Principal: Had Manic
Reaction From
Depression Med

**School Teacher
Shoots & Kills His
Superintendent at

**Senior in High School
Theatens to Kill 4
Classmates: Facebook
Involved: Bail Denied
**Sheriff's Deputy
Shoots his Wife in an
Elementary School
**Sixteen Year Old Kills
15 Year Old in High
School Bathroom in
Sept. 2009
**Stabbing by 17 Year
Old At High School:
Charged with
Attempted Murder

**Student Arrested for
Making School Threat
Over Internet
**Student Has 11
Incidents with Police
During his 16 Months
on Lexapro
**Student Kills 8:
Wounds 10: Kills Self:
High School in Finland
**Student Shoots
Teacher in Leg at
**Student Takes
Loaded Shotgun & 3

Rifles to School
Parking Lot: Plans

**Teen Accused of
Plotting to Gun Down
Students at School
**Teen Attacks Teacher
at School
**Teen Fires Gun in
**Teen Holds
2001- Washington Classmates Hostage
with a Gun
**Teen Holds Teacher &
2006- North Carolina Student Hostage with
**Teen Knife Attacks
Fellow Student
**Teen Sentenced to 12
Years in Prison For
Columbine Style Plot
**Teen Shoots at
Classmates in School
**Teen Shoots at Two
Students: Kills his

North Carolina Father: Celexa Found
Among his Personal

**Teen Shoots School
South Carolina Official: Pipe Bombs
Found in Backpack
**Teen Threatens
School Shooting:
Charge is Terrorism
**Teen [14 Years Old] in
School Holds Police At
Bay: Fires Shots
**Teen [14 Years Old]
School Shooter

Possibly on
Antidepressants or In

**Teen [16 Years Old]
Brings Gun to School:
There Is a Lockdown
**Teen [16 Years Old]
Kills Self at High
School: Lockdown by
**Teen [16 Years Old]
Threatens Classmates
With Knife & Fake

**Teen [17 Year Old
GIRL] Stabs Friend &
Principal at High

**Teen [17 Years Old]
Takes Girl Hostage at
School: He is Killed by
**Three Dead in School
Day Care: Two Children
& a Caregiver:
Happened Jan 23, 2009
**Two English School
Boys Plot to Blow Up
High School
**Unusual Personality
Change on Paxil

Caused 15 Year Old to
Set Fires inside High

**Vexed Father Makes
Bomb Threat Against
Elementary School
**Violent 8 Year Old
GIRL Handcuffed by
Police at School
**Violent 8 Year-Old
Boy Arrested At School
**Violent High School
Student Shot to Death
on Campus by Police
**Wacky School Bus
Driver Goes Berserk:
Also Involved
**Young Boy, 10 Year
Old, Has Violent
Incidents at School
**Young Boy, 12,
Threatens to Shoot
Others at School

**Young Ex-Teacher
Holds 21 Students
**Young Girl [13 Years
Old] Kills Self at School
With a Gun
**Young Man Holds
Three People Hostage
in Duke University
President's Office
**Young Woman
Deliberately Hits 3 Kids

with Her Car at
Elementary School:
Laughed During Attack


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