Orillia Campus Plan: Tell Us What You Think!
1. Which best describes you?
Current Student
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2. What academic program areas should the Orillia campus focus on and develop within
the next five (5) years?
31.7% (44)
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3. What other learning opportunities would you like to see offered at the Orillia campus?
29.7% (43)
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4. How should Lakehead University develop its research activities to support students and
the community?
43.4% (62)
37.1% (53)
49.0% (71)
38.8% (54)
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5. How can Lakehead University better serve its students and members of the local
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6. Please rank the following in order of MOST(1) to LEAST(5) important for the future
positioning of the Orillia campus. What would help us to stand out among other university
campuses in Ontario?
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7. Please let us know if there's anything we've missed that you'd like to add:
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Oril ia Campus Plan 2013-2018: Tell Us What
You Think!
Online Survey Results: Summary of Comments  
(November 23, 2012)  
2. What academic program areas should the Orillia campus
focus on and develop within the next five (5) years?
We need more criminology courses - 7
Psychology major/add’l programs - 4
Science - 2
Kinesiology program for a teachable in con ed.
Business program should be expanded. More choices
Indigenous program
Teaching AQs, and ABQs.
I want to take criminology but I have heard from friends at Lakehead that there
are not many classes.
Every time we have new programs to market we get noticed and enrolment
booms, we cannot stop growing. Science programs are also very important as
we are not getting many science focused students which makes it difficult to
provide a true Arts and Science program.
Try to get the HBComm courses accredited. It would mean a lot to business

Master degrees/ Grad school - 6
Master's in Education - 4
MSW - 4
Master’s in indigenous program
We have an increasing interest in having a MSW program in Oril ia. Not only from
present students but from the community at large.

MASTER PROGRAMS!!! (without having to attend the Thunder Bay campus)
You probably know best, but, a lot of my col eagues would jump at the chance to
take the BSW and MSW program offered in the executive format (a la Windsor)
in our area. There is a real push for "credentialing" and the AMFT/OMFT
marriage and family therapy certificate is highly valued as are other "best
practice" based certifications such as CBT/DBT etc. I would appreciate the
opportunity to get this training at Lakehead. Many of us NEED to work to survive
thus having the executive format would be an attractive feature.
Graduate programs should be a priority if we hope to realize the potential
research contributions that may be made by our faculty members.
We get many inquiries about what degrees can be completed part-time and/or
completely online. Right now, I believe the only online undergraduate degree
Lakehead offers is through Thunder Bay and is a general BA. I think that
improving online courses and part-time learning are essential to grow over the
next 5 years.
I am a current part-time student and am disappointed to find that there are not
more web-based courses or part-time evening/weekend courses available. I
need to work days to support my family and am frustrated at the lack of after-
hours courses available to help me finish my degree.
College transfer agreements (articulation agreements) are vital for us to focus
on. More students are col ege bound than university bound.
Should focus on a increased amount of full time degree programs. This would
mean increasing the amount of business programs, law programs, and
increasing the overal range of ful time degree programs offered at the university.

3. What other learning opportunities would you like to see
offered at the Orillia campus?
Choir program
Lakehead Oril ia needs a choir program for students and faculty. Arts
performance integrated with existing community amateur groups in Oril ia would
enhance the university experience for students and staff. Please cal me, Roy
Menagh, Chair Oril ia Performing Arts Forum, 327 3105 to discuss planning this
Leadership Programs for current students! (EXCEL)
Youth programs get Lakehead on the mind of prospective students before they
become prospective students and engages them in the University community.

Executive learning centre
Use that facility beside campus for fundraisers to create awareness
Public lectures
… an important way to keep the community part of the campus and possibly gain
access to mature students.
I have heard many positive comments regarding the public lectures/events.
It would be very great to see an increased amount of public lecture series.
Especial y looking at the wide range of professors that work at the University, the
lectures have the possiblity to be very diverse in nature. Addional y, much like
how Rotman alongside law schools have industry professionals coming to lecture
on various topics. I think that wil create a very positive and innovative dynamic
for the school, especial y for the community which it is in.
It's important to connect with the simcoe county community

4. How should Lakehead University develop its research
activities to support students and the community?

O.P.P partnership
with criminology
Lakehead needs more buildings, bigger classrooms and a bigger library with
more computers and independent study rooms.
Work closely with local mayor and chiefs and council around the surrounding
areas by organizing events in their community rather than going to Prilosec
campus. Help fund a hockey, summer camp or pow wow to get known
Business/Community Connections
As a student, I would wonder about the connection to business as a sign that the
courses/teaching wil be influenced by the corporations.
Encourage research col aborations with industrial and public sector partners over
traditional y funded research.
Establish an Office of Research at the Oril ia Campus.
I think it is extremely important to build partnerships with business/ enterprise
and community organizations. To have Lakehead excel in these areas.
It would be good to see a connection between businesses within the community
and/or various community organizations to act as a place for students to work
and or volunteer within their industry of study.

5. How can Lakehead University better serve its students and
members of the local community?
Sports facilities - 4
More parking - 4
Change a science lab into a forensics lab. - 2
Campus bar – 2
Building a gym, student bar, having events held, more classrooms/ lecture hal s
more available computer labs, libraries and silent study rooms more sports
teams, clubs and rental ice time/ field times for recreation sports
Perhaps sharing facilities with local groups such as YMCA programs or offering
group space to local agencies.
Have a larger building for Social Work so more people can get into third year,
you got our hopes up al owing 65 people into the second year, now we are
Increase dialogue outside of Oril ia is needed; enhanced programs / services
must include a enhanced transportation plan that encompasses Simcoe
Number one service required at LU-Oril ia is front-line I.T. support services.
Students looking for I.T. support should be able to walk into the commons and
see the desk where the I.T. staffer sits al day.
Awareness: Many community members and even some current students are not
aware there is a School of Social Work. Its location is not listed on the web site.
I feel there is pretty good community engagement and dialogue already.

7. Please let us know if there's anything we've missed that you'd
like to add:

As a biology student in the Interdisciplinary program, I would like to see some
courses in Human biology. While the ecology & micro biology courses are
currently offered, they do not give me the opportunities I'm looking for with
regards to working towards a career in Health care. While I love Lakehead, I may
need to take some online courses elsewhere in topics such as human
physiology, and apply them towards my Lakehead degree. Is there anyway you
could offer at least one ful credit course? Even the online ones from Thunder
Bay, say they are not open unless enrol ed in Nursing or Kinesiology. There are
so many great human-related bio courses in Thunder Bay, could some more be

open to online study if it's not possible to offer them on campus. I was also
disappointed that only 1 bio course is listed for spring/summer & it's not open to
students other than nursing. I guess it's that I feel loyal to Lakehead, and real y
love the smal classes and great profs. I wil only seek online courses elsewhere
out of necessity and my desire to study at least some human biology courses.
Thanks for reading this feedback!

A forensic science program to go with the Criminology program would be a
good addition to the classes offered at Lakehead.
Would be great for more criminology classes in upper years
More criminology courses offered in sociology.
Criminology is the best program at Lakehead.
More summer/ spring courses and opportunities
Applying to the last years of the social work program is not a good system.
I plan on transferring to a different (more prestigious) university so I don't have to
go through the pain of re-applying to the program. Unless you are a very revered
university (SFX, McGil , Ivy League) you probably shouldn't require reapplication.
Should real y offer more french courses.
I would like to see more french classes, even if they are online ones to start with,
based out of Thunder Bay. I am planning to become a french teacher and wil
have to take french classes elsewhere to qualify. I would much rather take them
at Lakehead. Mme. McLeod is fantastic by the way, and I wish she offered more
french classes in Oril ia. I would also like to see some of the classes offered in
both fal & winter semesters so that we don't have to wait a whole year to take a
class if it doesn't fit our schedules. There is a new Highway 11 bus
( and it would be great to have them stop at the campus. I
travel from Muskoka to Oril ia 5 days a week for classes, and having the bus
come to the campus would be wonderful. Lastly, I like the Thunder Bay 1 year
B.Ed, flexible program (for parents of young kids, which I am) and hope that
Oril ia wil have that available in the next year or two when I enter my
professional year. One more thing. could wi-fi be available outdoors somewhere
on campus? Would be lovely to study outside on a nice day.
Master Programs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are MANY professors who would be great
supervisors for students -- Valerie Hebert, Sonia Mastrangelo, Tim Kaiser, etc.
etc. etc.
Analyze other post secondary models that deliver a global perspective and
strive to create a curriculum that is relevant on an international level that creates
excel ence, strategies to stay ahead of the curve (become a global player).
More women's studies and aboriginal studies classes! Wanted to take but
they were al in Thunder Bay.
Have more anthropology courses. Have more links to community

More course variety! More classes to choose from for ful time studies!!
Have a gym on campus or close by – 5
Additional facilities for sure a pub would be a great way to relieve stress!! - 3
More parking would be great – 2
Lower parking permit price
Future plans for new/more buildings etc
Additional facilities to al ow a more accessible and convenient life of a student
attending Lakehead University, for example, gym, swimming pool, private
building for studying, a bigger library closer to the school (optimal- on campus)
and a pub al owing an environment to students to bond and an after class break
Lakehead needs a campus pub/bar, a gym or athletic facility, more sports
teams and clubs. Lakehead needs to expand and build more of a name in Oril ia
for itself. Coming here I find that we lack in fun activities, good frosh weeks,
events - Most other universities have large events that students real y enjoy.
I think al of these things are important, but I also think that the students need
more services. LOCKERS are a huge one; a lot of people commute and in the
winter is too cumbersome to carry around large jackets, books, lunches and
dinners. I think it's important we continue to grow and support the community
around us as wel as nurture the community within.
The campus needs a separate library not just common area as it is very loud
and hard to study
I know the push wil be to have more buildings and more classes held on the
main Oril ia campus, but I love this cities downtown and think this area is not
only important to the city development but also for the student that come to
Oril ia.
I would like to see the School of Social Work have a permanent location in
the downtown core with proper interview and break out rooms necessary for the
As a staff member on the ground with students on a daily basis I frequently hear
that students "wish they never came here". When I ask why the number one
answer is that there is "Nothing to do". I believe them and this isn't good word
of mouth for future prospect students. Can you imagine your friends tel ing you
ya its a great school if you don’t care about having fun. The Oril ia campus has
very little to offer, or from what I can see a non-existent social culture. It is
important for students to have avenues that facilitate entertainment, social
networking, and student arts and culture. Some may argue it is as important as

the academic side of things. I think Lakehead Oril ia Administration, and the
Student union is failing miserably in this aspect. Would a coffee house downtown
Oril ia real y be that difficult to maintain as a place for students to cal their own
hangout? Tim Hortons on Colborne hardly seems appropriate for kibitzing after
class. Not only would a pub/coffee house downtown accommodate this need but
it would also be a source of revenue (no brainer) for the school. At the moment
they are organizing bus trips to other campuses!! Is the student union asleep at
the wheel?! Embarrassing!
Communication on how the plan is to be implemented is very important. I
assume the community and various stakeholders wil also receive information.
Communication to staff/faculty/students re Campus plan updates or reference to
any milestones referenced in the plan would also be appreciated over time, eg, at
Town Hal meetings.


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