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Geisler, A., Lass, N., Reinsch, N., Uysal, Y., Singer, V., Ravens-Sieberer, U., & Reinehr, T. (2012). Quality
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Erhart, M., Ellert, U., Kurth, B. M., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2009). Measuring adolescents' HRQoL via self
reports and parent proxy reports: an evaluation of the psychometric properties of both versions of the KINDL-R instrument. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 7, 77. doi: Erhart, M., Wetzel, R. M., Krugel, A., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2009). Effects of phone versus mail survey methods on the measurement of health-related quality of life and emotional and behavioural problems in adolescents. BMC Public Health, 9, 491. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-9-491 Sagheri, D., Ravens-Sieberer, U., Braumann, B., & von Mackensen, S. (2009). An Evaluation of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) in a group of 4-7 year-old children with cleft lip and palate. Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics, 70(4), 274-284. doi: 10.1007/s00056-009-9906-1 Serra-Sutton, V., Ferrer, M., Rajmil, L., Tebe, C., Simeoni, M. C., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2009). Population norms and cut-off-points for suboptimal health related quality of life in two generic measures for adolescents: the Spanish VSP-A and KINDL-R. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes,

Bullinger, M., Brütt, A. L., Erhart, M., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2008). Psychometric properties of the
KINDL-R questionnaire: results of the BELLA study. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 17(Suppl. 1), 125-132. doi: 10.1007/s00787-008-1014-z Erhart, M., Wille, N., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2008). Empowerment bei Kindern und Jugendlichen- die Bedeutung personaler und sozialer Ressourcen und persönlicher Autonomie fur die subjektive Gesundheit. [Empowerment of children and adolescents- the role of personal and social resources and personal autonomy for subjective health]. Gesundheitswesen, 70(12), 721-729. Eser, E., Yuksel, H., Baydur, H., Erhart, M., Saatli, G., Cengiz Ozyurt, B., Ozcan, C., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2008). Cocuklar icin genel amacli saglikla ilgili yasam kalitesi olcegi (Kid-KINDL) Turkce surumunun psikometrik ozellikleri. [The psychometric properties of the new Turkish generic health-related quality of life questionnaire for children (Kid-KINDL)]. Turk Psikiyatri Dergisi, Jozefiak, T., Larsson, B., Wichstrom, L., Mattejat, F., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2008). Quality of Life as reported by school children and their parents: a cross-sectional survey. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 6, 34. doi: 10.1186/1477-7525-6-34 Lee, P. H., Chang, L. I., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2008). Psychometric evaluation of the Taiwanese version of the Kiddo-KINDL generic children's health-related quality of life instrument. Quality of Life Research, 17(4), 603-611. doi: 10.1007/s11136-008-9328-3 Ravens-Sieberer, U., Erhart, M., Wille, N., & Bullinger, M. (2008). Health-related quality of life in children and adolescents in Germany: results of the BELLA study. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 17 (Suppl. 1), 148-156. doi: 10.1007/s00787-008-1016-x Wille, N., Erhart, M., Petersen, C., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2008). The impact of overweight and obesity on health-related quality of life in childhood- results from an intervention study. BMC Public Health, 8, 421. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-8-421

Ravens-Sieberer, U., Ellert, U., & Erhart, M. (2007). Gesundheitsbezogene Lebensqualität von Kindern
und Jugendlichen in Deutschland. Eine Normstichprobe fur Deutschland aus dem Kinder- und Jugendgesundheitssurvey (KIGGS). [Health-related quality of life of children and adolescents in Germany. Norm data from the German Health Interview and Examination Survey (KiGGS)]. Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz, 50(5-6), 810-818. doi: Wee, H. L., Ravens-Sieberer, U., Erhart, M., & Li, S. C. (2007). Factor structure of the Singapore English version of the KINDL children quality of life questionnaire. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes,
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von Kindern und Jugendlichen in der Rehabilitation. [Quality of life and chronic conditions: the perspective of children and adolescents in rehabilitation]. Praxis der Kinderpsychologie und Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2006). Besondere Aspekte der Lebensqualität bei Kindern. [Special aspects of the quality of life of children]. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, 131(Suppl. 1), 27-30. doi:

Ravens-Sieberer, U., Redegeld, M., Bauer, C. P., Mayer, H., Stachow, R., Kiosz, D., van
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Fernandez-Lopez, J. A., Fernandez Fidalgo, M., Cieza, A., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2004). Medicion de la
calidad de vida en ninos y adolescentes: comprobacion preliminar de la validez y fiabilidad de la version espanola del cuestionario KINDL. [Measuring health-related quality of life in children and adolescents: preliminary validation and reliability of the Spanish version of the KINDL questionnaire]. Atencion primaria/ Sociedad Espanola de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria, Rajmil, L., Serra-Sutton, V., Fernandez-Lopez, J. A., Berra, S., Aymerich, M., Cieza, A., Ferrer, M., Bullinger, M., & Ravens-Sieberer, U. (2004). Version espanola del cuestionario aleman de calidad de vida relacionada con la salud en poblacion infantil y de adolescentes: el Kindl. [The Spanish version of the German health-related quality of life questionnaire for children and adolescents: the Kindl]. Anales de Pediatria, 60(6), 514-521.

Ravens-Sieberer, U., Holling, H., Bettge, S., & Wietzker, A. (2002). Erfassung von psychischer Gesundheit
und Lebensqualität im Kinder- und Jugendgesundheitssurvey. [Assessment of psychological health and quality of life with The Child and Adolescent Health Survey]. Gesundheitswesen, 64

Ravens-Sieberer, U., Redegeld, M., & Bullinger, M. (2001). Quality of life after in-patient rehabilitation in
children with obesity. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 25 (Suppl. 1), 63-65. doi: 10.1038/sj.ijo.0801702
Ravens-Sieberer, U., Gortler, E., & Bullinger, M. (2000). Subjektive Gesundheit und Gesundheitsverhalten
von Kindern und Jugendlichen- eine Befragung Hamburger Schüler im Rahmen der schulärztlichen Untersuchung. [Subjective health and health behavior of children and adolescents - a survey of Hamburg students within the scope of school medical examination]. Gesundheitswesen 62(3), 148-155. doi: 10.1055/s-2000-10487

Bressmann, T., Sader, R., Ravens-Sieberer, U., Zeilhofer, H. F., & Horch, H. H. (1999).
Lebensqualitätsforschung bei Patienten mit Lippen-Kiefer-Gaumen-Spalten: erste Ergebnisse. [Quality of life research in patients with cleft lip and palate: preliminary results]. Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, 3(3), 134-139. doi: 10.1007/s100060050116

Ravens-Sieberer, U., & Bullinger, M. (1998). Assessing health-related quality of life in chronically ill
children with the German KINDL: first psychometric and content analytical results. Quality of Life


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