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Italian Minister for Innovation and Technologies Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development The Future Digital Economy:
Digital content – creation, distribution and access
Istituto San Michele - Rome, Italy
30-31 January 2006
Draft Agenda subject to change
Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic
OECD - Italy Digital Content Conference 30-31 January 2006
Digital content is increasingly important across all media and publishing industries and is pervasive in sectors not previously considered to be content producers or users (for example, business services) and in the public sector (public sector information such as weather and geographical information with direct commercial potential, and public sector content such as archives and cultural content), education and health. Rapid changes in the value chains for content development, production, delivery and use and the creation of new commercial business models to exploit these opportunities are posing new policy challenges for governments to provide the market and business environment that supports development of new digital content goods and services, promotes competition and benefits users. By January 2006 the OECD’s Working Party on the Information Economy will have completed the first phase of analysis of changing value chains and business models, market developments and challenges, and new business and policy issues covering: • 4 digital content sector studies (scientific publishing, music, computer games, mobile content); • digital delivery in business and other services not usually seen as content producers; • analysis of the production and use of public sector information and content; • a horizontal policy analysis drawing from the sector studies and national inputs. The conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders to draw on this analysis and discussing policy developments and emerging challenges, and identify issues for further policy analysis. Expected outcomes
Provide a forum for all stakeholders for: • Improving understanding of the implications of development of digital content; • Reviewing impacts of digital content on value chains; • Providing insights into development of new business models; • Identifying business, technological and policy approaches that contribute to a supportive environment for broadband content and the digital economy. Participants: 350 participants
Institutional bodies (ministries, agencies, authorities, etc) Business representatives (BIAC, CEOs, high level decision-makers) World Economic Forum Members (Media & Entertainment & ICT Industry Roundtables) TUAC and citizen / consumer associations OECD - Italy Digital Content Conference 30-31 January 2006 Introductions: Daniela Battisti, Coordinator of the Research and Studies Office ,
Cabinet of the Minister for Innovation and Technologies and Vice-Chair of the Chair Day 1: Welcome
The importance and role of digital content: encouraging production and
enhancing access
- Lucio Stanca, Italian Minister for Innovation and Technologies - Donald J. Johnston, Secretary General, Organisation for Economic Co- Broadband and digital content: creativity, growth and employment
Chin Dae-Je, Korean Minister of Information and Communication Michael J. Copps, US Federal Communications Commissioner Marco Tronchetti Provera, Vice President Confindustria and Chairman Rita Hayes, Deputy Director General, Copyright and related rights and Industrial Relations, World Intellectual Property Organization Philip J. Jennings, General Secretary Union Network International Chair: Bruno Lamborghini, Vice-Chair of OECD Business and Industry Advisory
Short coffee break
Digital Content Opportunities and Challenges: Changing value chains and
business models
11:30 – 11:40 Overview: Hiroaki Yoshihara, Vice Chair and Global Managing Partner, Global
Perspectives on opportunities and challenges:
Linda Jensen, CEO Home Box Office Europe Jenny Toomey, Musician & Future of Music Coalition Alberto Tripi, President Federcomin, Italian ICT Federation Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP / Co-chair Annual Meeting James Love, Director, Consumer Project on Technology Chair: Prof. Hal Varian, School of Information Management, University of
OECD - Italy Digital Content Conference 30-31 January 2006 New developments: Parallel panel sessions
14:30 – 16:05 A) New platforms and content
B) New user habits and social
delivery opportunities
Didier Huck, Vice President, Public Chair: Prof. Urs Gasser, Research
Chair: Ben Keen, Chief Analyst,
16:25 – 18:05 A) Creation and access to content
B) Enhanced access to research
and the role of new commercial
and public sector information. A
new growth driver?
Chair: Jean-Jacques Sahel, UK
OECD - Italy Digital Content Conference 30-31 January 2006 Chair: Prof. Juan Carlos De Martin,
In Plenary
18:10 – 18:20 Prof. Jonathan Taplin, Annenberg School For Communication, University of 18:20 – 18:40 Wrap-up
Rapporteur afternoon stream A, Day 1: Prof. Eli Noam, Columbia Institute for
Rapporteur afternoon stream B, Day 1: Prof. Len Waverman, London
Direct transfer to the dinner venue
Conference dinner offered by the Government of Italy
Dinner speech: Prof. Terry Fisher, Director, Berkman Center for Internet and Chair Day 2: Welcome Nobuo Tanaka, Director for Science, Technology and
Industry, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development New ways to access knowledge and content: Content digitisation by
commercial players and public institutions
Paul Gerhardt, Project Director, Creative Archive, British Broadcasting Jens Redmer, Head Google Book Search in Europe, Google Tom Moritz, Director, Library Services, American Museum of Natural History, Eric Saltzman, Board of Directors, Creative Commons and film producer Bradley Horowitz, Director of Technology Development, Yahoo Mihály Jambrik, Hungarian State Secretary, Ministry of Informatics and Chair: Prof. Julie Cohen, Georgetown University Law Center
Rapporteur: Prof. Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and
Ecommerce Law, University of Ottawa
Are digital media and the Internet changing creative supply?
- Kan’ichiro Aritomi, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, Japanese Ministry of OECD - Italy Digital Content Conference 30-31 January 2006 - Adam Klein, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, EMI - Rachel Clark, Director, Broadcasting and Content, UK Department for Trade and - Philippe Kern, Secretary General, Independent Music Companies Association Chair: Prof. Paul Hoffert, author, composer, artist, producer and Chair Guild of
Rapporteur: Prof. Gilles Le Blanc, Director, Centre for Industrial Economics,
(Press conference 12.30)
Business and policy solutions: Emerging issues and implications
Parallel sessions
A) Content creation
B) Content diffusion
Building the right environment for
IPR, DRM, licensing, content security,
Chair: Prof. Marco Ricolfi, Turin Law
Chair: Richard Simpson, Director
OECD - Italy Digital Content Conference 30-31 January 2006 Policy Roundtable: Identifying priority issues, tools and policy challenges:
Moving forward
Masakazu Toyoda, Director-General, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade Pasquale Pistorio, Honorary President STMicroelectronics / Vice President Confindustria for Research & Innovation Marybeth Peters, U.S. Register of Copyrights, United States Copyright Office Andrea Pontremoli, CEO and President, IBM Italy Fabio Colasanti, Director General, Information Society & Media, European Aurelio De Laurentis, film producer, Filmauro Chair: Hugo Parr, Chair OECD Committee on Information, Communications and
Conference conclusions: Rapporteurs
Day 1 Rapporteur: Prof. Terry Fisher, Harvard University, Director, Berkman Day 2 Rapporteur: Prof. Luc Soete, University of Maastricht, Joint Director Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology and United Nations University Institute for New Technologies Closing remarks
- Michael J. Copps, US Federal Communications Commissioner - Donald J. Johnston, OECD Secretary General - Lucio Stanca, Italian Minister for Innovation and Technologies


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