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Practice Profile
What are your immediate goals for your Practice? IMMEDIATE GOALS AND PRIORITIES
Team Building/Strategic Planning Customized Administrative Support Hygiene Department Refinement Refinement of Written Financial ArrangementRestorative/Aesthetic Enrollment Transitions/Restructure Job DescriptionSystems – Practice Management Building New Office/Renovation/Adding OperatoryClinical Proficiency Training for MicroultrasonicsWellness and Oral Systemic Link UpdateBiophotonic Scanner Integration Have you, or are you presently working with a dental management, technology consultant or training institute? ____________________________________________________________ If yes, please provide name: _______________________________________ ____________ Have you, or are you presently attending an institute or continuum to support advanced education for your restorative practice?__________________________________________ If yes, please provide name: ___________________________________________________ What study club do you belong to?_______________________________________________ Do you have a clearly defined practice philosophy that each team member supports? Are your hygienists communicating restorative needs 100% of the time?_________________ Is the intraoral camera used 100% of the time for all patients? ________________________ Does your team discover and communicate aesthetic possibilities to 100% of your patients? Does your team utilize open-ended questions to increase value and increase case acceptance? Do you have a systematic and effective doctor/hygiene periodic exam that increases case acceptance? All Rights Reserved JP Consultants, Inc. Do you have more than one hygienist (Yes/No) and do they have continuity with all practice procedures? 10. Are you confident that your current clinical protocols and technology are up to date with most recent research? Restorative/Aesthetics_________________Hygiene Clinical Delivery___________________ How many total operatories do you have?_________ Do you plan to expand?____________ Do you have and/or use the following: No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ Molecular or Genetic Diagnostic Testing No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____ No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____Dispense____ Yes No____ Yes (Have)____ Yes (Use) _____Dispense____ Yes Do you have tracking and systems in place to monitor diagnosis, production, case acceptance, and profits in the practice per department/case acceptance? Does your team consider their dental career an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth? How many active (within the last 12 months) patients do you have in recall? List your current fees for the following procedures. How many of the following procedures were provided last year: Root Planing/Perio Therapy (4341) Root Planing/Perio Therapy 1-3 Teeth (4342) Continuing Care/Routine Prophy (1110) Perio Maint./Supportive Perio Thearpy (4910) Current # of hygiene days per week ___________ # of patients seen per day___________ What does your practice gross per month? $ What is your current hygiene production per day with / without X-rays? (Please indicate whether X-rays are included) Per month____________________________ All Rights Reserved JP Consultants, Inc. ~Administrative Department Analysis~
Do you take insurance assignments? If so, please list insurance companies. ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Does your team overcome insurance questions effectively by communicating the value of dentistry? _________________________________________________________________________________ Does your practice utilize block scheduling for the doctor’s schedule and for the hygiene schedule? _________________________________________________________________________________ How many new patients are you attracting per month?_____________________________________ How much time is allotted for the new patient?__________________________________________ Interview (the patient’s story) Treatment Presentation (the value of the dentistry) Does the new patient visit include a prophylaxis with the hygienist? _________________________ What percentage of case acceptance do you average with new patient diagnosis?________________ Do you utilize a pending system or “tickler file” to follow up with outstanding treatment?_________ Who is responsible for the follow-up?___________________________________________________ How is it monitored? _______________________________________________________________ Do you currently have regular team meetings?___________________________________________ Do you consider the meetings to be productive? __________________________________________ Do you have daily patient care meetings or “huddles” each day?_____________________________ How long do they last?______________________________________________________________ Does the entire team attend?_________________________________________________________ Please Fax Completed Practice Profile to (760) 692-2134
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