List of items for flood relief by categories by ita & emergency focal hubs/persons

List of Items for Flood Relief by Categories BY ITA & Emergency
Focal Hubs/Persons
Only medicines collection is handled by the Lahore Office – All other deliveries to ITA Hubs No Clothes to be sent please unless new from wholesalers of different sizes Kindly send materials to Flood Relief Hubs only: List ITA Hubs on next sheet w. addresses Food Items
Dry Items
Hardy Biscuits; Dates; Sugar; Dry Milk; Tea; Channa/Lentils; Atta/Flour; Rice; Salt; Tang;
Nimkol; ORS –flavoured Drin
Ghee for cooking, Mineral Water bottle
Metodine DF, Entamizole, Septran
DS, Disprol, Brufen, Maxalon, Actidil, Zentel, Maxima, Amoxal
DS, Negram, Ventolin, Acefyl, Tixylix, Flagyl, Syp. Calpol, Syp. Motilium ORS
Panadol, Panadol extra, Nivaquine, Brufen 200 mg, Brufen 400 mg, Novidat 250
mg, Flagyl 200 mg, Flagyl 400 mg, Folic Acid, Ponstan, Motilium
MEDISOL Drip 500 & 100 ml
Wymox 250 mg, Wymox 500 mg, Fervit
polyfax (eye) and Polyfax (skin)
Bandages 2 inches and 4 inches Surgical Bandage
Eye drops: Lidosporin Genticyin,, Eye Ointement:cortisporin Ear Drop:otosprorin
Family Health Kits (safe medicines) -
Cluster Health Kits for professional handling only with complex medicines
Water Purification Tablet
Sanitary pads (towels,
Hygiene Info Sheets with Images preferably
Non-Food Items (NFI)
Health and Hygiene kits
Jerry cans buckets ; Soap
Khes/Sheets (hardy ones)
Clothes - ready made all sizes (children, women, men)
Toys for children – hardy ones for safe play spaces in one week time
Education – After Sept 7, 2010
Books, Bags, Uniforms – one per child & Shoes Per child (Rs. 1000-1500) depending upon
each grade -
Emergency Relief Contact Persons/Cell no /emails and Addresses of ITA Hubs
Imtiaz Nizami / Shakeel Khan
Mob 0333-4047200 / 0321-4992620
Lahore (Main office )
26 B Sarwar Road,
Lahore Cantt.
Tel: 042-6689831-2
Email: [email protected]
Waqas Bajwa /Muhammad Usman
Mob 0333-5137334 / 0333-9655590
Islamabad (Mianwali / Swat)
Street.38, F-6/1, House.11,
Tel: (92-51) 2824838, 9214459
Email:[email protected]
Rashid Aziz
Mob: 0321/0300-6540561
Multan (also Muzzafargarh / DG Khan / Rajanpur)
Boys Comprehensive School,
Bosan Road, Lahore
Tel: 061-6511182
Akhtar Mirza
Mob: 0333-7493223
Rahim Yar Khan (also Ghotki / Jaffarabad)
Govt. Girls High School,
Old Sadiqabad
Tel: 068-5038180
Khurshid Ahmed
Mob: 0333-9386338
Peshawar (also Noshehra / Charsada)
University Public School, Jamrud Road,
University of Peshawar, Peshawar
Mr.Zubair Torwali
Mob: 0346-9196360
Project Coordinator
Idara Barai Taleem_o_Tarkki
Mr.Zaki Ullah
Deptt of Education
Peshawar (also Noshehra / Charsada)
Mob # 0333-9326798
Muhammad Rafique
Mob: 0301-6355335
President research and Community Development Org.
Daud khel
President Mahad Health Foundation
MHF Main office
Shoukat Line Gojra Muzzarabad
Tel : No 03012163799



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