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Hak Ko, MD
Residents of Horizon Village now have another opportunity to help turn their lives around while staying at the Village: a GED program available through Niagara/Orleans BOCES Continuing Education.
“The GED program, which is funded by Niagara County Social Services, is designed to help our residents become less dependent on social services and re-enter society as productive citizens, which is a win-win for everyone,” says Patrick Mackenna, vocational counselor at Avenue. There were very few people in the waiting room, regardless of the time of day.
Thorazine, Haldol and Elavil were the most- According to Wikipedia, more
than 15 million people have
received a GED credential since
for individuals with manic depression.
the program began. One in every
seven Americans with high school
credentials received the GED, as
at a breathtaking pace, including various well as one in 20 college students.
take the test. Classes are held at Horizon tropic drugs. Prozac revolutionized treat- Village and taught by BOCES instructor, Edward Ahrens, who says, “I have been very impressed by the level of support from the staff. They do whatever they can to assist residents in the SSRIs and many different classes of anti- program, and take great pride in seeing each one succeed.” Jason, a resident in his late 20s, was never motivated to get his diploma, despite encouragement from his family. He thought it was too late.
with various atypical anti-psychotics.
“I was always good at math, and I want to be an electrician,” says Jason, who recently diploma. “Now my goal is to go to college showing its impact in key statistics. The at night and eventually start a business program, always felt guilty that she didn’t accomplish something positive. “I want to go into cosmetology or computer programming,” says Michelle. “And now I’m grateful I have Ed Ahrens (standing) helps (left to right) Horizon. I was 39 when I started, but will Eric McEntire, Maxine Wiley, Carmella Rivera “At Horizon Village, it’s always about hope and Tyra Lee study for their GED exams.
years old when I started, will soon start “The GED program is one more way we can help our residents grow and strengthen so his first job after graduating from college.
they can make positive changes in their lives.” HORIZON EXPANSION PAGE 2 MEET OUR BOARD PAGE 2 HELLO MY NAME IS PAGE 2 PATH TO RECOVERY PAGE 3
O U R Board
The clinic will be staffed by Rachel Anauo, its newest clinic in early September.
counselors and a secretary. Anauo has been Located on Ellicott Street in Batavia, the “I am very excited about the opportunity to lead this new program,” says Anauo. (OASAS) to provide outpatient services for “I look forward to working closely with the individuals and families, as well as voca- Batavia Drug Courts and the community.
tional services, Monday through Friday.
I’ve heard from so many people that there’s a real need for what we offer, and I’m glad OASAS indicated there is a great need for Horizon will be there to give the residents chemical dependency services in these two another option for treatment services.” Horizon for 12 years so I was thrilled to counties,” says Maria Pasceri, Horizon vice continue to contribute to this agency.” Village Recovery Center in Batavia, contact of the clinical process and participating consumers. “It’s not about prestige or money at Horizon, it’s about helping people, and I find that very gratifying,” says Vicky. bring families together and greatly assists in recovery. Vicky says she finds it very that person possesses, to help him or her changes to turn their lives around and to Between 150 and
know that she helped them along the way.
200 million people
toward recovery and to achieve their goals,” says Vicky. “I do that by encouraging their worldwide are infected
nearly four years, received her Associate’s strengths and building on their weaknesses.
with Hepatitis C;
IV drug users and
inhaled drug users are
Vicky said she really loves the fact that Buffalo State College. She lives in Buffalo particularly at risk.
that, by the time she got to Horizon, she was truly ready to conquer her addiction, Valente, has been just wonderful,” says with friends. At 18, she began frequenting bars and getting into “the hard stuff.” “Vodka was definitely my drink of choice,” began working, but the drinking continued.
experience and expertise to Horizon.
she wanted to go back to school to become didn’t work. An outpatient stint after strategies; developing “wow” benefits says Marcia. “She’s really done well.” Sandy graduated from Horizon’s addiction “I tried to stop drinking, especially when back with the stipulation that she remain my godchild was born,” says Sandy. “But I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to do it.” program. She has been sober since 2004.
problems. She lost her job. She attempted suicide. Friends brought her to the hospital, lives,” says Arnet. “I wanted to live life to Horizon and, as Sandy says, “life got a “The best gift you can give yourself is recovery,” says Sandy. “Because there is on the right track, but she also realizes valuable and critical information regarding these topics and the services we provide as well as links to the websites of other Visit our website often at www.horizon-health.org.
Horizon CEO Anne Constantino (center) received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Buffalo Drug Treatment Courts Alumni Association for her commitment to the treatment of addiction. Anne is shown here with (left) Hank Pirowski, Project Director, Buffalo City Court, and the Hon. Robert T. Russell, Presiding Buffalo Drug and Mental Health Court Judge. Horizon senior substance and alcohol abuse counselor Vicky Wideman (see profile in this issue) also received the award for Outstanding Counselor. The awards were presented in May at the organization’s annual conference in Buffalo, NY.
Horizon announces officer appointments.
Office, was elected to his first term as Horizon Health Services Board
Health Management
Group Board
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Hockey Western New York, LLC, was elected Companies, was elected to his third term President & CEO . . . . . .Anne Constantino
Horizon Village Board
Medical Director . . . . . . . . . .Hak Ko, M.D.
listing of all board members, please visit Kevin D. Robinson, Esq., Assistant U.S.
Attorney in the United States Attorney’s

Source: http://www.horizon-health.org/hhpdfs/hhp-summer-2007.pdf

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