ApplicAtion & First order Form
There is a specific Business Application form for businesses wishing to apply (please download at you will find your new customer number (Neways id) on your first order invoice. all applications will be finalised by placing an order of any value.
 i would like to be a Neways distributor  i would like to be a Neways Preferred customer (Purchase of a business kit €17 / £15 excl. Vat is mandatory) (to open an account with Neways as a Preferred customer is free of charge)  i would like to receiVe the NewayS e-NewSletter  i coNSeNt to receiViNG marketiNG materialS by e-mail, SmS, mmS, fax or throuGh aNy other meaNS of electroNic commuNicatioN the Distributor/Preferred Customer agrees that the personal data collected pursuant to this agreement purposes of processing by Neways. Some of the countries outside the eu do not have laws in place to pro- is necessary for Neways europe bVba, to operate the Neways distribution network, process orders and tect your information. it may also be transferred to other Neways distributors pursuant to the provisions of for general administration, marketing, statistical and management purposes. the data is used by various this agreement. the distributor/Preferred customer has a right to access and to rectify the data concer- entities within the Neways corporate group, agents and third parties (including Sponsors and your upline) ning them and to object at any time to the further processing of the data for direct marketing purposes. involved in the operation of the business and distribution network. the distributor/Preferred customer by signing this agreement the distributor/Preferred customer consents to the processing of their data in agrees that such data may be transferred to such third parties and outside the european union for the accordance with this agreement and in accordance with the data Protection act 1992.
for ShiPPiNG feeS, PleaSe refer to the aPPlicable NewayS PriceliSt delivery is estimated within 7 working days after receipt and full payment of the order. NewayS reserves the right to alter and charge for incorrectly totalled orders. in case of discrepancy between the item code and the product description, the item code will override. input your Vat number if applicable: __________________________________ Pursuant to UK law: Neways may not accept payments exceeding £200 (VAT inclusive) within the first 7 days following the commencement of this Agreement.
Shipping instruction (if this differs from the contact address entered above)full Name: For credit/debit card payments please complete:  ViSa  maStercard  maeStro - iSSue N˚: (UK only)
Commissions can be accumulated on your Neways account and used to pay for your product purchase or transfered to your bank account. To receive Commissions on your bank account, please request and complete a bank data form from Neways Europe Support Centre. by signing this application, you hereby confirm that you have received a copy of and have read, understand and accept all of the terms of this application (including the terms and conditions set out overleaf), and hereby apply to become a distributor or a Preferred customer (as applicable) of Neways trading scheme and you wish to place an order for the goods detailed above. the Neways Policies and Procedures and the Neways compensation Plan will be sent to distributors with their first order within 10 days upon receipt of this application. you hereby imply that you will read, understand and accept these complementary rules within 14 days from their delivery, unless you notify Neways explicitly in writing.
Distributors pursuant to UK law STATUTORY WARNING1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.
3. If you sign this contract, you have 14 days in which to cancel and get your money back PLEASE RETURN ThIS FORM BY E-MAIL, FAx OR POST.
White copy - NEWAYS EUROPE BVBA | Yellow copy - SPONSOR | Pink copy - APPLICANT ApplicAtion & First order Form
Terms and Conditions, which will apply to Neways Distributors: the applicant and co-applicant to the status of a distribu- former downline organisation and to any entitlements or products and services shall be governed by belgian law, tor or a Preferred customer must be an adult with commissions derived through the sales or other activity of and shall be submitted to a competent court in brussels.
capacity to sign a contract. a person may own, operate, or have equitable interest in only one Neways distributorship.
11) if you wish to bring an action against Neways for any Spouses (including common-law relationships) must 4) you must be in compliance with the terms of this act or omission relating to or arising from this distributor distributor agreement in order to be eligible to receive agreement, such action must be brought within one commissions from Neways. you understand that if you fail year from the date of the alleged conduct giving rise to 1) upon acceptance of this application by Neways europe to comply with the terms of the distributor agreement, the cause of action. failure to do so shall bar all claims bVba (“Neways”), you will be authorised to represent your- Neways may, at its reasonable discretion, impose upon against Neways for such act or omission. you waive all self as an independent distributor of Neways products. you you disciplinary action as set forth in the Policies and claims that any other statute of limitation applies.
will then be entitled to purchase Neways products for your Procedures. the distributor agrees to accept the self-bil- own personal consumption as well as for your business ling application which is a legal requirement in the calcula- 12) you authorise Neways to use your name, photograph, and market the products and present the Neways opportu- tion of the commissions paid by Neways to the distributor. personal story, and/ or likeness in advertising or promotio- nity if applicable in your market. you are not being granted it is the distributor’s responsibility to maintain their own nal materials and waive all claims for remuneration for an exclusive distributorship or territorial exclusivity.
records and to retain copies of the self-billing invoices. 2) by signing this application and placing a first order, 5) this distributor agreement is personal to you and may 13) if any provision of this distributor agreement is held by you represent that you have carefully read and agree to be not be assigned or otherwise transferred to anyone without a court to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid in whole or in bound by and comply with these terms and conditions.
the prior written consent of Neways (which may be granted part, the remainder of that provision and all other parts of the Neways Policies and Procedures, and the Neways or declined at Neways’ sole discretion). Neways may the distributor agreement will continue to be binding and compensation Plan will be sent to you with your informa- assign this distributor agreement to any of its affiliates tion within 10 days upon receipt of this application. you hereby imply that you will read, understand and accept 14) any notice you wish to send to Neways should be sent these complementary rules within 14 days from their 6) as a distributor and a self-employed businessperson, to its address shown on the application form. any notices delivery, unless you explicitly notify Neways in writing.
you are not an employee or agent of Neways. you are not Neways wishes to send you will be sent to your address this application, the Neways Policies and Procedures, and authorised to make representations or incur any liabilities provided on the application form or to any other address the Neways compensation Plan together form the entire on behalf of Neways and must not purport to do so. you you have notified Neways in writing should be used in its distribution agreement between you and Neways (the “dis- are responsible for your own business decisions and all place. changes by Neways to the distributor agreement tributor agreement”). Neways may amend this agreement expenses incurred in running your business. may be notified by any reasonable means, including news- from time to time upon notice to you; please refer to the letters and other Neways publications circulated generally Neways Policies and Procedures for more specific details.
7) you may use Neways’ tradenames, trademarks and to the extent of any conflict or inconsistency between the copyrights only for the purpose of your Neways business documents comprising the distributor agreement; the and in accordance with the terms of this agreement. 15) any desired changes to the ownership or adminis- Policies and Procedures shall supersede and prevail over tration of a Neways id must be submitted to Neways all others, and these terms and conditions supersede 8) you agree that the names, addresses, and contact in writing for approval prior to the change being made. and prevail over all except the Policies and Procedures.
details of Neways distributors, and any other information Neways may approve or deny the request at its discretion. you also agree to comply with all of the rules and codes of provided to you for working with your downline, or for if Neways approves the request, copies of valid official conduct of the applicable direct Selling association. any other reason, are Neways’ confidential proprietary papers showing the change may be requested by Neways. information, and will only be used by you for the purpose of a sale or transfer of a Neways id may be completed accor- 3) the term of this distributor agreement is one year.
ding to the Neways Policies and Procedures applicable to Neways may charge a reasonable annual renewal fee, the sale or transfer of a distributorship.
starting 12 months after becoming a distributor. if you 9) you have the right to terminate your distributor agree- fail to pay your annual renewal fee, or if your distributor agreement is terminated for any other reason, you will lose all rights as a distributor. in the event of termination, 10) unless the law of the jurisdiction where your reside you shall lose as of the effective termination date any requires otherwise, all disputes and claims relating to the rights, including but not limited to property rights, to your distributor agreement, your Neways business and Neways direct Selling association, 29 floral Street, london, wc2e 9dP telephone: +44 (0)20 7497 1234 fax: +44 (0)20 7497 3144 email: [email protected] Neways Product Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase, it may be returned, at Neways’ cost, for a 100% refund (including shipping costs) if written notice of cancellation is sent to Neways within 21 days from the time of delivery. timely dispatch of the mailing before expiration of the 21 days will suffice. any clause whereby the consumer would waive this right is null and void. if goods received are faulty or non-conforming, statutory rights apply. the personal volume (PV) attributable to returned products will be deducted in the month in which the refund is given, and continuing every month thereafter until the PV balance is cleared. Please report problems with orders to Neways europe Support centre within 30 days of shipment so that any packing mistake or damage can be remedied.
* standard international call rates apply


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