Write in the correct form of the words in brackets. 1. There’s no . (DIFFER) in price between these two paintings. 2. The boy says he’s got very bitter memories from his . (CHILD). 3. Jenny’s a very . (REASON) young woman. She never acts foolishly. 4. ‘What’s the . (HIGH) of the tower?’ ‘It’s certainly more than fifty 5. . (KNOW) of foreign languages is required by many employees. 6. It’s been raining since morning and the day is quite . (FOG). 7. Brian’s father is a . (MUSIC). He plays the trombone in a band. 8. Bell-bottoms are not . (FASHION) nowadays. People wore them in 9. Their sudden . (ARRIVE) in the dead of night surprised us a lot. 10. I was mad because the quality of the goods which I ordered didn’t come up to my 11. Heavy corporal . (PUNISH) is still administered in some primitive 12. Use your imagination and try to be . (CREATE). 13. Mr Bones is the most . (HELP) person I know. He never refuses to 14. I’m not going to sleep in this bed any more. It’s very . (COMFORT). 15. Roger is a . (CARE) driver. He’s caused seven collisions so far. 16. It’s a great . (PLEASE) to meet school friends after so many years. 17. I cannot understand his . (SPEAK). Is he speaking any local dialect? 18. Have you taken any . (DECIDE) yet? Do you know what you’re 19. Old people are said to have great experience and life . (WISE). 20. It’s . (AMAZE) what he can do. He’s a real master. 21. This is the only bank in the . (NEIGHBOUR). The other one is 22. Don’t approach the terrarium if you’re . (FEAR) of snakes. 23. I’m thinking of replying to the job . (ADVERTISE) that I have seen in 24. The Thompsons’ enterprise was a complete . (FAIL). They lost all the money they invested in the business. 25. We have a strong . (BELIEVE) in you. Don’t let us down. 26. Your father will be . (FURY) when he learns what you have done to 27. I can’t come at six. I have an . (APPOINT) with my boss. 28. This is a highly irrational . (BEHAVE). Improve yourself or you’ll be 29. Sweets can be . (HARM) to health if they are eaten in huge amount. 30. Some students have great . (DIFFICULT) in making speeches. 31. Don’t be too . (CRITICISE) of Mr Robson’s decisions. He hates it. 33. Listen carefully to what he says so that you can draw correct . 34. I’m sure Adam will not give up. As far as I know, he’s a very . 35. There wasn’t much evidence to prove the man’s . (INVOLVE) in the 36. Only one of the passengers was . (BAD) injured in the crash. 37. Stars don’t like their . (PRIVATE) to be disturbed by journalists. 38. John Pemberton’s Coca-Cola drink has been a huge . 39. There’s still no . (AGREE) between the two parties. Their dispute 40. All our workers have been sent an . (INVITE) to the anniversary 41. It’s great to be . (DEPEND) from your parents. You’ll see when you 42. Millions of people are forced to live in abject . (POOR) because governments of their countries are unable to satisfy their basic needs. 43. We hoped to win the game, but . (FORTUNE) the rival team 44. There’s not a grain of . (TRUE) in what he says. He’s known to be 45. I saw Sheila in church, but she certainly didn’t come to the Parkers’ wedding

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Polycystic Ovaries and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition associated with many cysts or closed pouches containing fluid or solid material consisting of 1 or more chambers in the ovary. 20-25% of women will have multiple ovarian cysts (PCO) diagnosed by ultrasound of the ovaries but only half or fewer (5-10% of women) will actually have PCOS. Wha

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