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During the procedure small samples (biopsies) may be taken. These will be
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sent to the laboratory for examination by the pathologist. The testing may Scarborough, ON
include looking for a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori which is associated Phone: 416.321.3883
After the procedure you will be allowed to drink and eat soft foods once the sedation and freezing have worn off. Resume your usual diet the next day. Gastroscopy is a procedure used to examine the esophagus (swallowing
While a gastroscopy only takes about 5 minutes to perform, you will be in the tube), stomach and duodenum (first part of small intestines).
recovery area for about 30-45 minutes while the sedation wears off. We will let you know the results of the test before you go home. Before Gastroscopy:

What symptoms can be expected after a gastroscopy?
Avoid all food for 8 hours before the examination. You can have
The effects of the sedation can last for the rest of the day leaving you feeling water or apple juice only, up to 4 hours before the test. drowsy. During this time you should avoid alcohol. You may have a sore throat Stop Aspirin (ASA), Xeralto, Vitamin E 7 days before
especially if there was a lot of gagging during the gastroscopy. This normally Stop Coumadin (warfarin), Pradaxa – 5 days before
resolves in a day or two. You can use lozenges for this. Most people feel a bit Stop Ticlid, Plavix or Aggrenox 3 days before
bloated from the introduced air. If you have severe pain or any other worrying Continue taking your blood pressure medicine even on the day of symptoms you should contact either the doctor who did the gastroscopy or your procedure with a small sip of water. Do not drink more than a small sip. family doctor or go to the emergency department at the nearest hospital. What happens during a gastroscopy?
What are the risks of gastroscopy?
When you arrive at the endoscopy unit you will be registered and asked to sign In the hands of an experienced endoscopist the risks are very low. They include the consent form. The test can be done without sedation but most people prefer to have sedation during the procedure. A topical anaesthetic agent will be used to numb the throat and reduce gagging. You will be drowsy but conscious during the gastroscopy. The drowsiness can last for up to a couple hours after. • Aspiration (inhalation of liquid into the lungs) If you have sedation, you must have a responsible adult to drive you home or
accompany you in a taxi. We do not allow you to go home by public transport or to take a taxi on your own. You cannot operate dangerous machinery or go back to work that day. You should avoid making important decisions during this Gastroscopy is a very common, safe procedure. While there are certain risks associated with this procedure, they are outweighed in most instances by the The gastroscope is passed through the mouth. A mouth guard is used to advantages of establishing the correct diagnosis. protect your teeth. Dentures should be removed. While gastroscopy can be uncomfortable, it is not usually painful. Some people experience a desire to cough or gag when the scope is passed into the esophagus.


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