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Code- Ezra Unicode Postscript Unicode or AGL Character Name LEFT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK (usually opening) RIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK (usually closing) "-" 05BE afii57645 HEBREW PUNCTUATION MAQAF (FB1E HEBREW POINT JUDEO-SPANISH VARIKA)* afii57716 HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH DOUBLE VAV afii57717 HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH VAV YOD afii57718 HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH DOUBLE YOD afii57705 (not FB1F HEBREW LIGATURE YIDDISH YOD YOD PATAH)* afii57694 (not FB2A HEBREW LETTER SHIN WITH SHIN DOT)* afii57695 (not FB2B HEBREW LETTER SHIN WITH SIN DOT)* afii57723 (not FB35 HEBREW LETTER VAV WITH DAG afii57700 (not FB4B HEBREW LETTER VAV WITH HOL Teal = New in Unicode, not in SIL standard Blue = BHK alternate shapes for cants. Some used in Ezra SIL SR font.
Some marks in this column will not display in Excel 2000 Ignore diacritic placement. Only the shape is correct.
2 required for WIN OpenType fonts, useful for Mac The shape displayed will be the opening paren in Hebrew ')' when working in a RTL document. This is handled 4 by Uniscribe. Choose 0028 when you want an opening paren.
5 All paired items mirror properly in Unicode. Quotes do not.
We can place all diacritics on a space or small space. We need to be able to place dagesh and various cants 6 and vowels on space and asterisk. See Yannis H. article. 00A0-NBSP recommended.
The dotted circle only appears when there are 2 characters with the same canonical class. We need to set 7 attachment points on the dotted circle as well. However, we may eventually propose a letter for missing consonants, to avoid problems with word- 28 Quotes do not mirror in Unicode. Choose the shape you want.
32 Unicode shows this shape centering , as do some Hebrew texts. BHS has it to the left. Only occurs as word-initial (pre)-14, and one occurrence of 44 in 2 Kings 17:24, but placement is still the same See BHS examples: Combining: Jer 23:21:1 over aleph, Final: Jer 23:15:1,2,3 (also combining on 2), Double comb: Jer: 23:16:1, See also Jer 23:20:2-3. Combining Between: Jer 23:23:2, 7. footnote marker? init-Gen 79 13:1:9-TQ, & over maqaf. Use one for now.
Add 2 more placements in PUA, not accurate in electr text. 35=middle of hatufs, altho ordered C,V,##. 75=left, 93 95=right of vowel. Research indicates that 75 and 95 can co-occur with hatuf, therefore need 3 methegs We were able to use just one by varying the order, no longer allowed in Unicode. Need community consensus 94 and approval from UC.Add two PUA characters for now - F302 and F303.
This is considered a variant form of 05BF-rafe. This can be included as an alternate form, not a separate 96 codepoint. Will not be available in OpenType fonts.
97 Another alternate form of 05BF-rafe. Same as above.
99 Use pre-composed characters for sin & shin in keyboard. Keep as 2 characters (each) in Hebrew texts.
It isn't practical to attempt to retain the automatic selection of final forms in the keyboards any longer. We need to inform users that they will have to type them as separate keystrokes. Search engines will need to 129 Use pre-composed characters for sin & shin on keyboard, rather than separating dots 145 Considered a ligature, will not include as separate codepoint. No special programming.
Delete combined character from standard encoding. Users can keyboard as pre-composed, but will be Delete combined character from standard encoding. Users can keyboard as pre-composed, but will be Consonant vav followed by holem should be encoded 05D5 05B9 and rendered with a dot above the LEFT of the vav, as with any other letter. Full form holem, old Ezra 244 (never word initial), should be encoded 05B9 that the holem goes with the previous consonant, which is logically correct. Then, at rendering a holem following a consonant should be shifted on to the top RIGHT of a following vav, or similarly of a following 151 there is no vowel immediately following the vav or aleph (which indicates that they are silent letters).
152 This may be a footnote marker, and thus unnecessary to encode.
153 Need defined in Unicode, 3 occurrences in BHS, where it co-occurs w/ punctum. Use PUA - F301.
Used in grammars over Hebrew text, indicates a general cant and the tone, can use 05AB and font feature to 155 No equivalent in Unicode. Use samek with mark-up.
156 No equivalent in Unicode. Use pe with mark-up.
Need defined in Unicode, not used in BHS, but extensive in margins. Use 0307/0308 for now. These follow thedirection of their base character. so could be used. Currently in discussion whether Semitic versions are 159 Need defined in Unicode, use PUA for now, could be a font feature using 05E0-HEBREW LETTER NUN 160 No equivalent in Unicode. Convert all to kamets.
161 Convert to sequence in Hebrew, single character in translit 168 No equivalent in Unicode. Convert to 05B0-shewa in Hebrew.
170 Currency signs are included to make fonts more generally useable.

Source: ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/iso/latest/FONTS/Ezra%20SIL%201.1/Conversion/Unicode%20Ezra%20Chart15short.pdf

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