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Newsletter 01 / 2011 

Finally you can fight bad breath at its roots  Editorial 

We have developed a completely new range of anti-halitosis-candies against bad breath. Most ex- isting products on the markets just mask oral malodor. In contrast, our drops focus on inhibiting the enzymes responsible for bad breath, which are generated by bacteria in the mouth. A just finished clinical study done by the Dental Prophylaxis Insti- tute in Zurich shows that our products immediately fight bad breath after consumption. According to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Saxer, who was heading the study, our halitosis candies “significantly reduce oral European countries. Still, one can malodour (tongue and mouth) so that a patient with halitosis can be sure that he or she has no notice- able bad breath for at least one hour.” The new ple copy of a well established halitosis candies come in different flavors. Medicated candy segment defies recession 
labels and thus with a long tradition in this segment. In terms of exper-tise, we are ahead of others thanks cated sugar confectionery segment in This leads us to the conviction that - the highest compounded annual growth label can only be successful to com- lysed by Euromonitor. Furthermore, it able to communicate its own profile already accounts for 12% of the total to consumers - both in terms of Western European market value. Our product and marketing. I think, our company has a long-term expertise in company really knows how to do this. ment consists primarily of cough/throat at our stand during the ISM or under products as well as functional jellies/ any other circumstances. and oral care candies. Such articles account for 50% of our annual production (e.g. 25% of our articles are Swissmedic certified another 25% are other registered functional products). Meeting regulatory needs is already challenging and complex today and in regard of health claims it will get even more complicated. Especially, looking at a potentially restrictive set of decisions by EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) con- cerning possible health claims. However, investments into medicated candies will be crucial for category growth as it is Meet us at ISM 2011 
one of the few financially attractive segments, which still shows an above-average and crisis-resistant increase over the past Cologne/Germany, 30.1.­2.2.2011 
years. The value-volume-ratio is by far the highest in the sugar confectionery market (Western Europe: 12% value and 6% Swiss Pavilion
Stand M028
Instant energy for sportsmen 
Nowadays, professional as well as amateur sportsmen have a During the fair, call +41 79 679 09 72 (cell).
broad variety of functional food products to choose from. How- ever, most of these articles are quite bulky and sold only in specialized stores. Besides standard isotonic tablets and sports- drinks, there are hardly any products available in regular retail store formats. We have developed a small sized and therefore easy to carry jelly bean type of candy (100% natural), coated with dextrose as well as real pieces of fruit (100% natural/vegetarian), which are slightly dried and also coated with dextrose. These novelties are not only easy to carry around (high portability) and pro-vide instant energy, but they are also great fun to eat due to their delicious natural flavours and crunchy texture. Newsletter 01 / 2011
Market leader sets a new gold standard 

No. employees:
130 employees
Since decades, our Swissmedic certified blackcurrant throat pastilles (sold at Mi- gros, Switzerland’s biggest retailer) are the strongest selling candy product on the Swiss market. Initially, in the sixties, they were sold in tins only, meanwhile the con- Production Output:
sumer can choose between portable zip-loc-bags, elegant tins and refill-bags. Next to blackcurrant, there are also varieties available with sage, elder, acerola and Handmade mints 
was recently re-launched and presents itself now in an elegant gold-look, which GMP Production –
quality certificates:
We've got a long perfectly. The products are registered at tradition in producing Swissmedic, the central Swiss supervi- sory authority for therapeutic products. enges. For quite Switzerland has five different levels A to some time now, we E. A product registered in level E needs have been observing to meet different regulatory specifica- a growing demand tions for the entire value creation proc- Source of Business:
for traditionally made ess - from ingredients to marketing. It products using well-known ingredients, can be sold in retail channels without fits for different health problems. Our registered in level D can only be sold in standard Icelandic Moss tablets have a drugstore type of channel where advi- Main Export Markets:
been part of our top 10 sellers since sory service is compulsory. The active many years. But there are many more substances vary from product to prod- flavour and ingredient options, which we uct. The most recent innovation is Her- offer, such as fennel (digestive effect), bamel, a gum arabic pastille with a slightly different, shorter texture. It is som (calming effect), green tea or green tea with ginger and ginseng (anti-oxidant itself in the form of a honeycomb. Product Range:
the-go, it is much easier to eat a lozenge than making a cup of tea while you're sitting in a bus or drive your car to the Associated companies:
Cans, sticks, zip­ & serving­size­bags … 
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E-Mail [email protected] Besides an unbeatable price per serving, a primary benefit of instant beverages is their portability. Our production is capable of filling powder-based products into Your Contacts:
many popular formats such as cans, pouches or serving-size bags and mini sticks. The large bags, usually containing powder for the equivalent of 10 to 20 litres of beverage, can optionally be produced with a powder-proof-zipper.


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