Saturday September 1st 2012
16:00-18:30 registration
opening lecture: L. Sakai: [Title to be announced]
Sunday September 2nd 2012
8:00-9:00: registration
Session I: Microfibrils and elastic fibres: structure, assembly and function
Chair: B. Bochicchio - Z. Urban
09:00-09:20 A. Weiss: Coupled functional modules in tropoelastin: a 3D perspective
09:25-09:45 V. Samouillan: Low frequency chain dynamics of synthetic fragments inspired
from human tropoelastin: signature of the amyloid structure 09:50-10:10 A. Alix: The new concept of Morpho-matrikines applied to Morpho-elastokines
10:15-10:35 D. Reinhardt: Role of fibronectin in the regulation of elastic fibres in vivo
10:45-11:15: coffee break
11:15-11:35 MP. Jacob: Regulation of elastin synthesis in the aorta
11:40-12:00 C. Baldock: [Title to be announced]
12:05-12:25 E. Davis: [Title to be announced]
12:30-12:55 S. Rauscher: Elastin-like aggregation, elastomeric properties and the liquid

13:00-15:00: lunch
15:00-16:45: poster session
16:45-17:15: coffee break
Session II: Elastogenic engineering and biomaterials
Chair: A. Weiss
17:15-17:35 B. Bochicchio: Elastomeric protein-inspired biomaterials
17:40-18:00 FJ. Arias: Elastin-like recombinamers
18:05-18:25 J. Attia : Rejuvenation of human dermis by an elastokine-derived
18:30-18:50 L. Muiznieks: Proline-poor biomaterials: the effect of human and rat domain 30
on elastin assembly and mechanical properties PRELIMINARY PROGRAM OF THE 7th EUROPEAN ELASTIN MEETING 2012

Monday September 3rd 2012
Session III: Animal models
Chair: E. Davis
09:00-09:20 B. Kozel: Of mice and men: modifiers of elastin insufficiency
09:25-09:45 J. Essers: Animal studies in aneurysmal disease
09:50-10:10 A. Willaert: Zebrafish models for elastinopathies
10:15-10:35 C. Craft: Characterization of the MAGP1 knock-out mouse model

10:45-11:15: coffee break
Session IV: Elastic fibre-associated cell signalling and epigenetics
Chair: P. Sommer
11:15-11:35 Z. Urban: Cell signalling in cutis laxa
11:40-12:00 O. Vanakker: BMP-signalling in pseudoxanthoma elasticum
12:05-12:25 D. Quaglino: Mechanisms and regulation of elastic fibre calcification
12:30-12:55 L. Duca: Elastine receptor complex in cell survival and differentiation
13:00-13:20 P. Sommer: Epigenetics and elastic fibre regulation
13:25-14:30: lunch
Free afternoon

Tuesday September 4th 2012
Session V: Heritable and acquired elastic fibre diseases
Chair: D. Quaglino - F. Keeley
09:00-09:20 J. De Backer: Elastin mutations in the Williams-Beuren syndrome
09:25-09:45 G. Lefthériotis: The vascular phenotype in pseudoxanthoma elasticum and
09:50-10:10 L. Robert: A novel elastinopathy
10:15-10:35 J. Bujan: [Title to be announced]
10:45-11:15: coffee break
11:15-11:35 B. Callewaert: Hereditary cutis laxa syndromes: need for a reclassification?
11:40-12:00 J. Wagenseil: Elastin, arterial stiffness and hypertension
12:05-12:25 F. Ramirez: Genetic dissection of the cardiovascular pathogenesis in Marfan
12:30-12:55 S. Terry: [Title to be announced]
13:00-15:00: lunch
15:00-16:45: Selected talk session (Chair: B. Mecham)
16:45-17:15: coffee break
Session VI: Therapeutic advances in elastinopathies
Chair: J. Bujan
17:15-17:35 LA Perez-Jurado: Reduction of NADPH-oxidase (NOX) in Williams-Beuren
17:40-18:00 G. Faury: Stimulation of elastin production in aged mice by minoxidil
18:05-18:25 [To be announced]
18:30-18:50 [To be announced]
18:55: end of day / Closing remarks

Source: http://www.feps.org/fileadmin/files/Program_elastin_meeting_v6_bis.pdf


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