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Touching lives, improving live.
Procter & Gamble provides consumers all over the World with products that make their lives just a little bit
better every day. From Personal Care to Food for Pets, Procter & Gamble produces markets and
commercializes more than 300 brands in over 160 countries.
Ariel, Pantene, Olay, Max Factor, Gillette, Duracell, Pringles, Fairy, Don Limpio, Iams, Crest, Actonel, Olay and so many other brands are the base of what we do.
These brands and our foundation Values (Leadership, Ownership, Integrity, Passion for Winning and Trust) are the backbone of our business.
Job Opportunities

P&G recruits on-going for entry level full-time managerial positions in all functions across Western Europe. Therefore you can apply all year round to the job vacancies listed on this site. We hire undergraduates, people with Graduate Degrees and experienced professionals. Our build from within approach means that you will start in the entry level position of the function you have applied for. P&G takes seriously the responsibility to on-board you thoroughly, therefore you will enjoy a series of on-boarding sessions in your first months on the job.
When you look at yourself, do you see someone ready to face a real challenge - every day? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect career for you. Whether it's in CBD/Sales, Marketing, Product Supply, Research & Development, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information & Decision Solutions, Consumer & Market Knowledge or External Relations at P&G you'll face real challenges from day one. That means really stretching your mind and your ideas to help you grow as a person - so you'll have an impact on consumers' lives, the working lives of your colleagues and the future of our business.
If you are a student in your final or penultimate year of study, whatever your degree, discipline and background, you can apply for a real business experience in P&G! Testing an internship with P&G will expose you to real projects and challenges, backed up by your P&G coach and collaborating in teams. All year around and all around Europe, we invest in short term and long term internships for students. While developing and learning on the job, see for yourself what P&G is all about – face to face with us! Experience the impact YOU have in our business early on! Meet and understand diverse businesses, brands and products Business responsibility from day 1 Learn and grow in a multifunctional, diverse environment, collaborating with P&G Managers Develop your talents and ideas Have fun and enjoy! P&G ACADEMY
If you are a student in your final or penultimate year of study, whatever your degree, discipline or background, you can test yourself in a real-life business environment and live a unique top-class learning opportunity! Testing P&G through our Career Academy will expose you to our company in a “snap-shot” (max. 1 week). We offer a variety of Courses and Seminars across Europe for students/graduates to kick-off their career and get an inside view of P&G business, people and our working environment! Geneva Beauty Event
Procter & Gamble is running a 2 day immersion for students in its Geneva offices. You can participate in a real business beauty related case and see what it is like to work at P&G. Discover how you could be leveraging your Marketing, Sales, Financial and Consumer understanding talent to build a new business. Experience what it’s like to work in the leading consumer goods company, P&G, through a real case with other fellow students! You will meet senior managers from P&G and get a real taste on life, work and fun at P&G. The course will be run by P&G experts who will guide you through specific challenges in Marketing, Sales, Consumer understanding and Finance.
European Financial Leadership Seminar 2009
CHALLENGE: Become the Finance Leader of an $80 Billion multi-national for one week. Are you an excellent student who combines leadership skills with strong analytical capabilities? And do you expect to graduate in 20010 or 2011? Apply now and take the challenge. European Financial Leadership Seminar (EFS): May, 2010 (Geneva, Switzerland) Advice for candidates to face the selection process successfully
Revise the selection & development criteria of Procter & Gamble (Success Drivers) in our webpage Take this process seriously from Step 1. Every part counts!


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