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Unit 1: In the Name of Beauty
Unit 3: The Ring of Fire
Makeup for Men?
More Interesting Facts
Listen to the dialog and choose the
Listen to the dialog. Check True or
best answer.
False for each sentence.
W: Do you ever wear makeup?
M: Did you know Mt. Fuji in Japan is a volcano?
M: No way! That’s just for women.
W: Sure, I knew that. It’s the highest
W: But I heard that nowadays a lot of men use
mountain in that country, but it’s really a M: Really? Why do they do that?
M: Do you know if it is still active?
W: I guess they just want to look good. And it
W: I don’t think so. The last time it erupted
could protect their skin from sun damage.
was in the 1700s. That eruption produced M: Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe I
M: I’ve also heard there are lots of volcanoes
W: How about some lip gloss, too? Here. This
W: Oh, definitely. The world’s largest active
M: Smells nice. Well, OK. Hey, it tastes good,
volcano is in Hawaii. That’s Mauna Loa. It M: Wow, that is active!
W: Yeah, but Kilauea in Hawaii is the most
Unit 2: Who Took That Tooth?
active volcano in the world. It’s been Tooth Traditions in Nigeria
erupting continuously since January 1983.
Listen to the dialog and complete each

Unit 4: Myths About Pimples
M: I know you’re interested in tooth
Pimple Treatments
traditions. I wanted to tell you about a tradition I know of.
Listen to the dialog and choose the
W: Really? Where is it from?
best answer.
M: This one comes from Nigeria.
M: Look, Susan. I got another pimple!
W: Wow! What is it?
W: No problem, Milo. Just pop it.
M: The first person to notice a baby’s first
M: That’s really not a good idea. It could make
tooth isn’t supposed to say anything about W: Really? What makes you think that?
W: Why not? What happens if they say
M: My doctor told me so. He said there are
M: Then they have to give a gift to the child.
W: What kind of recommendations did he
and valuable in Nigerian culture, like a M: He said to wash my face gently with a
special soap. But I shouldn’t wash my face W: Hmm. I don’t know where I would keep a
W: That’s good to know. I will have to remember
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Unit 5: I Cut the Cheese!
Unit 7: Are Sports Bad for Kids?
An Amazing Fact
Kids and Sports
Listen to the dialog and complete each
Listen to the dialog and choose the
best answer.
W: Do you want to hear a crazy fact?
M: Are you going to let your son play soccer
M: I’m not sure. Do I really want to hear this?
W: Did you know that an insect has the highest
W: No way! He’s only seven years old. It’s too
M: That is crazy! Which insect is it?
M: In what way?
W: The termite.
W: Well, for a start, when kids are younger
M: Why do termites fart so much?
than ten, their bodies are still growing. If W: It’s because of their diet and their digestive
they get injured, it can be really serious.
M: Is that right? Well, my son is pretty tough. I
M: But how much gas do they really make?
W: They produce as much methane gas as all
W: You should be careful if your son is going to
M: They must add to the air pollution.
M: Why?
W: Children’s bodies respond differently to
heat, so it’s easy for them to get too hot. I’ve Unit 6: Mr. Nintendo
seen some kids collapse during games.
Not Just Another Game
M: So I should make sure my son drinks a lot of
Listen to the dialog. Check True or
W: That’s right.
False for each sentence.
Did you hear about Iwata’s newest brain
Unit 8: May I Have Your Autograph?
W: No, what is it?
A Trip to the Bookstore
M: Well, I guess it focuses more on health and
Listen to the dialog and complete each
W: Is it a kind of game?
M: Not exactly; it’s more like medical
M: Do you want to go to the bookstore with
W: What do you mean?
M: Well, it’s a kind of sensor. It can check the
W: She is always signing her books. Her
M: I would love to have one of my Harry
M: Yes, it can show your stress levels. People
W: I doubt it will ever make the book worth
and then by concentrating, they can try to M: I don’t care about that. I just want to have a
W: Oh, that could be useful.
signed book. I could give it to my children.
W: I would rather have an autograph I could
126 Reading Challenge 2
M: Money isn’t everything. Don’t you think
M: Of course not. The books travel in a van to
the countryside. That way, old people or W: I have no idea. I’ve never read any of her
families without cars can borrow library W: Have you ever used a mobile library?
M: Yes, I did quite often when I was young.
Unit 9: Where Are Our Jetpacks?
A License to Fly

Unit 11: Shakespeare, Where Are
Listen to the dialog. Check True or
False for each sentence.
Old and New
M: If I had enough money, I would buy a
Listen to the dialog and complete each
W: It would be kind of fun to fly around with
one of those. But don’t people need to get W: Did you finish researching your essay
a license for flying planes or something in M: Yeah. And I found out lots of interesting
M: No, you don’t need a license for a jetpack.
W: Like what?
category of ultralight vehicles. You don’t M: Well as you know, in many ways
need a license to fly or operate an ultralight performances today are just like the original W: That seems kind of strange. People need
W: But some things are different, aren’t they?
licenses to drive cars and motorcycles. I M: Sure. For example, there are female actors
now. In Shakespeare’s time, people thought M: Maybe the government puts jetpacks in
things people ride. You know, those Segway W: What do you mean? All the music and
W: Those seem safer to me. At least a Segway
M: Yeah, either on stage or behind the stage.
And they don’t use any microphones or recordings of sounds. The clothes are Unit 10: Desert Delivery
A Mobile Library
W: It sounds really neat. I’d love to see a
Listen to the dialog and choose the
M: Yeah. They sound pretty cool.
best answer.
What do you think of the camel library?
M: I think it’s a great idea.
Unit 12: What’s in a Name?
W: Me too. Have you ever heard of a similar
What’s Your Name?
M: Well, yes, I have. In England there are
Listen to the dialog. Check True or
False for each sentence.
W: In England? But they don’t have camels, do
M: Julia, do you know what your name
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W: Sure, Jack. My family name, ‘MacKay,’ is
M: Why don’t we go to the campus café and
M: Or, in your case, “daughter of fire.”
W: Hey, they sell those little energy drinks at
W: Right. My given name, ‘Julia,’ has two
the café. Maybe I should get one of those. I drank one of those when I was studying for M: What are they?
midterms, and it kept me awake all night.
W: One meaning is “youthful” or “young,”
M: I bet it did. Do you know how much caffeine
W: It’s about twice as much as in a strong cup
W: The other meaning is “downy” or “soft
haired,” which I don’t really like.
M: More than that. A strong cup of coffee can
M: I understand.
have about 100 milligrams of caffeine in it.
W: So how much caffeine is in one of those
Unit 13: Out of Rainforests
M: It varies, but the ones they sell in the
Why Should I Care?
campus café have about 500 milligrams of caffeine per bottle! Listen to the dialog and choose the
best answer.
Good afternoon, we are trying to save the
Unit 15: The Misunderstood Tomato
rainforests. Would you like to give some Fruits and Vegetables
W: Are you kidding? Why would I want to
Listen to the dialog. Check True or
save the rainforest? It doesn’t affect me.
False for each sentence.
M: Well ma’am, did you take a shower this
M: You know that the tomato is a fruit, right?
W: Really? How weird. I thought it was a
W: Of course!
M: Soap and shampoo are made of plants
M: Here is something else you might not
from the rainforests. And the makeup you are wearing also comes from plants found W: What? Are you serious?
M: Though they look like melons, they are
M: Your clothes also look pretty clean. Did
you know that laundry soap has rainforest W: I love watermelon, but it’s hard to imagine
W: Oh, I didn’t know that. Here’s ten dollars.
M: And you’ll be happy to know, watermelon
W: That’s a relief!
Unit 14: For a Quick Pickup
Stay Awake to Study

Listen to the dialog and complete each
I don’t think I can study right now. I can
128 Reading Challenge 2
Unit 16: The Greatest of the
Unit 18: The Snowy Slopes of Dubai
Just to Be Safe
A Little Different
Listen to the dialog. Check True or
Listen to the dialog and choose the
False for each sentence.
best answer.
W: Do you think there are any problems with
W: Look at this. I found another group that
made a list of great sports people of the M: I bet it’s pretty safe. It’s not the first indoor
M: What group is that?
W: I know that. But what happens if they have
W: This list was made by the French magazine
to close the chairlift or something while M: I see that Muhammad Ali was not named
M: I watched a TV program about Ski Dubai,
and on that program they talked a little bit W: No, they chose Pelé as the greatest sports
about the safety exits at the top of the M: Actually, I think I agree with L’Equipe.
W: What did the program say about the
When I imagine great athletes, Pelé comes M: It just mentioned that the exits were there
W: That’s just because you like soccer more
and that the stairs were made in a special way. The stairs had to be safe for people in M: That might have something to do with it,
but I usually see more news articles about W: It’s good to know they have fire exits at the
top of the slopes. I’ve seen the trees on the slopes. If one of those ever caught fire… M: Oh, actually the trees can’t catch fire.
Unit 17: Rights of Lefties
On the Other Hand
Listen to the dialog and complete each
Unit 19: Not All Hackers Are the
M: Are you left-handed?
Computer Security Problems
W: Yes. Are you going to call me “sinister”?
M: Nope. Actually, did you know that it was the
Listen to the dialog and choose the
Greeks who first believed being left-handed best answer.
M: Jenny! I think a hacker got into my computer
W: No, I didn’t.
M: The Greek word for “left” is “aristera,”
W: Robbie, you should try to keep better
W: Is that where the word “aristocrat” comes
M: Well, my memory is bad. So I keep my
M: Yes, it is.
password short and easy to remember.
W: Well, I feel pretty good now!
W: You should change your password. Make it
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M: That’s a good idea, Jenny. Do you have any
W: Hmm, don’t use a number that has a
personal meaning, like a birthday. And Robbie, don’t use the name of any family members or a pet. These are the first things that hackers try to use.
M: That’s probably how the hacker got in! My
old password was Benji, the name of my dog! Unit 20: Weird Inventions
I Didn’t Know That!

Listen to the dialog and complete each
Have you ever heard of Thomas Edison?
W: Of course I have! Didn’t he invent the light
M: Actually, he didn’t invent it. He just made it
W: Really?
M: Yes, but he did invent many other things.
He invented the first movie camera and record player, for example.
W: So, without him we wouldn’t have movies
M: That’s right! Or electric companies or
130 Reading Challenge 2


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Differentiating Instruction For Advanced Learners In the Mixed-Ability Middle School Classroom By Carol Ann Tomlinson ERIC EC Digest #E536, October 1995 A particular challenge for middle school teachers is being able to differentiate or adapt instruction to respond to the diverse student needs found in inclusive, mixed-ability classrooms. This digest provides an overview of some k

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