Esophageal Manometry
Medical Alerts
Manometry is a study that is done by placing a narrow Be sure to check with your primary care physician
catheter in the esophagus, to determine how well the for the following at least one week before your
pH Probe with or without Manometry*
muscles of the esophagus work and helps diagnose scheduled tests.
Six Days before Probe
 If you are diabetic and are on any
You should be off the following medications for 6
medications to control your blood sugar, days prior to your study. If you have any questions A pH Probe is attached to a small recording device, regarding these or any other medications that are not which is placed in the esophagus. This allows for the provider for instructions on taking your on this list, please call our office. Please do not take esophagus. Once placed, you will go home and participate in your usual activities, including eating and drinking, without difficulty. The number of reflux episodes and length of each episode will be recorded by the device attached to the probe. You will be instructed to keep a diary of any symptoms and the  If you have a history of a bleeding
times that they occur (including what you are doing disorder or if you have frequent
and feeling at that time), which will allow us to get the maximum amount of information from this study. The probe is typically worn for approximately 24 hours so that there is adequate opportunity to detect both Thank You!
daytime and nighttime GE reflux episodes. *(Manometry Only)
Please Note that you will need to return to the office in If you are having a MANOMETRY only, please stay
Manometry & pH Probe Specialist
off Reglan for 48 hours prior to the study.
Jody West RN joined Gastroenterology Center of
Esophageal Manometry and Probe
Maine and the Center for Esophageal and Swallowing Disorders in 2010 after many years of actively Information Link
performing and editing motility and pH studies. She was the first RN in the area proficient in this area in Day of the pH Probe & Manometry
1999 and played a key role in the creation of a Motility For morning tests
Lab. She continues to attend specialty training Insurance Authorization
If this test is scheduled before noon time, have
workshops throughout the US dealing with the most Please make sure you have prior authorization from your insurance company for your endoscopy. Prior to working with GCOM, Jody has enjoyed 31 If this test is scheduled in the afternoon, please stop
Important –
years of nursing in the fields of ICU, pediatrics, OB all liquids 8 hours before your appointment Please preregister at 207.973.8900
and nursery, emergency medicine as well her many years of experience in gastroenterology. Questions?
Please arrive at our Gastroenterology Center of If you have any questions about your Manometry or Maine office on level one of the Webber Building. Probe or you are unable to keep your appointment, please call our office at 973-4266.
Gastroenterology Center of Maine
Center for Esophageal and Swallowing Disorders
Esophageal Manometry
with Jody West, RN
Gastroenterology Center of Maine,
Webber East Building, Suite 121

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