October 2006
Olivier Forcade, president of the Academic Council and the Board of
Administrators of the EFEO for the past four years, has recently been elected to
the Chair of Contemporary History at Amiens University. He is leaving his
responsibilities for the French Institutes Abroad at the Ministry of Higher
Education and Research. The EFEO is deeply indebted to Mr. Forcade, an
energetic and committed spokesman, who has strongly supported recent
developments in the School.
Colloquia, missions , and meetings

On October 3 Franciscus Verellen, director, will visit the European Science
Foundation at Strasbourg; from October 16 to 20, he will be in Seoul to take part
in the opening of the exhibition Souvenirs de Séoul, France-Corée, 1886–1905
[Memories of Seoul: France and Korea, 1886–1905] and the accompanying
colloquium, both organized by Élisabeth Chabanol (EFEO Seoul) as part of the
celebration of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations
between France and Korea.

Yves Goudineau, director of studies, will be in Taipei, October 1 to 5, where he
will take part in the conference Les fonctionnaires des frontières chinoises
[Officials on Chinese frontiers], co-organized by the EFEO, the Academia Sinica
(Institute of History and Philology), and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Véronique Grand-Martini and Fatima Baptiste are completing an audit of the
Center in Pondicherry there.

Anne Bouchy is taking part in the Franco-Japanese colloquium La mort et les au-
delàs–II : Conception et représentations de la mort dans les arts, la religion et la
[Death and beyond–II: Conception and depictions of death in the arts,
religion, and culture], organized by the Toulouse Anthropology Center (EHESS,
University of Toulouse–Le Mirail, CNRS, EFEO) and Tokyo University (DALS
program at the COE): October 2, at the Maison de la recherche, University of
Toulouse Le Mirail.

It is with sadness that we have learned of the death, after a long illness, of Soeung
Say, a member of Pascal Royère’s team on the Baphuon site in Seam Reap,
Cambodia. The EFEO extends its deepest sympathy to his family.
Antony Boussemart has passed the ITRF examination in library management. He
continues his duties at the Paris library, managing the Japanese collection as well
as the periodicals and the organization of exchanges of publications.
Astrid Aschehoug has joined the publications department as an editorial assistant,
beginning October 1.

For a listing of new works received as a result of exchanges with partner libraries
and institutions, see the EFEO site:

Yves Goudineau, “Généalogie des formes et scénarios rituels dans l’Asie des
Moussons: l’orientalisme de Paul Mus entre sociologie et iconologie” in Paul Mus
(1902-1969), l’Espace d’un regard
, David Chandler et Christopher E. Goscha,
Paris: Les Indes savantes, 2006, 335 pp.
Pierre-Yves Manguin, “Un ‘sociologue’ parmi les orientalistes : Paul Mus à
l’École française d’Extrême-Orient (1927-1937)” in Paul Mus (1902-1969),
l’Espace d’un regard
, David Chandler et Christopher E. Goscha, Paris: Les Indes
savantes, 2006, 335 pp.
François Bizot featured in the opening of the Parisian literary season with his
novel Le saut du varan (Flammarion) in which the story of the EFEO constitutes
the background to the mystery.
EFEO-Paris Seminar
The next EFEO-Paris Seminar will take place on Monday, October 23 (12:30 to 2
p.m.) at the Maison de l’Asie. Presentations by Andrée Feillard, Rémy Madinier,
and Jonathan Randal on the topic “La place de l’Asie du Sud-Est dans la
radicalisation de l’Islam” [The place of Southeast Asia in the radicalization of

Maison de l’Asie
The function rooms on the second floor are being renovated and will not be
available during the first two weeks of October.

Instruction at the Maison de l’Asie
- Histoire et sociétés du Vietnam classique [History and societies of classical
Vietnam] (Philippe Papin), 4 to 6 p.m. (first floor lecture hall): course resumes at
the end of October. For further information contact - Lectures des inscriptions sanskrites du Cambodge [Readings in Cambodian
Sanskrit inscriptions] (Gerdi Gerschheimer and Claude Jacques), first and third
Thursday of each month, 3 to 5:30 p.m. (fifth floor lecture hall): first meeting on
October 19.

Life in the Centers

S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma and R. Sathyanarayanan will be going to Jammu to
participate in the All India Oriental Conference September 12 to 14 and to search
for manuscript material related to the Center’s projects.
Yasmin Hales-Henao, doctoral student at Oxford Brookes University, is coming
to Pondicherry for two months to conduct a field-study on the notion of space in
the vernacular architecture of Pondicherry .
Daniele Cuneo, a doctoral student of “La Sapienza” University, Rome,
is coming to Pondicherry for three months to pursue his studies on Indian
aesthetic theory as presented in the Abhinavabharati.

François Lagirarde will be in Taipei October 22 to 27 at the invitation of the
National Palace Museum. He will give two lectures: “The Traditional Libraries of
Northern Thailand and their Collections” and “Recent Research at the EFEO on
the Northern Thai Chronicles on Palm-Leaf Manuscripts.”

Pierre Pichard will be in Bhutan from September 27 to October 27 to carry out an
architectural inventory.

At the beginning of October the team from the Vientiane Center will be visiting
Luang Prabang, to evaluate the inscribed steles that have been added to the
collections in the museum at the former Royal Palace. Another visit will be made
during October to the Thai province of Yasothon, where many ancient Lao
manuscripts are preserved.
Michaël Thévenet, contract employee at the Vientiane Center, will spent two
months working on the creation of a website for the Laotian branch of the School.

Henri Chambert-Loir will take over as head of the Jakarta Center as of October 1.

Siem Reap
The Siem Reap Center will welcome Marie-France Dupoizat who is to study
import ceramics discovered during the recent archaeological excavations directed
by Jacques Gaucher and Christophe Pottier.

Phnom Penh
Bertrand Porte and his collaborator Sok Soda will be visiting the Historical
Museum of Ho Chi Minh City during the second half of October to restore the
sculptures in the “Oc Eo Room.”

Kuala Lumpur
Quang Po Dharma will be in Paris from October 6 to take up his teaching at the
INALCO on October 9.

On October 11 (2:30 p.m.) the History, Archaeology, and Society (HAS) Lecture:
presentation by Wang Qianjin (Chinese Academy of Sciences, History of Science
Institute) on the topic “Les conceptions du monde en Chine et leurs évolutions”
[Chinese ideas about the nature of the world and their evolution] (Peking
University, Center for Research on Ancient China, Meeting Room).
At the end of October the History, Archaeology, and Society (HAS) Lecture will
be delivered in both Peking and Guangzhou by Éric Rieth (LAMOP/National
Maritime Museum) on the topic “Épaves, archéologie sous-marine et histoire de
l'architecture navale” [Shipwrecks, underwater archaeology and the history of
naval architecture]. During his stay in Guangzhou Éric Rieth will be visiting
archaeological sites in Guangdong province.

The conference Les fonctionnaires des frontières chinoises [Officials on Chinese
frontiers], co-organized by the EFEO’s Taipei (Fabienne Jagou) and Peking
(Paola Calanca) Centers, and the Academia Sinica (Institute of History and
Philology), with the cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
(Peking) will take place at the Academia Sinica in Taipei October 2 to 4.
Paola Calanca will talk on “Fujian naval officials: an ‘elite’ corps?” Fabienne Jagou will talk on “A Manchu Military Commander as the Instigator of the Tibetan Administrative reform (1793): the Case of Fu Kang’an.” Elisa Sabattini (post-doctoral student at the University Ca’ Foscari, Venice, and
the INALCO, Paris) holds an EFEO scholarship and will stay in the Taipei Center
from October to December, 2006. She will carry out research on Jia Yi (200-168).

Under the auspices of the French Embassy to Korea and with the support of the
Korean Minister of Culture and Tourism, the EFEO has organized, in partnership
with the Korea University Museum, the Albert Kahn Departmental Museum, and the Médiathèque de l'Agglomération troyenne [Media Library of the Troyes District], an exhibition and symposium entitled Souvenirs de Séoul, France-Corée 1886-1905 [Memories of Seoul: France–Korea 1886-1905] on the beginnings of Franco-Korean relations. In Seoul, the exhibition will run from October 18 to November 30 at the Korea University Museum; in Boulogne the symposium will be held at the Albert Kahn Museum on October 23, while the exhibition will run from October 20 to December 10. Kyoto
Kyoto Lectures organized jointly by the ISEAS (Scuola Italiana di Studi sull'Asia
Orientale) and the EFEO, Friday, October 6, at 6:30 p.m. (4, Yoshida
Ushinomiya-cho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto): talk by William Steele on the subject
“Casting Shadows on Japan’s Enlightenment: Sada Kaiseki’s Attack on Gas

International colloquium on Memory and History: Visualizing the Past in Japan,
organized by Waseda University (October 7, Waseda University, Ono kinen kôdô,
Tokyo, 1:15 to 6 p.m.). Christophe Marquet will talk on the subject of “La
représentation visuelle de la guerre sino-japonaise de 1894–1895 dans les sources
occidentals” [The visual representation of the 1894–1995 Sino-Japanese war in
western sources.]

From October 26 to November 1 the University of Tokyo, with the participation
of the EFEO, is organizing a colloquium entitled Des marges au coeur de la ville:
inclusion et exclusion dans la construction de l'espace urbain préindustriel.
Réflexion comparée sur les villes prémodernes de Paris et d'Edo (17e-19esiècles),
[From the outskirts to the heart of town: inclusion and exclusion in the
construction of pre-industrial urban space. A comparative consideration of the
pre-modern cities of Paris and Edo (17th to 19th centuries]. Christophe Marquet
will be leading a round table at this colloquium.

Friday, October 20, seminar on doctoral methodology co-organized by the Maison
franco-japonaise and the EFEO (6 p.m., MFJ, Tokyo, Room 601), Cléa Patin
(Tokyo University) will talk on “Évolution du mécénat au Japon” [Evolution of
artistic patronage in Japan–provisional title].

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