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Course: Diploma in Medical Lab Technology Year: First Year
Paper Code: 207102
Paper Name: Biochemistry
1) Which of the following sugars is
7) Triose carbohydrate is
found in RNA?
a. Glycerol
a. Xylose
b. Glyceraldehyde
b. Threose
c. Dihydroxy acetone
c. Ribose
d. Both b and c
d. Glucose
8) L-Fructose is found in
2) Which of the following sugars is a
a. Sucrose
c. Most fruits
b. Fructose
c. Raffinose
9) In Fehling's or Benedict's solution,
d. Maltose
a reducing sugar causes conversion
3) The ratio between hydrogen and
oxygen in a carbohydrate is
a. Ferric to Ferrous State
b. Ferrous to Ferric State
c. Cuprous to cupric State
d. Cupric to cuprous state
10) Mannitol is
4) Deoxyribose is
a. Amino acid
a. C5H10O5
b. Amino alcohol
b. C5H10O4
c. Sugar alcohol
c. C6H12O6
d. Sugar acid
d. C6H12O5
11) The number of isomers of glucose
5) Monosaccharides have carbons
6) The sugar present in milk is
12) Glycosides are found in many
a. Casein
a. Vitamins
b. Maltose
c. Lactose
c. Minerals
d. Heparin
d. Nucleoproteins
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13) The distinguishing test between
21) Ornithine in the presence of
monosaccharides and disaccharides is
carbonyl phosphate forms
a. Bial's test
a. Citrulline
b. Seliwanoff's test
b. Argininosuccinate
c. Barfoed's test
c. Arginine
d. Hydrolysis test
d. None of these
14) Glycogen structure includes a
22) Chemical mutagens include
branch in between alpha-glucose
a. 5-bromouracil
23) Inhibitor(s) of protein synthesis
15) Cyclic AMP is formed from ATP by
a. Benzene hexachloride
the enzyme adenylate cyclase which
b. 2, 6-dichlorophenol indophenol
is activated by the hormone
c. 5-methyltryptophan
a. Insulin
d. Phosphoadenosine phosphosulphate
b. Epinephrine
c. Testosterone
24) The end product of serotonin
d. Progesterone
catabolism is
16) Hexokinase has a high affinity for
a. tyrosine
glucose than
b. norepinephrine
a. Fructokinase
c. epinephrine
b. Galactokinase
d. 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid
c. Glucokinase
25) The most important inorganic
d. All of these
requirements for human beings are
17) Concentration of fatty acids
a. sodium
(total) in serum in normal
b. chromium
adults is
c. selenium
a. 250-800 mg%
d. copper
b. 180-360 mg%
26) Zinc is a part of the structure of
c. 250-550 mg%
the enzyme
d. 200-425 mg%
a. Carboxypeptidase
18) The essential amino acids are
b. Pepsin
a. Proline
c. Trypsin
b. Aspartic acid
d. Carbonic anhydrase
c. Glycine
d. Methionine
27) Manganese is involved in
19) Concentration of tryptophan in
activating the enzymes
plasma is
a. Peptidases
a. undetectable
b. Carboxylase
b. 5-10 mg%
c. Cholinesterase
c. 10-20 mg%
d. All of these
d. 30-50 mg%
28) The term lipid was given by
20) Tyrosinosis is a
a. Sutherland
a. Rare disease
b. popular disease
c. Altmann
c. disease of Western Countries
d. Berzelius
d. disease of South East Asian Countries
2 | P a g e
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29) A saturated fatty acid is
37 ) Kerasin contains
a. with no double bond
a. Nervonic acid
b. high melting point
b. Hydroxynervonic acid
c. low melting point
c. Cerebronic acid
d. both a and b
d. Lignoceric acid
30) Hydrogenation
38) Lipoprotein present in cell
a. increases percentage of EFA
membrane is by nature
b. destroys EFA
a. Hydropholic
c. converts waxes into neutral fats
b. Hydrophilic
d. forms conjugated linoleic acid
c. Both a and b
31) Which one yields twice as many
d. None of these
calories as carbohydrate per unit
39) Lipoproteins may be identified
more accurately by means of
a. Protein
a. Electrophoresis
b. Centrifugation
c. Amino acids
c. Immuno-electrophoresis
d. Vitamins
d. Ultra centrifugation
32) Cholesterol is
40) The iodine number of essential
a. Monosaccharide
fatty acids of vegetable oils
b. Protein
c. Sterol
b. very high
c. very low
33) In contact with water;
phospholipids produce
41 ) Secondary structure of protein is
a. Monolayer
a. Alpha-helix
b. Bilayer
b. Beta-pleated
c. Trilayer
c. Beta-helix
d. Emulsion
d. Both a and b
34) Bee's wax consists of
42) Which is type of secondary
a. Mericyl palmitate
protein structure?
b. Mericyl stearate
a. alpha-helix
c. Cetyl palmitate
b. beta-pleated
d. Cetyl stearate
c. collagen helix
35 ) Lycopene, the colouring agent of
d. all of these
Tomato, is a
43) Final structure in fibrous proteins
a. Sterol
b. Terpenoid
a. Secondary structure
c. Sphingolipid
b. tertiary structure
d. Phospholipid
c. Quaternary structure
36 ) Sphingomyelins contain a
d. Primary structure
complex amino alcohol called
44) The non-essential amino acids
a. Serine
are termed as
b. Lysolecithin
a. dispensable amino acids
c. Sphingosine
b. semi-indispensable amino acids
d. Glycol
c. indispensable amino acids
d. lipotropic factors
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45) Out of 200 different amino acids
53) Indirect very good sources of
found in nature how
vitamin A include
many amino acids present in
a. Carrots
b. Tomatoes
c. Both a and b
54) Alcoholic drinks are a source of
a. Energy
46) Amino acids are insoluble in
b. Wastage of energy
a. Acetic acid
c. Kidney diseases
b. Chloroform
d. Vitamins
c. Ethanol
55) Beriberi is characterized by
d. Benzene
a. Bradycardia
47) Polymers of more than 100 amino
b. Anorexia (loss of appetite)
acids are called
c. Both a and b
a. Proteins
d. Dementia
b. Polypeptides
56) The flavin found in the milk is
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
a. Lactoflavin
48) Each hydrogen bond is quite
b. Ovoflavin
a. strong
c. Hepatoflavin
d. Verdoflavin
c. both a and b
57) Oxidase are generally inhibited
d. none of these
49) Each turn of alpha-helix contains
a. Cyanides
how many amino acids?
b. Fluorides
c. Salts of mercury
d. Salts of silver
58) The coenzyme containing an
aromatic heteroring in the structure
50) The third active process for
amino acids transport involves
a. Biotin
a. basic amino acids
b. neutral amino acids
c. Sugar phosphate
c. acidic amino acids
d. Coenzyme Q
d. sulphur containing amino acids
59) Carotenes are transported with
51 ) Vitamin C is
a. quite strongly acid
a. Proteins
b. a mild acid
b. Lipids
c. Lipo-proteins
d. neither acid nor a base
d. Minerals
52) Vitamin K1 is found in
60) Some tocopherols are
a. Green leafy plants
a. terpenoid in structure
b. Dionol in structure
c. Fishes
c. Isoprenoid in structure
d. Famesyl in structure
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61) The symptoms of scurvy are
69) The evolution of carbon dioxide is
a. Poor healing of wounds
more than the intake of oxygen when
b. Loosening of teeth
a. fats are respired
c. Anaemia
b. glucose is respired
d. All of these
c. organic acids are respired
62) Folic acid is also called
d. sucrose is respired
a. SLR factor
70) The principal molecules that
b. Pteroyl-glutamic acid
stores energy is
c. Liver lactobacillus casei factor
d. All of these
63) Respiration is
d. Protein molecules
a. Breaking down of complex organic
b. Transformation of potential energy into
c. Libration of energy
d. All of these
64) Kreb's cycle takes place in
b. Chloroplast
c. Ribosome
d. Endoplasmic reticulum
65) Different steps in respiration are
controlled by
b. Sugars
c. Auxins
d. Kinins
66) The other name of glycolysis is
TCA pathway
b. HMS pathway
c. Carbon pathway
d. EMP pathway
67) Respiration is an
Exothermic process
b. Endothermic process
c. Anabolic process
d. Endergonic process
68) The end product of fermentation
Pyruvic acid and H2O
b. H2O and CO2
c. C2H5OH and CO2
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