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N.F.S : Not For Slaughter

Brown/white Mare, v14-2hh, 4y/o, HB. In foal to a coloured horse, due end of A CROWLEY
Palomino Mare, 15hh, 3y/o. Recently been broken, very quiet in all ways. “Hawkesbury Just the Job”. Bay Cleveland Bay x TB Gelding, born 5/10, 15-3hh. Good to handle, with farrier, load and catch. 10. Dark bay Standardbred Gelding, 15-2hh, 11y/o. Hasn’t been backed for 2 years, E JONES
“Mandy”. Bay ID x TB Mare, 11y/o, 15-2hh. A good type of mare that has been hunted, cross country, riding club, jumped etc. Good to do both in and N.F.S “Dolly”. Bay Mare, 6y/o, 15-2hh. A very lovely mare, lovely
temperament, easy to catch. Dolly was backed last year but has done nothing B CHILTON
Black/white ½ bred Friesian Gelding, 6y/o, 16-1hh approx. Recently broken Grey Mare, 16hh, 5y/o. Recently broken but still green. “Doylan Va Va Voom”. Sire-“Blewins Humdinger” Dam-“Doylan Ginger Spice Girl” (all offspring prize winners). Coloured tobiano Gelding, registered pb Arab society. Born 26/5/07. Fantastic action, confirmation and the kindest of temperament. Has been bridled and lunged, comes to call, used to tractors and machinery. Good show jumping prospect. Deserves a good home to achieve his full potential. “Strumblehead Pollyanna”. Sire-“Gwendraeth Dewinwr” 57329. Blue/roan with black spots welsh pb y/g Filly, born 6/6/10, HB. Comes to call, very hardy, no rugs. Great show potential or stunning riding horse. Born on the farm, used to tractors, machinery, stock etc. Sensible and willing. “Lyn”. Roan Filly, 2y/o, should make 15-2hh, HB. “Mount Pleasant Leading Lady”. Sire-“Cusop Jeeves” Dam-“Coedllwyd Bay Mare, 4y/o, 13-2hh. NPS registered. Been shown as a 3y/o, very quiet to C H WILLIAMS
"Cynwal". Traditional Homebred Piebald Gelding, 15-2hh, 3y/o. With 9 3/4 ins bone, good straight limbs and sound hard feet this gelding is of a sort hard to find. Ideal weight carrier. Lived out all winter with no rug. Recently broken to ride and going well. Good to catch, load and shoe. FFOSCELYN STUD
N.F.S “Ffoscelyn Marrillion”. Bay Mare, 16hh, 15y/o, 1997) Top Class
Broodmare – has bred 3 stunning foals Sire: Trojan Star (TB/Han) by Eisenfarn (Han) Dam Ffoscelyn Hannah (TB x ID- graded show jumper) by Ballinvella (TB) Rill is a graded Sports Horse Registered in the main stud book. Shown successfully as a Riding Horse/Hunter as a youngster, was jumping 120m tracks. Rill is completely vice free and the prefect lady to handle, loves her stable and is good with other horses. She has not been ridden for two years, though we have been back on her recently she is not being sold as a riding horse and would not be suitable for a novice rider . Ideal for Veteran Horse In hand classes where she would do well. For sale thought no fault of her own – owner retiring from horses to concentrate on judging. To see more details visit our website B H WILLIAMS
N.F.S “Molly Milly”. Red/white Mare, 6y/o, 15hh approx. Riding quietly,
Chestnut TB Gelding, 9y/o, 17hh. Quiet to ride. “Mount Pleasant Minstral”. Sire-“Mount Pleasant Wise Guy” Dam-“Mount Bay Gelding, 8y/o, 13hh. Been lightly backed but very nervous, nice P O DAVIES
Bay pacer Gelding, 5y/o. Sire-“Immortalised”, out of a “Disraeli” mare. Registered standardbred pacer. Qualified under BHRC in 2010. Turned away due to lack of time only. Speedy type, 100% sound, potential to make a good racer. Fully vaccinated and ready to race. J CHARLES
Dark bay cob x Dale Gelding, 4y/o, 13-2hh approx. Good to box, shoe and catch, 100% ride and drive. Driven in the heaviest of traffic in local city Piebald Colt, 2y/o, HB. Very smart, good natured.

“Ystwyth Jack”. Sire-“Sable Matters” Dam-“Rheidol Tywysoges” by Black standardbred Gelding, 5y/o, 14-3hh. Broken but turned away due to Black/white Stallion, 16-2hh, 5y/o. Quiet to box and handle. A real L EDWARDS
Bay TB Gelding, 7y/o. Sire-“Overbury”. Has been ridden by a disabled child. Extremely quiet in the school and to hack out. A gentleman all round, has seen M EDWARDS
Bay TB Mare, 13y/o. Sire-“Lord Noble” out of a Dizzy Heights mare. Has been a brood mare for the last few years, has produced stunning stock who been to H.O.Y.S, the festival of champions and Royal London. Not in foal this year and been brought back into work. Would make a fantastic dressage horse, working at elementary at home. Was a graded show jumper at 3. A stunning mare ready to go on with competent rider. Skewbald Gelding, 6y/o. Broken to ride, easy to do, works in a nice outline. Would excel in dressage with further schooling. Has been ridden by a 70 year old lady. Excellent in traffic, ridden barefoot and has seen coloured poles. A “Mr Fluffy Feet”. Blue/white gypsy cob Stallion, 15hh approx, 9y/o. Very quiet to handle, good to catch, runs out with mares. We have had at least 50% coloured foals from Sec D mares and is only for sale as mares daughters

“Shanni”. Piebald Mare, 7y/o, 14-2hh. Easy to handle, HB. Running with “Full Value” known as Shakira. Sire-“Karmah” (Uruguay” Out of “Vahara” Bay Arab Mare, 15hh, 9y/o. Fully registered. This mare is unsound due to no sight in offside eye. Not ridden since accident but superior action, courageous Chestnut Mare, 15hh, 12y/o. Broken and ridden, done nothing for 12 months. Piebald Mare, 15hh, 9y/o. Broken and ridden. C A WILLIAMS
"Moon Over Miami" 21243 W.P-B.R. Sire- “Aosta Dansker” VII (Warmblood X) Dam- “Brynera Miami” 17434 W.P-B.R. Bay Mare, 15hh, 4y/o. Here is a welsh part bred that oozes quality. She took to riding like a duck takes to water. Shown in hand and placed as a 3y/o, Miami is now ready to enter the show ring under saddle. Blemish and vice free. An absolute lovely mare to be around. Comes to call, excellent to load and with farrier. Seen country traffic and been on fun ride. In the right hands this mare “Jess”. Black cob x Filly, born 30/6/09. HB, quiet to handle, easy to catch, W K DAVIES
“Steppers Destiny”. Chestnut Hackney Mare, 9y/o, 15hh approx, 4 white socks. Fully registered Hackney. Has been lightly backed. Bay standardbred Mare, 6y/o. Ride and drive, been driven by a 16y/o. Quiet in all ways. Sire-“Gothic Dream” Dam-“Aeron’s Beauty”. I J DAVIES
Grey Mare, hunter type, 14y/o. Quiet to ride, done a bit of everything, suitable for light work or breeding. Not sound on offside hind leg. Good natured, easy to catch and good on the road. R WILLIAMS


Chestnut Filly, 14-1hh, 3y/o, cob type, HB. D CARLISLE
Bay welsh pb Mare, 7y/o. Breeds lovely foals, broken professionally to ride. Intelligent mare, coloured colt retained. REGISTERED SEC C AND D COBS
“Parvadean Rosemarie”. Chestnut Sec C Mare, 13y/o. Been in the same family for most of her life, sadly outgrown, a real proper fun pony that has done a bit “Pontlasse Stepaside” 88841. Sire-“Crabbiesden Platinum” 73145 Dam- Palomino Sec D Colt, 2y/o, 14-2hh. Ideal breeding stallion or riding horse. Good nature, home bred on the farm. Will go far in the right hands. “Pontlasse Victorious”. Sire-“Fronarth Teifion” Dam-“Pontlasse Gypsy”. Bay Colt, 4 white legs and star. Very attractive, handled since birth. Ideal “Gwerniago Dwynwen” 140211. Sire-“Derwen Desert Express” Dam- Liver chestnut Sec D Mare, born 3/5/05, HB. Tends to rub during the summer “Gwerniago Carwyn” 71944. Sire-“Gwerniago Brenin Arthur” by “Fronarth Dark bay Sec D Gelding, born 11/5/06, HB.
“Hendrewen Danny Boy”. Sec D cob Stallion, 10y/o, 14-2hh. Easy to handle, K LEIGHTON
“Coronhud Caradog”. Bay Sec D y/g Colt, HB. Very pretty. “Criborfawr Bonny Lad”. Sire-“Tremymor Sportsman” Dam-“Llwynaeron Bay Sec C y/g Colt, HB. Good temperament and a good mover. W K DAVIES
“Carnwallon Hallie” 162895. Sire-“Menai Sparkling Image” Dam- “Carnwallon Bess” by “Trevallion ap Comet”. Dark bay Sec D Mare, 4y/o, 15hh approx. Been backed and seen quite a bit of traffic. Very nice temperament. One of the last foals out of Menai Sparkling “Ystwyth Pearl’s Angel” 155740. Sire-“Hwylog Welsh Flyer” Dam-“Fronarth N.F.S “Clyngim Tywysoges Gwenllian” Sire-“Ffald Spacelord” Dam-
Black Sec D Mare, 4y/o, HB. Been shown in hand. N.F.S “Nantglas Midnight Siani”. Sire-“Ffoslas Cardigan Bay” Dam-
Bay Sec D Mare, 4y/o, HB. Excellent temperament. “Eifed Mari”. Sire-“Penstrumbly Sax Mad Johnny” 54147 Dam-“Eifed Delor” C WILLIAMS
“Cwmpandy Calan Mai”. Sire-“Geler Dago” 36676 Dam-“Felinfach Groten Black Sec D Mare, 4y/o, 14-1hh. Mai is a lovely nature mare. She was broken to ride in August 2011 and then turned away for the winter. She lived out with cattle all winter. She was brought back into work in February where she has proven very easy to do. She hacks out alone and in company and is happy to go first or last, and is bomb proof in heavy traffic. She has been having regular schooling and is working in a natural outline. She will make a good all-rounder for PC or RC activities. Good to catch, shoe and box. Wormed and vaccinated to date. Has been seen to weave at feed time. Genuine reason “Penlan Jack” 12302. Sire-“Gellifach Llewellyn” Dam-“Charlie’s Girl”. Black Sec D Gelding, 14-3hh, 3y/o. Broken and riding quietly. Chestnut Sec C Gelding, 14hh. Broken and riding quietly, good in traffic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ J MORRIS
“Menai Swing a Long”. Bay welsh pb Mare, 15-3hh, 7y/o. Warmblood x Welsh cob. Late being broken through no fault of her own. Has been hunting all winter with the field master. Is now ready to take on for someone to have fun with. She has a lovely temperament and is good in every way. Bold, scopey jump and will make an ideal teenagers or RC horse. ½ brothers and sisters are competing at various levels including novice, BE eventing. Sad sale due to lack of time and daughter away in university.
Coloured Gelding, 5y/o, 14-3hh. Quiet to ride, good in traffic. Should make “Voleur de Moncour” by “Donduciel Almaury” (advanced endurance Arab). Palmino pb Arab Gelding, 2y/o. Retires from flat racing with a handicap of 82. Out of a Sec A mare. This pony is very fast with lovely action. Could make “Trefaes Sweet Prince” 84251. Sire-“Trefaes Guardsman” 37933 Dam- “Trefaes Sweet Girl” 120541 by “Trefaes Cinnamon” 44064.

Black Shetland Stallion, 2y/o, 36” approx. Sire-“Castellceri Abel” Dam- K GODDARD
“Erwfair Petal”. Chestnut pb Mare, 4y/o. S WATKINS
“Champion”. Skewbald Shetland Colt foal. Black/white Mare, 4y/o, 11-2hh. In foal to heavy coloured stallion. Brown/white Mare, 3y/o, 12-3hh, HB. In foal to black/white stallion. “Foeluchaf Tequila”. Chestnut Sec C Mare, born 2008. “Tomo”. Sire-“Gwendraeth Dewinwr” 57329 Dam-“Ceredigion Beca Elen” Chestnut Sec D Colt, born 4/6/11, to make 15hh. A CRANE-JONES
“Asham Liberty Belle” 150183. Sire-“Barkway Prince Marrick” 63408 Dam- “Cottrell Charade Penwood Eldorado” 19483. VAT D J HARRIES

“Hope Ffion”. Sire-“Gwenllan Brenin Du”Dam-“Voldeg Gwennol” by Black Sec D Mare, born 2007. Bred 2 foals, left empty. Ready to be broken “Penyffynnon Rowena”. Chestnut Sec C Mare. Broken to ride as a 4y/o and has bred 5 foals since. Has been left empty, ready to break in. S HARRIES
“Bobby”. Grey Gelding, 12hh, born 1997. Been family pony, very good to handle, box and catch. Good with children. Left in fields, sadly for sale. R C DAVIES


“Brinleyview Minstral”. Black/white Shetland Mare. R E THOMAS
“Twyford Bianca”. Black miniature Shetland Mare, 16y/o. Been running with “Trondra Prearther”. Bay miniature Shetland Filly, 2y/o. From the Shetland M ROBERTS
“Rosie”. Chestnut Mare, 13y/o, 13hh. A real fun pony that has hunted and pony clubbed etc and also used as a shepherding pony this past couple of J EDMONDS
“Meechlands Huckleberry” AT1122. Black miniature Shetland Gelding, 5y/o. “Meechlands Sinbad”. Skewbald miniature Shetland Gelding, 4y/o. Full “Seren Illtyd” AQ2520. Sire-“Viceroy of Catchpool” Dam-“Illtyd Song”. Pretty Skewbald Shetland Mare, 8y/o. Regular breeder, very quiet to handle. “Cora”. Bay Mare, 9y/o. Regular breeder. “Beauty”. Black/white gypsy cob, 2y/o. “Peggy”. Coloured jenny donkey, 6y/o. Quiet to handle. “Gracie”. Brown jenny donkey, born November 2011. “Jessy”. Brown jenny donkey, born October 2011. MR HAYWARD
Black/white traditional cob Gelding, 4y/o, 15hh approx, HB. Dapple grey traditional cob Gelding, 4y/o, 15hh approx, HB. Black traditional cob Gelding, 4y/o, 15hh approx, HB. Black/white heavy traditional cob Gelding, 5y/o, 14-2hh approx, HB. Black/white heavy traditional cob Mare, 14-2hh approx. In foal this year to a W COUSINS
“Halstock Terracoott Miffy”. Coloured Shetland Mare. Shetland island bred. “Linda of Kirkhouse”. Coloured Shetland Mare. Shetland island bred. Blue/white miniature Shetland y/g Colt. Registered. Chestnut/white miniature Shetland y/g Colt. Registered. Skewbald y/g Filly. CHAPS registered, eligible for SPSBS. Skewbald y/g Filly. CHAPS registered, eligible for SPSBS. “Crug Annabelle” 149921 (GBR). Bay Sec A Mare, born 20/5/07, HB. “Hawkerbay Charlie Red”. Sire-“Cammarch Jubilation”. Liver chestnut miniature Shetland Colt. Good to handle and shown L A THOMAS
“Donna”. Dun Shetland Mare, born 2007. Running with stallion. “Rosie”. Bay miniature Shetland Mare, born 2007. Running with stallion. “Blackchat Poppy”. Skewbald Shetland Mare, born 2007. Running with “Trosdre Rushi”. Chestnut Shetland Mare, born 2007. Registered Shetland “Mike”. Skewbald Shetland Stallion, born 2007. Used regularly. “Mount Pleasant Shooting Star” BRPSB11027. Sire-“Cusop Jeeves” Dam- Bay Gelding, 12-2hh, 6y/o. Quiet, nice natured, good mover. Treated sarcoid B H WILLIAMS
N.F.S “Impulse”. Black cob x Filly, 2y/o, white blaze, HB.
N.F.S “Polly Pocket”. Coloured cob x Filly, 2y/o, HB.
N.F.S “Sleeping Beauty”. Coloured cob x Filly, 2y/o, HB.
N.F.S “Maggie May”. Coloured cob x Filly, 2y/o, HB.
N.F.S “Angel Delight”. Coloured y/g Filly, HB.
415/6. Chocolate brown jenny donkey, 12y/o with chocolate brown jack foal. Been Piebald Colt, 2y/o, HB. Very smart. Good natured. “Cefn Disco” 89566. Sire-“Newbrook Reflection” 43735 Dam-“Cefn Dancer” Bay Sec C Colt, born 2010. Very pretty, flash 2y/o. Synod William/ Menai Martin/ Brenin Dafydd (x2) bloodlines. Would make attractive child’s riding “Cefn Catamaran” 89542. Sire-“Coednewydd Kled” 69973 Dam-“Cefn Catrin” 117849 by “Bettws Llew” 39201. Dark grey Sec A Colt. Hardy little hill pony, 2y/o. Ride/ drive/ show prospect. “Cefn Lady’s Pride” 89354. Sire-“Newbrook Reflection” 43735 Dam-“Cefn Lady Lynne” 117840 by “Marshview Black Beauty” 39911. Prettily marked Liver chestnut Sec C Colt, 2y/o. Lovely child’s riding ` prospect, lives out. Bloodlines include Synod William, Parc Marvel, Brenin “Cefn Hugo” 89543. Sire-“Coednewydd Kled” 69973 Dam-“Cefn Hugo Boss” 136802 by “Waitwith Colorado” 34374. Pretty dark grey Sec A Colt, 2y/o. Lives out all year round. Ride/ drive/ show prospect. Bloodlines include Bengad, Derwen and Revel. “Cefn Monopoly” 895545. Sire-“Coednewydd Kled” 69973 Dam-“Cefn Tiddles” 107218 by “Pendock Dawn Raider” 34487. Attractive bay Sec A Colt, 2y/o. Ride/ drive/ show potential. Bloodlines “Cefn Busy Tom” 89544. Sire-“Coednewydd Kled” 69973 Dam-“Cefn Busy Lizzie” 120559 by “Tyfry Satalite” 28037. Dark grey Sec A Colt, 2y/o. Pretty little hill pony. Ride/ drive/ show potential. Bloodlines include Blaenau, Pendock and Bengad. L HEAD
“Cochycwm Dylan”. Handsome black Gelding, 14hh, rising 4y/o. Broken to ride. Quiet sweet nature pony. Easy to handle and load. Reg WPCS. “Meechlands Frosty Morn”. Stunning Shetland Gelding with white socks rising 5y/o. Broken to ride, handle by a small child. This cheeky little chap “Ruby Tuesday”. Pretty section Ax Bay Filly, 12hh, rising 3y/o. Broken to ride. Well handle, easy to catch and load. Reg WPCS WPB. G HOPKINS
427/32. 6 Jenny donkey. From 6y/o- 8y/o. Some in foal. L EDWARDS
“Tommy Thomas”. Piebald gypsy cob Gelding, born 3/6/10. Good to load “Login Stardust” 154920. Sire-“Littlewern Apollo” 57013 Dam-“Login Grey Sec A Mare, born 18/5/09. Good to load and catch, comes to call. “Camlan Morris” Chestnut miniature Shetland Stallion, born 25/4/07. “Ddowrorvalley Sparkle”. Skewbald miniature Shetland Mare, born 6/4/09. “Ddowrorvalley Kate”. Skewbald miniature Shetland Filly, born 24/4/11. “Ddowrorvalley William”. Chestnut miniature Shetland Colt, born 30/4/11.

“Edw Seren”. Sire-“Cui Twm Bach” Dam-“Nantyrhwch Wendy”. White Sec A Mare, 15y/o, 11hh approx. Seren has bred many Sec C foals who have all gone on to showing careers. She’s easy to catch, box and with farrier. J HARWOOD
“Friars Lavinia”. Sire-“Croniarth High Society” Dam-“Bryncadnant Liver chestnut Sec A Mare, 7y/o. Been showing in hand, HB. D COVENTRY
Grey Gelding, 12hh, 4y/o. Stunning lead rein pony, excellent off the lead rein also. Is an ideal child’s pony, 100% in every way. C A BENNETT
Bay Gelding, 4y/o. Make excellent games or show pony. Ideal 2nd pony, lives J WILLIAMS
Blue/white Mare, 9y/o, HB. Ready to break or breed. Bay Mare, 6y/o. Lovely, quiet riding pony. C H WILLIAMS
“Littlewern Playful” 71951. Sire-“Littlewern Lyric”. Dam-“Dyfed Play it Sec A Gelding, 6y/o. Broken and ridden last year, turned out for the winter, Grey Sec B Mare, 12hh, 8y/o. Good children’s pony, on lead rein. Won and placed at shows, good in traffic, box etc. L JENKINS
Mare, 11-2hh, 8y/o. Riding, lead rein. Good to catch, handle, farrier, load, traffic and travel. Good on lead rein and has just started to work off lead rein. Lovely temperament. Has done PC and local shows on lead with young VEHICLES at 2pm
1) Ifor Williams Hunter Box, double axle. 4) Exercise Cart, suitable for up to 15hh. Adjustable alloy shafts with swingle tree. 5) Pony Scurry vehicle, 4 wheels, pairs or single. Suitable for training novice ponies. 6) Exercise Cart. With position for wheelchair, rear ramp or as a 2 person.


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AMJAD P. KHOKHAR, M.D. Comprehensive Ophthalmologist Refractive Surgeon Board Certified Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology Glaucoma Co-Management Policy Policy As you know, glaucoma is an irreversible process. In addition to licensure as an optometric glaucoma specialist, the optometrist must have proper knowledge of glaucoma diagnosis, examination, and management. If

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