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Held in the Dwight Township High School Board Room
On July 12, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.
Board President Irv Masching called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
PRESENT: Irv Masching; Gerald Earing; Amy Hansen; Brian Perschnick; Paul Ferrari; Kim
Rodosky; Kathy Perry
Also in attendance: Superintendent Dale Adams; Secretary Deb Conroy; Asst. Supv. Of Building
and Maintenance Jack Connor
Mr. Adams reported that we did not receive all of the 4th payment of mandated categoricals that was
promised by the state. The Special Ed. Private Facility and Regular Transportation reimbursements have
arrived but did not make it in time for the close of the fiscal year. At the close of the fiscal year, the state
still owed the district $62,765.04 in the Education Fund and $72,457.14 in the Transportation Fund. He
also noted that neither the ADA Block Grant or the Ag Grant will be funded this year.
Dan Steider, from BLDD Architects, was present to do a walking tour of the Cafeteria/Roof project as
well as to address questions about the tornado damage. He stated that the project work is on schedule and
should be wrapped up the first week of August. In going over the costs of the storm damage, he still has
not received some of the estimates back, but currently the total stands at over $526,000. So far the district
has received an upfront payment of $75,000.00 from the insurance company.

Exelon employees Bob Osgood, Josh Hamilton and Nick Kester were in attendance to present a donation
to the Dwight school districts. Dwight resident Kester had approached the company about helping the
citizens of Dwight who had been victims of the June 5th tornado. Exelon has an annual event called Taste
of Dresden which is a charity fundraiser held at the Dresden plant. Exelon has donated $1,250 from that
event to help any child (from either Dwight school) that was a victim of or was affected by the storm.
The funds will go towards registration and textbook fees, PE uniforms, supplies, workbooks, etc…that
may have to have been paid out of their pocket. The Board thanked Exelon for their generous donation.
A thank-you note was received from Amy Hansen for the plant received at the time of her father’s

Moved by Perschnick, seconded by Earing, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Roll call. All
voted aye. Motion carried.
Dan Steider also forwarded the request for Payment #5 of the Cafeteria/Roof Project. This payment is in
the amount of $460,689.12.
Moved by Perry, seconded by Earing, to approve the request for Payment #5 of the Cafeteria/Roof Project
in the amount of $460,689.12 to Lite Construction as presented. Roll call. All voted aye. Motion
Jack Connor brought the cost of bids for the Concession Stand Project. The total cost estimated (not
including restroom partitions or new appliances, cabinets, etc…) is $65,753.21. The largest portion of
that bid is $55,402.00 for the plumbing. Some of the Board members questioned the amount of the bid
and asked that an independent engineer look at the plans and tell them if he believes that estimated cost to
be in line. Mr. Adams stated that he would ask Dirk Hansen, who is an engineer with BBA Engineering.
Moved by Perschnick, seconded by Hansen, to approve the Concession Stand bid pending approval of
Dirk Hansen that the plumbing bid is within 10% of his estimate. Roll call. Rodosky voted no. All
others voted aye. Motion carried.
Mr. Adams presented a bid for 13 new Cafeteria tables (the same tables that we currently have). The bid
is from Integrity Furniture and the total is $14,196.00 (or $1,027 each plus freight).
Moved by Hansen, seconded by Rodosky, to approve the purchase of 13 new Cafeteria tables from
Integrity Furniture at a cost of $14,196.00 as presented. Roll call. All voted aye. Motion carried.
Mr. Adams also informed the Board that he has received a letter of resignation from Athletic
Director/Dean of Students Clark Reamer. Mr. Reamer has taken a position with Livingston County
Special Services Unit, which is the district’s co-op for Special Education services. Mr. Reamer’s contract
will end on July 31, 2010. Mr. Adams will internally post the position immediately.
Moved by Earing, seconded by Ferrari, to accept the resignation of Athletic Director/Dean of Students
Clark Reamer. Roll call. All voted aye. Motion carried.
Mr. Adams has just been notified that the district did not make AYP this year due to our score in Reading.
We met or exceeded in only 58.1% and the threshold is 77.5%. We have already begun addressing this
deficit by hiring Reading Specialist Joy Hertzberg, who will teach a new course called Secondary
Reading, and by purchasing Reading Plus, a computer based reading intervention system.
Moved by Rodosky, seconded by Hansen, to adjourn the meeting at 9:28 p.m. Voice vote. All voted aye. Motion carried. _______________________________________ _________________________________________ Irv Masching, President, District #230



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