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VetCare is Committed to Staff Continued Education and practical. We feel that standardized classes will help lead to greater unifor- mity in staff nursing technique and help attendance to our employee evalu-ation process to encourage staff to: at- VetCare Offers
Medical Laparoscopy
Barry Kipperman DVM,
VetCare Specialist Care
biopsies. Advantages over ultrasound-guided proce- Breathing II: Blood Gases and Ventilatory service is proud to now offer tion of areas being biopsied, Analgesia I: Physiology of pain, recogni- tion of pain, commonly seen diseases and September Critical care & anesthesia: GDV, Peritoni-
Critical care & anesthesia: Hemoabdo- pancreatic biopsies. Patients about how your patients may November Critical care & anesthesia: FLUTD
also benefit from this pro-cedure, as diffuse diseases December Critical care & anesthesia: Thoracotomy
such as neoplasia and FIP can be confirmed via biopsy. Dublin — St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!
By Jerri Brodie
VetCare was nearby and ready to help care for any needs their pets might have.
In the past I have greeted the Dublin St. At the festival I met two distinct groups of Patrick’s Day Festival with a less than an people; those who had no idea we existed and enthusiastic attitude. The festival meant bat- those who had come to us for care in the past. tling the public to keep parking open for our People were very receptive to us, and many emergency clients and guiding anxious owners people gladly took the magnets and brochures When our hospital decided to host a booth The highlight of the event was getting to at the festival this year, I volunteered to help hear the many stories people relayed to us staff it hoping to see things from a different of how we had helped their beloved animal perspective. I’m happy to say that my hopes friend. I was amazed by the number of people who stopped by just to say thank you. At almost too warm as we settled in to meet the close of the day, I felt physically tired but some of our neighbors and let them know that Thinking about Continuing Education
for your Practice Manager?
Susan Hatch, BS
introduced the language and enough to have a positive VetCare Practice Manager
theory of finance and the lec- net profit, instead you need tures and group sessions fo- to take your analysis further As a veterinary manage- cused on learning how to think and look at whether you are ment professional, I decided about a veterinary business as achieving the appropriate re-to update my credentials by a financial investment.
veterinary management pro- varied slightly for each of us we were al thinking about gram. I chose the AAHA, VMI based in part on our position: how the information we had program because it offers in business owner, associate received could be utilized to depth courses that focus on veterinarian, manager, con- help our practices. In speak-human resource, finance, mar- sultant, or support staff. For ing with others in the evening keting and strategic planning. the veterinarian looking to at the hospitality suite it was Additionally, this program start, build, buy or sell a prac- interesting to hear people put came highly recommended tice, the program provided together plans for evaluating by members of an emergency/ real standards that could be their practices. Additionally, I specialty management group applied to setting up, evalu- looked forward to returning to which I belong.
ating or valuing a veterinary to VetCare and looking at our The VMI program is based practice. The program also company financials utilizing at Purdue University and at- helped by showing us how to some of the tools and termi-tendees can choose to take determine which report we nology learned through the the course in sequence over needed to look at in order VMI program. I hope that by two years or attend sessions to answer specific financial becoming more familiar with out of sequence but finish questions as wel as how to looking at VetCare from a within seven months. Recently, utilize the reports to create financial investment approach I attended the second module: business strategies for future I wil be better able to help Finance. I found the topic and growth. Last, when looking at VetCare to grow in a fiscally content of this module to be reports showing the net profit responsible way.
interesting and chal enging. we were shown that it is not The pre-reading assignments Guinea Pig Rescue Attains Non-Profit Status VetCare Registered Vet- tion. It is believed that this individuals and families that erinary Technician, Sharlene is the only non-profit guinea decide they can no longer Scheffer has been rescuing pig rescue in California, and take care of their pets, some guinea pigs for over 10 years. one of only a handful in the due to medical problems. The Up until a few weeks ago, country.
Cavy World started with are put up for adoption. Those solely supported by Sharlene a few unwanted guinea pigs not adoptable spend the rest and a very occasional donor. from a local shelter and is of their lives at Cavy World After hundreds of pages of now home to nearly 200 of as cherished pets. If you are applications, forms and a hefty the adorable fuzzballs. Aside interested in learning more filing fee, Cavy World Guinea from shelters & animal con- about Cavy World or guinea Pig Rescue is now an official trol seizures the unwanted pigs, call Sharlene at (510) 5013 non-profit organiza- guinea pigs also come from 699-1704.
Sharlene & Chumley the guinea pig. Phone: 925-556-1234Fax: 925-556-1229Email: [email protected] Barry Kipperman, DVM, DACVIMKeri Smyrni, DVMCheryl Ramos, DVMRiver May, DVMGerardo Martin DelCampo, DVMSandra McNeel, DVM, DACVR Employee Highlight — Faith Hoffman
By Amy Chionis
Faith Hoffman is an East Coaster with the manners and grace to prove it. She has worked with us for two years, primarily as an Internal Medicine Nurse, and has recently “branched out” as an Emergency and Critical Care Lead Nurse. To hear Faith tell it, she specializes in “little dogs” as typified by her family: George and Kayla, miniature pinschers (a.k.a. very tiny, hungry people), and Mitzi, an American Eskimo. Faith’s ability to connect with her patients is exemplified by the fact that if anyone in the hospital can get a sick animal to eat, it’s Faith. She possesses a very special gift of matching compassionate, sensible care with technical smarts. Not just a great vet-erinary nurse, Faith is an accomplished musician, writer and cook. She keeps VetCare team members going with her wicked confections and upbeat energy. Patients are Left to right: Amy Choinis, Dr. Kipperman, “Clancy-Gordon” and Faith Hoffman, celebrating Dr. K’s birthday.


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