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The following should be used as a guideline on your gear requirements in order to have the best possible chance for a safe and successful summit of Mount Elbrus. Many items that were used on Kilimanjaro can also be used on Elbrus, with some additions **… Socks : thermal hiking socks are recommended to keep your feet warm, dry and blister free
2-3 pairs thermal hiking socks, synthetic/wool blend (E.g. Bridgedale Summit/Falke TK4) 2 pairs lightweight hiking socks (for approach and acclimatization hike preceding the ascent) ** Climbing boots : DOUBLE plastic / leather DOUBLE mountaineering boots which have inner booties
that can be worn around the hut and camp (E.g. Scarpa Vega ® / La Sportiva Baruntse ® / Salomon Pro
Thermic ®, Pro Ice ®)
Lightweight hiking boots or sturdy cross trainers : Leather or fabric/leather with sturdy mid-sole and a
Vibram sole.
Snow gaiters /super gaiters / overboots : a pair of gaiters prevents water & snow from entering your
boots (short anklets are NOT sufficient)
** Crampons : a pair of 12-point trekking crampons, preferably step-in with flat frame rails (E.g. Black
Diamond Sabertooth ® / Petzl Charlet Vasak ® or similar)
Walking shoes / trainers : a pair for comfortable travel
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BASE LAYER : lightweight long thermal underwear tops & bottoms (synthetic fabric that is breathable –
NOT cotton E.g. First Ascent Quick-Wic ®)
Upper Body – to trap your body heat a heavyweight 300g Poltarec ® fleece jacket or similar
synthetic fill jacket
Down insulated jacket with hood (at least 700 or 800 fill)
Lower Body – synthetic insulated pants/tights (E.g. First Ascent Trail Pants / Powerstretch Tights ®) OUTER SHELL LAYER : To protect you from the cold wind and light rain/snow. Expedition type
breathable wind- & waterproof outer jacket (Goretex ®) with hood & similar pants/salopettes.
Hiking shirts : t-shirts will also do, but stay away from cotton as this absorbs moisture which in turn will
reduce your core temperature. Synthetic fabrics are better – the best would be to have shirts that dry
quickly and that provide UV protection (preferably long-sleeved).
Hiking pants : 1 pair lightweight, quick-drying pants to hike in and on approach. Zip-off utility pants are a
good option, converting into shorts at lower elevations and warmer temperatures.
Comfortable travel clothes : casual wear
Sun hat : lightweight hat with a good brim or visor
Balaclava : wool, fleece or polypropylene to cover neck, chin & face and top prevent heat escaping.
Warm scarf/beanie : for extra warmth and something that go over your ears
Sunglasses/ ski goggles : for high altitude, a pair of good quality glasses/goggles for protection against the
harmful UV & IR rays. A pair of clear glasses is useful on summit morning to protect your eyes from the wind, dust and rarified air. Also take a spare pair of sunglasses as a backup and for use at lower elevations. • Headlamp : remember to take spare batteries (E.g. Petzl ® / Black Diamond ®)
Liner gloves : 1 pair of polypropylene/similar synthetic liners gloves
Gloves - 1 pair of thermal fleece gloves/mittens
Outer shell Goretex ® mittens- 1 pair if your gloves are not made of wind- & waterproof material
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** Ice axe : general mountaineering axe with a straight shaft. Standing with your arm relaxed at your
side, the ice axe should reach from the palm of your hand to the ground (between 60cm – 70cm). Ski poles : 1 or 2, depends on your preference. Rather take a collapsible stick that can be tied down onto
your day pack should you be walking over a level stretch, or if the one stick is in the way. Sleeping bag : the hut can be quite warm, so should you have a sleeping bag rated to -10° C as was used
on Kilimanjaro, then this will be sufficient. Use of a thermal sleeping bag inner sheet will also add extra
Self-inflatable mattress/ foam pad : for added insulation and comfort
Day Pack (35l capacity) : optional, but useful for travelling with and while touring the cities.
** Large rucksack (70-90l capacity) : pack for the approach.
Extra Large strong duffel bag : (110-130l capacity) with strong zips and a lock, large enough for pack to fit
in while travelling and for storage of gear.
Water bottles : 2 x 1l leak-proof, wide mouth (Nalgene ®) - insulated
Thermos flask : 1 x 1l Optional, but nice for some tea on summit day
** Primus minigas stove (can be rented in Russia)
** Minigas canisters (must be bought in Russia)
** Cooking set (can be rented in Russia)
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Sun screen lotion SPF 30 or higher
Sun screen lip protection
Toiletry kit: Toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, soap, comb/brush, needle/thread, toilet paper etc .
Towel & wash cloth : keeping your body clean also increases your body’s ability to keep you warm.
Wet wipes / Baby wipes
First Aid Kit: Ibuprofen/aspirin, assorted band-aids, moleskin, Neosporin-type ointment, Nu-skin
spray, small gauze pad, roll of adhesive tape, tweezers, safety pins, small bottle of water purification tablets. Include any prescription travel meds that might be prescribed by your doctor (antibiotics, Hand & Toe warmers
Zip-loc bags: always useful
Food & snacks for the mountain
Pocket knife
Spork (Spoon, knife & fork in 1)
Disposable lighter
Zip-loc bags: always useful
Baby wipes
Ear plugs: Very useful and lightweight addition for a better night’s sleep.
Camera : Most cameras & camcorders will work perfectly. Just remember to protect your camera
and to bring plenty of spare batteries and memory cards for your digital camera. If using rechargeable batteries, you will be able to recharge at the hotel in the city/(ies) and in the Caucasus Cash : US$ currency in new-issue, crisp, unmarked bills. ATM’s are available at the airport in Moscow
and in the city. Credit Cards can be used for payments in the city. In the Causasus, payment is strictly by cash and you will need to exchange money to the local Rouble before leaving for the mountains. Mt. Elbrus Expedition with Dream World Adventures



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