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Sabtu, 3 Muharram 1434 | Saturday, 17 November, 2012 | Issue 215 MOVING TOWARDS A
Dewi Mohd Sofri
6,335. So being crazy is not even half of it. The people or they could be our immediate fam- therapist at RIPAS Hospital, said that treat- estimated to become the main cause of loss ment is a lifelong process and the length of raised a point which many tend to overlook, of effort and productivity globally by 2035, time a patient takes to heal is dependent on r e i t e r a t e d b y m a n y m e d i c a l according to WHO. It is reported to be only the period of time they have been unwell.
ticularly those in the field of psychiatry.
Schizophrenia is cited as one of the most treatment. The earlier a person is diagnosed, ‘‘We need to respect their values and their serious ones, and treatment for this particu- the higher the chance that he or she can get decisions, and just because they are mental not, the first thing that comes to mind when lar illness rivals that of heart diseases or even health patients, we must not think we are people hear the word ‘mental’ is ‘crazy’. For cancer. According to a 2010 news report, Raja doesn’t mean that we get to play doctor and Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha (RIPAS) Hospital one often hears the phrase, ‘‘Jangantah Olanzapine, a medication proven effective To be referred to the Mental Health Unit, an mechanisms to cope at some points in their mental!’’, which translates to, ‘‘Don’t get for the treatment of schizophrenia and also individual must be referred by a health prac- life. They do not need people to ridicule nor bipolar disorder in 2009. It became the third titioner. So if you feel that you or anyone you pity them; what they need is support to heal largest drug expenditure at the hospital.
know are exhibiting any signs pointing to a and become better so they can integrate into is: that it relates to the mind or intellect; Mental disorders affect the quality of life society again. Hopefully, with more aware- just as any other physical illnesses do. They safest way is to check in to a doctor at the emotional and intellectual response of an primary healthcare level, who is trained to individual to external reality. In the medical citizens and residents that are healthy in the arena, the word is defined as related to, or suffering from a severe episode, for example ever, those in life-threatening situations are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual affected by a psychiatric disorder or mentally a schizophrenic, can act in a manner that is advised to head straight to the Accident and The Brunei Times
out of character, and endanger the person or defines health as a state of those surrounding him or her. We all feel It is unfortunate to note that society still being free from illness or injury, or a persons depressed or anxious at one time or another, but if the condition becomes prolong then it to the average person and combine it with a disorders have been linked to cases of sub- word that has a good one, what do you get? mental health when they do not seem to even health should be made a priority by all levels of society, but the prevalent social stigma defines mental health as ‘‘a state of well- illnesses has sufferers ashamed; or family being in which every individual realises his members and friends not taking the matter or her own potential, can cope with the nor- seriously – even acknowledging it is difficult.
mal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contri- obstacles standing in the way of treatment bution to her or his community’’. It is not just There are 11,000 patients registered with Dr Rifai Farid, a senior medical officer at the Mental Health Service in Brunei, accord- the Psychiatry Department, during the 2010 ing to the Minister of Health in a statement made during this year’s World Mental Health around 400,000, the figure can be considered ‘‘In Brunei and Malaysia, we still see of all ages in every community around the world are afflicted with depression, which is often associated with chronic and critical diseases, the minister noted in the state- ment. It is the third cause of global mental health burden in 2004, and expected to be- causes of common mental illnesses in Brunei to a combination of genetic factors and dif- ministry official revealed that there are 300 ferent types of stresses. Those with a family (!) children and adolescents aged between history of mental illness are 10 per cent more three to 18-years-old registered with the Psy- susceptible of developing the same illness.
2009. They were diagnosed for depression, knowledge of our family history? Let alone emotional and behavioural problems. Mean- family medical history. There are many who while, data collected between 2002 and 2006 do not even know their own blood type. This showed a 62 per cent increase in the number is how ignorant we can be as a society.
of diagnosed cases of mental illnesses, at During a seminar held in conjunction with What’s
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Brain Topography, Volume 13, Number 3, 2001 Proceedings ISBET 2000: The 11th World Congress of the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography, Germany November 16-19, 2000 Organizer: Maurer and Dierks In contrast, the parietal P300 source strength increased af- Low-Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography ter acute (day 1), subacute and superimposed infusion (LOR


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