Monthly activity report

Monthly Activity Report
National Informatics Centre, Assam State Centre
Compiled by Tasiruddin Ahmed/ Aziza Yasmin with inputs from the concerned NIC State and Reviewed and approved by Deepak Goswami, SIO, Assam.
Assam State Centre
• Sh. Hemanta Kumar Saikia • Sh. Gautam Choudhury • Sh. Chandragupta Dutta • Sh. Sandip Paul • Ms. Hiranmayee Goswami • Sh. Dipam Kr. Baruah 1. Result Publishing: Higher Secondary results published on on 3-6-2012 on request from Assam
Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) . Class X results published on 15-6-2012 on request from Board of Secondary Education Assam (SEBA).
2. GovPIS: This is a Personnel Information System for IAS & ACS Officers; modifications
carried out and a Demo was given to the Principal Secretary (Personnel) on 28-6-2012.
3. AMIS: Accounts Management Information System launched for Karbi Anglong Autonomous
4. Disaster Management: Request received and development started for a Flood Reporting
Information System and a couple of Demos given to the Commissioner.
5. CPGRAMS: Central Public Grievance Redressal & Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)
customised and incorporated local languages like Bengali & Bodo for cituzen interfaces.
6. GMDA: Arranged Demos on 14th and 22nd June of Priasoft (from Guwahati) and Accounting
System (from Hyderabad) for Guwahati Jal Board.
7. Tax: Started development of new modules for Commissioner (Tax).
8. Scholarship Information is collected from Directorate of Higher Education, Directorate of
Secondary Education, Directorate of Madrasa Education, Directorate of Elementary Education, Directorate of Technical Education, Directorate of Medical Education and sent to NIC HQ for preparing business rules.
9. Websites: Received requests for developing website with dynamic content from Director of
Pension, Biodiversity Board & Social welfare.
10. Training:
1. Arranged a State level Workshop on Midday meal Portal for district-level education officers during June 25-26, 2012 in collaboration with Directorate of Elementary Education and the concerned Division in NIC HQ. Smti Hiramani Goswami, TD worked as a resource person in the workshop from NIC.
11. VC: A total of 40 VCs held during the month. Notable ones initiated from Guwahati are:
● 02/06/2012 Hon ble Justice T.S. Thakur, Judge Supreme Court of India addressed the gathering in Shillong and over VC to other N.E. States (all districts in Assam and GHC benches) ● 08/06/2012 Full Court meeeting of GHC with 9 district sites ● 11/06/2012 Full Court meeeting of GHC with 9 sites ● 12/06/2012 Full Court meeeting of GHC with 9 sites ● 13/06/2012 PCCF Discussed through VC with Forest officers at all districts (27) ● 13/06/2012 Full Court meeeting of GHC with 8 sites ● 15/06/2012 Full Court meeeting of GHC with 8 Benches ● 18/06/2012 Commissioner P & RD reviewed SECC2011 with all districts (27)● 20/06/2012 Chief Justice took Feedback through VC about different notifications and circulars -- 8 district courts ● 21/06/2012 Chief Justice took Feedback through VC about different notifications and circulars -- 8 district courts ● 22/06/2012 Demo of Accounting System from Hyderabad for Guwahati Jal ● 22/06/2012 VC on Various Court Related Issues with all GHC Benches ● 28/06/2012 VC on Judicial and Administrative Matter with GHC and 8 Benches 17.Others:
● Participated in the Review Meeting on 8-6-2012 of the Paliamentary Standing Committee on e-Court, Service Delivery and Grievance Redressal.
● Received MoS (CIT) and DG, NIC at the airport on 18-6-2012 on their way to Shillong for the Consultative Meeting with IT Ministers of NE States; DG NIC also dropped in at the State Centre the next day on his way back. ● Smti Hiramani Goswami, TD attended a Steering Committee Meeting to discuss the modalities about launching of the Employment Exchange Portal
as well as closing down of the first phase of activities on implementation of
the Portal .
Smti Hiramani Goswami, TD attended an Expert Committee meeting on
Computerization of Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) office
on 28-06-12.
District Centres
Team Members• Sh. Satish Ch. Dev. Sarma • Bongaigaon
Team Members• Sh. Bijoy Mazumder• Sh. Ranjit Kumar Das • Report Computerisation of Land Record(Dharitree): Dharitree is going on for the 3 circles of
Bongaigaon District. All the 3 circle offices are updated with new verson.
Computerisation of Sub-Registrar Offfice(E-Panjeeyan): E-Panjeeyan version 3 is going
Election Works: Technical support to election branch for uploading photo through Electoral
Photo Roll.
Computersation of District Transport Office : DTO project is going on though VPN is down
due to modem problem. BSNL couldn’t provide modem due to unavailability at stock. Matter is
informed to all concerned.
PDS Computerisation : PDS data entry for Bongaigaon Town and North Salmara is going on
through localy developed (MSACESS-SQLSERVER) package by Bongaigaon District Unit.
Already PDS rural area data under Bongaigaon SDO(Sadar) have been uploaded in NOC, Server.
E-courts : E- court project is going smoothly
WEBSITE : The District Level Web-Site has been updated with new data. PDS allocations are
being uploaded.
NADRS project: Report is being submitted as per requirement regarding the present status of
Bakijai Software is going smoothly for Bongaigaon and North Salmara Subdivision.
CONFONET: CONFONET Project is going on.
FLAGSHIP: Monthly report entry is going on under our supervision.
IDSP : IDSP project is going on.
• Software Package for Land permission has been developed using ASP.NET and
Others : Technical support to different branches of DC offices.
Team Members• Sh. Kailash Kalita• Sh. Raman Pundir • Dibrugarh
Team Members• Sh. Deep Kamal Gohain• Sh. Pramod Kumar Nath • Dima Hasao
DHARITREE: The new software of version is updated at all Circles and database is also
updated by running up to 10 scripts. Database is uploaded at FTP site. Preparing to change UPS
batteries at all Circles Offices.
ELECTION: Photo merging of Voters under Photo Electoral Roll (PER) system is going on.
Updated control tables as per Commission’s guidelines. BLO registration has been completed.
Various E-Roll reports have been generated. Installed new PER software and arranging network to
altogether 20 no of clients connected to the server. 60% of Photo merging is completed.
E-COURT: The E-Court Project at District Judiciary, Goalpara, is going on. All 8(eight) courts are
now running CIS. The court website is updated
BAHAN & SARATHI: Visited District Transport Office for supervision of the Project and found
that the project is running smoothly.
E-PANJEEYAN: The new version (3-30.12.2011) software is installed at both the SROs at
Goalpara (HQ) and Lakhipur. E-Panjeeyan is running at both SROs.
FLAGSHIP: Monthly Physical & Financial progress of some State as well as Central sponsor
schemes of various departments have been uploaded in the site

SMALL TEA GROWERS: Installed S/W and imported databases. Data entry of total 44-STG
have been completed and sent the database to NIC, State Unit.
E-DISTRICT: At present 8 numbers of services are providing through e-District project. NIC
Goalpara district unit is providing continuous support to District Administration for smooth
functioning of the project.
SUPPORT TO DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION: Supporting District Administration in many
ways such as sending and receiving mails, looking after the H/W & S/W installed at the DC
establishment. Internet connectivity to DC, ADCs from the district NIC centre. Prepared various
report as directed by Deputy Commissioner.
20-POINT PROGRAMME: Updating monthly 20-Point Programme database and sending report
to the Planning & Development Department of Assam
PDS: Monthly allotment of PDS items have been prepared and uploaded in the district website
LAND SALE PROPOSALS: Revenue Circle wise daily Land Sale Proposals under Goalpara
district have been uploaded in the district website
RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Providing technical guidance regarding MIS of MGNREGA of the
district and Panchayat wise photographs have been uploaded in the district website

SECC ASSAM, 2011: Enumeration is going on in all 1905 Enumeration Block (EB) under 5
Charge Centres of Goalpara district.
NADRS: WEBSITE: District Official Website is updated frequently and some new features have
been included in the website. Page for PDS has been redesigned. Website of Sainik School (A
premier school of NDA aspiration), Goalpara, has also been redesigned.
VIDEO CONFERENCE: Attended VC (internal or external) conducted in the month of Feb’2012
by various State or Central Government Departments.
Dharitree: Support provided to circle offices for smooth functioning of the Dharitree project.
Transport Project: Support provided DTO office.
E-Panjeeyan: Support provided to TSPs for smooth functioning of the project.
Election: Support provided to Election office for implementing Photo electoral Role.
Food & Civil Supply: Uploaded sub-allocation orders of PDS controlled commodities in district
E-court project: Provided necessary support to system officer.
Video Conference: Video conference sessions taken by secretaries of various departments have
been smoothly conducted.
Misc. Activities: Technical support provided to DC's office, mails transmitted on behalf of DC,
mails transmitted on behalf of SSA, Assam etc.
• Report not received.
Team Members• Sh. Pranjal Bezbaruah• Sh. Arun Ch. Dutta • Kamrup
Kamrup Metro
Team Members• Sh. Bidyut Ranjan Gohain• Ms Barnali Patgiri • Karbi Anglong
Team Members• Sh. Subir Kr. Nandi• Sh. Ranjan Jyoti Barman • Karimganj
Team Member• Sh. Shyamal Das• Sh. Bibekananda Maity • Lakhimpur
Team Members• Sh. Mithun Mukherjee• Sh. Gautam Ch. Deva • E-Governance project: All in-house developed application software developed in ASP.NET, ASP, PHP along with MySQL, SQL SERVER 2008 platform, has been commissioned in central 2 layer server module (database and application server). Necessary minute customisation and enhancement for Hospital Management System (V2.0) has been delivered at Morigaon Civil Hospital as per feedback given by DIO, Morigaon.
• MDM-MIS and PDS Computerisation: Necessary measures have been taken for new MDM-MIS computerisation. All relevant records for PDS computerisation have been prepared.
• ICT support to District Administration:: ICT support to District Administration, other State Government departments, Circle offices for Dharitree operationalisation, Election Office for Photo Electoral Roll/2012, Dist Agriculture Dept, Dist Fishery dept and allied dept for implementation of NeGP-A, DTO for Transport project, SRO for implementation of new computerised SRO, District Veterinary dept for NADRS, Judge Court for E-Court Project, Zilla Parishad for NSAP report compilation, CSCs, SHGs, have been continuously provided. • Project implementation/introduction at District: A concept note on 'Election System Automation' • Morigaon
Team Members• Sh. Arabinda Dutta• Sh. Pranab Jyoti Maral • Nalbari
Team Members• Sh. Kamal Sharma• Sh. Jayanta Kr. Deka • Sibsagar
Team Members• Sh. Kamruz Zaman• Sh. Amorjyoti Lahon • Sonitpur
Team Members• Sh. Anup Kr. Baruah• Sh. Abhijit Kakoty • Tinsukia
• Sh. Deepak Kumar Gohain• Sh. Khalid Mahmood • Udalguri
Team Members• Sh. Bani Kanta Bharali• Sh. Bimolendu Sarkar



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