Derrick’s Tea List
Listed below are our more popular teas, these are loose leaf and brewed in Served in bone china with semi skimmed milk or lemon. Our House Tea
Miles Original We have chose Miles Original Blend as our
house tea, created by Derek Miles it has a high Assam content, for strength and colour, together with high grown Kenya teas, for flavour and brightness, to produce a blend of exceptional Black Tea
Earl Grey:
This Earl Grey is a fine blend of teas delicately scented with real Oil of Bergamot to give a wonderful citrus note. Lemon compliments this Darjeeling:
The high elevation of Darjeeling brings copious rainfall, cool nights and warm sunny days, no wonder it produces some of the best tea in the world. This tea has a beautiful autumn colour with a lovely muscatel flavour. Best drunk on its own, or with lemon. Assam tea is the cream of the Indian crop and has been the backbone of British Blends for a century. It is a black tea with a strong, malty character. It has plenty of colour and a brightness that means that it can be drunk with milk. Black Tea cont’d
Ceylon Tea has a proud heritage in Britain and for years made up much of the high street blends. Experience that again with this fine Ceylon Blend. Drink it with or without milk for A fine blend of pure China Lapsang Souchong Souchong:
teas, selected to give a strong cup of tea, with a dark liquor and its signature smoky character. Best drunk on its own, or with lemon. Herbal Tea
Rooibos is becoming more popular in Western countries particularly among health-conscious consumers, due to its high level of antioxidants, its lack of caffeine (its naturally caffeine free), and its low tannin levels. This tea can be drunk on its own. Peppermint The cool aroma of mint has a refreshing clean
Green Tea
Delicate green tea, rolled into pellet-like balls Gunpowder
resembling shot pellets, which unfurl upon infusion into large green leaves. This tea produces a green liquor with a strong, slightly astringent, flavour that makes for a refreshing cup. Derrick’s Infusions Tea List
All these are tea bags brewed in traditional teapots. Herbal/Fruit Infusions
A rich red berry infusion with a sweet juicy Strawberry & flavour
A refreshing red berry infusion with a hint of Raspberry &
Blackcurrant, A luscious infusion with blackcurrant and spice
Ginseng &
Lemon &
A warming infusion where the spiciness of ginger is balanced with a cleansing, zesty taste of lemon Naturally caffeine free with healing attributes Camomile
It’s the camomile heads used in this infusion that Echinacea &
A refreshing infusion with the delicate taste of Raspberry
Derrick’s Speciality Tea List
Nilgiri BOP
Nilgiri teas resemble better Ceylon teas in character but tend to be more subtle in flavour. This Broken Orange Pekoe has a semi-whole leaf and is brisk and fragrant when brewed. Serve with milk or lemon As with Jasmine but with roses this time, the Pouchong
petals are inter layered with a China Black tea and the tea adsorbs the delicate oils. This results in the most wonderfully pungent tea smelling exactly as you would imagine it to. It can be drunk with a little milk but is best served black. Chun Mee is a popular green tea. Produced in China where the name means "Precious Eyebrow" because the leaves are rolled into the shape of eyebrows and then pan fried. The tea has a pale yellow liquor and a slight astringency. This tea has an incomparable Jasmine character with a full flavoured cup and delightful aromatic Butterfly
nose. This tea is produced by layering freshly plucked Jasmine petals with an exceptional hand plucked green tea from Fujian Province in China. Best served on its own Phoenix#1
Oolong tea is semi fermented which is one of Iron Goddess the reasons why it has such a unique character
lying somewhere between a green and a black tea. This grade of oolong is sweet with a fragrant finish, and no bitterness. Highly recommended, this tea will not disappoint. Best served on its own Derrick’s Speciality Tea List
Russian Caravan is a blend of Oolong, Keemun and Lapsang Souchong teas. Although all of these are Chinese teas, the name originates from the 18th century camel caravans that facilitated the transcontinental tea trade from tea-producing areas (namely India, Ceylon and China) to Europe via Russia. This popular blend has rightly had its place in british tea history Best served on its own Honeybos
infusion in the same manner as tea. It grows only in small areas in the southwest and southeast of South Africa and has many similarities with rooibos. As the name suggests, its sweeter than rooibos and still caffeine free Served on its own or with milk


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