1 / 6 ENRevision: 07.06.2004 Replaces the version of: 28.01.2003 Printing date: 05.12.2005 BrazeTec spezial h PASTE Safety Data Sheet
according to EC-Regulation 91/155/EEC
1. Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking
Identification of the substance or preparation
BrazeTec spezial h PASTE
Use of the substance/preparation
Brazing flux
Company/undertaking identification
Umicore AG&Co.KG, Business Line BrazeTec, Rodenbacher Chaussee 4, D-63457 Hanau-Wolfgang
Telephone +49 (6181) 59-03, Fax +49 (6181) 59-3107 [email protected]
Emergency telephone / Office for advice
Advisory office in case of poisoning:
Telephone number of the company in case of emergencies:
Tel. +49 (0) 69 305-6420
2. Composition/information on ingredients
2.1 Chemical name
content %

For complete wording of the R-phrases, refer to point 16.
3. Hazards identification
3.1 To people
See point 11 and 15.
Preparation is classified as hazardous in the sense of directive 1999/45/EC.
Product is dangerous to health.
The following may occur:
Irritant effect to damaged skin.
Hazardous gasses are set free when processing product
Hydrogen fluoride formation possible.
On vapour formation:
Oedema of the lungs
Irritant to mucosa of the nose and throat.
3.2 To the environment
See point 12.
4. First aid measures
4.1 Inhalation
Remove person from danger area.
Supply person with fresh air and consult doctor according to symptoms.
In case of symptoms:
Medical supervision necessary due to possibility of delayed reaction.
4.2 Eye contact
Wash thoroughly for several minutes using copious water - call doctor immediately, have Data Sheet available.
4.3 Skin contact
2 / 6 ENRevision: 07.06.2004 Replaces the version of: 28.01.2003 Printing date: 05.12.2005 BrazeTec spezial h PASTE Wash thoroughly using copious water - remove contaminated clothing immediately.
4.4 Ingestion
Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water.
Give copious water to drink - consult doctor immediately.
4.5 Special resources necessary for first aid
On vapour formation:
In case of urge to cough - antitussive agents
Dissolve effervescent calcium tablets in water and give to drink in small sips.
Gastric lavage
5. Fire-fighting measures
5.1 Suitable extinguishing media
Adapt to the nature and extent of fire.
5.2 Extinguishing media which must not be used for safety reasons
5.3 Special exposure hazards arising from the substance or preparation itself,
combustion products, resulting gases
In case of fire the following can develop:
Irritant dusts / gases
Hydrofluoric acid
5.4 Special protective equipment for fire-fighters
Protective respirator with independent air supply
According to size of fire
Full protection, if necessary
5.5 Further information
Dispose of contaminated extinction water according to official regulations.
6. Accidental release measures
Refer to point 13. and for personal protection refer to point 8.
6.1 Personal precautions
Ensure sufficient supply of air.
Avoid build up of dust.
Avoid inhalation, and contact with eyes or skin.
6.2 Environmental measures
Prevent from entering drainage system.
Prevent surface and ground-water infiltration, as well as ground penetration.
If leakage occurs, dam up.
6.3 Methods for cleaning up
Collect mechanically and dispose of according to point 13.
Diluting with water is possible.
Flush residue using copious water.
7. Handling and storage
7.1 Handling
Tips for safe handling:
See point 6.1
Ensure good ventilation.
Do not inhale dust/fume/mist.
Use working methods according to operating instructions.
General hygiene measures for the handling of chemicals are applicable.
Eating, drinking, smoking, as well as food-storage, is prohibited in work-room.
Wash hands before breaks and at end of work.
Observe directions on label and instructions for use.
3 / 6 ENRevision: 07.06.2004 Replaces the version of: 28.01.2003 Printing date: 05.12.2005 BrazeTec spezial h PASTE During processing:
Switch on available suction system.
7.2. Storage
Requirements for storage rooms and
Store products only unopened, in original packing.
Special storage conditions:
See point 10.2
Only store at temperatures from 5°C to 30°C
Store in a dry place.
Stability during storage:
> 6 months.
8. Exposure controls/personal protection
Ensure good ventilation. This can be achieved by local suction or general air extraction.
If this is insufficient to maintain the concentration under the WEL or AG values, suitable breathing protection should be worn.
Applies only if maximum permissible exposure values are listed here.
Chemical Name
WEL-TWA: 1,8 ppm (1,5 mg/m3) (as F) (WEL, WEL-STEL: 3 ppm (2,5 mg/m3) (as F) (WEL, EC) Chemical Name
WEL-TWA: 2,5 mg/m3 (inorganic, as F) (WEL), WEL-TWA = Workplace Exposure Limit - Long-term exposure limit (8-hour TWA (= time weighted average) reference period) EH40. AG = "Arbeitsplatzgrenzwert" (workplace limit value, Germany). | WEL-STEL = Workplace Exposure Limit - Short-terme exposure limit (15-minute reference period). | BMGV = Biological monitoring guidance value EH40. BG = "Biologischer Grenzwert" (biological limit value, Germany) | Other information: Sen = Capable of causing occupational asthma. Sk = Can be absorbed through skin. Carc = Capable of causing cancer and/or heritable genetic damage.
Protective nitrile gloves (EN 374)Protective hand cream recommended.
8.3 Eye protection: Tight fitting protective goggles with side protection (EN 166).
Protective working garments (e.g. safety shoes EN 344, long-sleeved protective working garments) Additional information on hand protection - No tests have been performed.
Selection made for preparations according to the best available knowledge and information on the ingredients.
Selection of materials derived from glove manufacturer's indications.
Final selection of glove material must be made taking the breakthrough times, permeation ratesand degradation into account.
Selection of a suitable glove depends not only on the material but also on other quality characteristicsand varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
In the case of preparations the resistance of glove materials cannot be calculated in advanceso it has to be tested before use. The exact breakthrough time of the glove material can berequested from the protective glove manufacturer and must be observed.
9. Physical and chemical properties
4 / 6 ENRevision: 07.06.2004 Replaces the version of: 28.01.2003 Printing date: 05.12.2005 BrazeTec spezial h PASTE 10. Stability and reactivity
10.1 Conditions to avoid
See point 7
Stable when handled and stored correctly.
Strong heat
10.2 Materials to avoid
See point 7
Avoid contact with strong acids.
Sulphuric acid
10.3 Hazardous decomposition products
See point 5.3
Hydrogen fluoride formation possible.
11. Toxicological information
11.1 Acute toxicity and immediate effects
Ingestion, LD50 rat oral (mg/kg):
11.2 Delayed and chronic effects
11.3. Further information
Classification based on toxicological analyses.
12. Ecological information
Precipitate fluoride with milk of lime and dispose of.
13. Disposal considerations
13.1. for the material / preparation / residue
EC disposal code no.:
The waste codes are recommendations based on the scheduled use of this product.
Owing to the user's specific conditions for use and disposal, other waste codes may be
allocated under certain circumstances.
06 02 99 wastes not otherwise specified
12 01 99 wastes not otherwise specified
16 05 07 discarded inorganic chemicals consisting of or containing dangerous substances
5 / 6 ENRevision: 07.06.2004 Replaces the version of: 28.01.2003 Printing date: 05.12.2005 BrazeTec spezial h PASTE Recommendation:
Pay attention to local and national official regulations
E.g. suitable incineration plant.
E.g. dispose at suitable refuse site.
13.2 for contaminated packing material
See point 13.1
Pay attention to local and national official regulations
14. Transport information
General statements
Road/Rail-transport (ADR/RID)
Transport by sea
Transport by air
n.a. (class/secondary danger/packing-group) Additional information:
Non-dangerous material according to Transport Regulations.
15. Regulatory information
Classification according to Dangerous Product Regulations incl. EC Directives
(67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC)

Indications of danger:XnHarmfulR-phrases:22 Harmful if swallowed.
S-phrases: 23.d Do not breathe gas/vapour.
35 This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe way.
37 Wear suitable gloves.
Additions:Potassium hydroxo-fluoroborateObserve restrictions: Observe youth employment law (German regulation).
Observe law on protection of expectant mothers (German regulation).
16. Other information
These details refer to the product as it is delivered.
Storage class VCI (Germany): BGV D1 (VBG 15)M 005The following phrases represent the prescribed R-phrases for the ingredients (designated in point 2).
22 Harmful if swallowed.
n.a. = not applicable / n.v., k.D.v. = not available / n.g. = not checkedOES = Occupational exposure standard / MEL = Maximum exposure limit / BMGV = Biological monitoring guidance valueAG = "Arbeitsplatzgrenzwert" (workplace limit value, Germany) / BG = "Biologischer Grenzwert" (biological limit value, Germany)VbF = Regulations for flammable liquids (Austria)WGK = water hazard class (Germany) - WGK 3 = very hazardous, WGK 2 = hazardous, WGK 1 = slightly hazardous to water 6 / 6 ENRevision: 07.06.2004 Replaces the version of: 28.01.2003 Printing date: 05.12.2005 BrazeTec spezial h PASTE VOC = Volatile organic compounds / AOX = Adsorbable organic halogen compoundsVwVwS = Administrative Order relating to substances hazardous to water (Germany) The statements made here should describe the product with regard to the necessary safety precautions - they are
not meant to guarantee definite characteristics - but they are based on our present up-to-date knowledge.
No responsibility.
These statements were made by:
Chemical Check GmbH, Beim Staumberge 3, D-32839 Steinheim, Tel.: 01805-CHEMICAL / 01805-
243 642, Fax: 05233-941790
by Chemical Check GmbH Gefahrstoffberatung. The copying or changing of this document
is forbidden except with consent of the Chemical Check GmbH Gefahrstoffberatung.



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