Darren Blencowe | 3D Generalist Folio: www.darrenblencowe.com
M: +44 (0)7971 558 041
E: [email protected]


Traditionally an imaginative, curious and inventive Softimage 3D Generalist. A digital creative that brings over 26 years of direct creative experience into a wide range of digital content projects. corporate identities promos commercials brands sponsorships music videos applications digital signage video games designs products interactive Project involvement has been solo, in teams of up to thirty and able to lead small creative teams whilst being budget, schedule conscious and planning accordingly. Integral at various stages of CGI development for diverse media platform projects. Gaining thorough knowledge of many CGI pipelines and workflows whilst performing various creative and managerial roles. independents agencies corporates multi-nationals broadcasters publishers marketing web video games entertainment education communications
SKILLS | software:

Softimage: Advanced
Softimage ICE: Intermediate
Maya: Basic
3DMax: Basic
Blender: Basic
Lightwave: Basic
3DTool: Intermediate
Mudbox: Basic
Sculptris: Basic
AutoCAD: Advanced
AdobeCS6: Advanced
Edraw: Advanced
BouJou: Intermediate
Mental Ray: Advanced
Arnold: Basic
Red Shift: Basic
Royal Render: Intermediate
MS Windows: Advanced
Mac OS/x: Basic
Linux: Basic
MS Office: Advanced
SmartSheet: Advanced

Freelance & Contract | OCT 1998 to PRESENT | Highlighted achievements:


Pr: Producer
Cr: Creative Director Sv: Supervisor
Co: Concept
De: Design
Sb: Storyboarding
Pr: Pre-Viz
Mo: Modelling
Tx: Texturing
Ri: Rigging
Li: Lighting
An: Animating
Si: Simulation
Re: Rendering
Cm: Compositing
In: Interactive
Mc: Multi-Channel
20139Yards/Pfizer Prevenar ‘Interactive Hologram MOA’: Responsible for entire animation production
process from concept to deployment at ECCMID symposium in Berlin. [Pr Cr Co De Sb Mo Tx Ri Li An Si Re Cm
Sky News HD ‘Top of the Hour’ ident: Lead animator. Team of 5 responsible for all pre-rendered
assets for this LIVE feed title production including all cross platform contributions. Liaised on multiple levels of management to stakeholder level. [Sv Co De Mo Tx Ri Li An Re In]
Darren Blencowe | 3D Generalist Folio: www.darrenblencowe.com
M: +44 (0)7971 558 041
E: [email protected]

FMG/Value Retail ‘Year of the Dragon’ campaign: 2min full HD Viral spot promoting all shopping
villages around the world. W3 Silver Award 2012 best video. Responsible for all animation production and
cross channel contributions, including smart phone app content. [Sv Co De In Mc]
9Yards/TEVA ‘TEVAdaptor challenge’ interactive: Over 200 HD animations showing how medical
equipment works together and is assembled. Created as an interactive challenge for use at congress. Responsible for managing the entire animation process and feed into interactive build. [Pr Cr Sv Co De Sb In]
Sky News HD ‘Jeff Randall LIVE’ titles: Lead 3D animator. Team of 7 responsible for creating all
assets for this prominent back end sky news HD show. [Sv Co De Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
9Yards/Pfizer ‘Revatio drug MOA’ interactive: 15 min full HD animation explaining the complex
processes of how the Revatio™ drugs work to rectify various Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension conditions. This was delivered/re-purposed as a multi-channel product and shown at medical conferences and congress world-wide. Managed and directed the entire animation content and process. [Pr Cr Sv Co De Sb In]
SkyNews HD ‘Channel Rebrand’ ident: Complete channel rebrand package. 3D animator in a creative
team of 15. Pivotal roles in the concept, realising the design, shading development and integration of LIVE assets. [Sv Co De Mo Tx Ri Li An Re In]
2009 – SkyNews ‘Beijing Olympics 2008’ package: PROMAX UK Bronze. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Si Re Mc]
2007 – SkySports Guinness Championship ‘Rugby Union’ titles: promaxBDA World Gold – best sports
opener, BAFTA nomination – Best Title Sequence. [Mo Tx Ri Li Si Re]
2006 - SkyNews ‘Ident’: promaxBDA World Silver – Best Ident. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
2006 - SkyNews ‘General Election 2005’:
promaxBDA World Bronze - Info graphic. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
2006 - SkySports ‘Lions Tour of New Zealand’:
promaxBDA World Gold – Best Sports Promo, promaxBDA
World Gold– Best Sports Opener, promaxBDA World Gold – Best Collaborative Effort, promaxBDA World Gold – Art
Direction and Design: Topical Promo, RTS Winner – Titles. [Pr Mo An]
2005 - SkyNews ‘Ident’:
promaxBDA World Gold – Ident. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
2005 - SkyNews ‘London Fashion Week’:
promaxBDA World Bronze – Opener. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
2005 - SkyNews ‘US Elections 04’:
promaxBDA World Gold – Info Graphic. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
2005 - SkyNews ‘Chinese Grand Prix’:
promaxBDA World Bronze – Info Graphic. [Mo Tx Li An Re]
2005 - SkyNews ‘Local Elections & Mayoral Elections’:
promaxBDA World Silver – Info Graphic. [Mo Tx Li
An Re]
2004 - Skuzz ‘Skuzz World Titles’:
nominated Design Week Awards. [Mo Tx Ri Li An Re]
2004 - SkyMovies ‘Christmas Ident’:
ProMAX Europe Silver – Ident. [Mo Tx Li An Re]
2003 - SkyMovies ‘Haagen-Dazs’ sponsorship:
ProMAX Europe Gold – Sponsors sequence. [Mo Tx Li Si An
2002 - SkyNews ‘Moviemax’:
ProMAX UK Gold – Networks – Branding Campaign. [Mo Tx Li An Re]
The Digital Village | APR 96 to FEB 98 | Highlighted achievements:

JOB ROLES: 3D Modeller | Promoted Jan 1997: 3D Animator
Began work on Douglas Adams’s ‘Starship Titanic’ a pre-rendered ‘quest’ adventure game. Initially
brought into supplement the Softimage 3D animation team for modelling architectural form – within six months I was modelling and animating in Softimage on some of the largest and most integral environments of the game. I learnt the software whilst in full production; I contributed and tested many of the procedures and pipelines that were integral to the projects development. Enhanced my communication and team building skills. Expanded knowledge of game production, process. Gained valuable experience of art direction from Academy Award winning Art directors Oscar Chichoni and Isabel Molina [art directors for the film Restoration by Michael Hoffman].
Briffa Phillips Architects [RIBA] |MAY 88 to MAR 96 | Highlighted achievements:
JOB ROLES: Architectural CAD Technician | Promoted 1992: CAD Manager
Joined Briffa Phillips to pioneer the use of PC based [AutoCAD] drafting and design software as well as
mainframe systems. Progressed the department’s use of 2D design into 3D concept led design, animation and visualisation. Absorbing new technologies to gain maximum advantage in design and working drawing lead times for a small to medium sized architectural practice. As CAD manager, with 23 May 2013 Darren Blencowe | 3D Generalist Folio: www.darrenblencowe.com
M: +44 (0)7971 558 041
E: [email protected]

allocated resources I was able to empower the practice with far greater creative flexibility and cope
with larger projects for the practice size. I was also able to consume the abilities of Architect and Designer, absorbing all design ideologies of form, function, process and space. Invaluable knowledge of design, build, engineering, construction, materials and product also acquired.
1995 – AutoCAD User of the Year ‘Award’
1993 – CADdesk 3D Visualisation Award.

John S Bonnington Partnership [RIBA] | NOV 86 to APR 88 | Highlighted achievements:
JOB ROLES: Architectural CAD Technician | Promoted 1992: CAD Manager
Began using GDS mainframe CAD system for working drawings, concept work, proposals and
presentations. All self-taught. Introduced 3D design and 3D modelling to the practice. Learn architectural design fundamentals, design and building regulations. Learnt engineering process and protocol. Learnt and understood RIBA drawing protocols and standards. Divulge and impart learned 3D knowledge to other team members.
ADDITIONAL | interpersonal
• confident with contemporary Software systems used in Admin and Back-office work • knowledgeable and up-to-date with both Hardware and Software systems and emerging • able to achieve results with accuracy and precision • able communicate with credibility and confidence • excel in creative thinking and problem solving • able to demonstrate a high degree of originality and creativity PERSONAL | interests
Being passionate about what you do can lead to ‘burning the midnight oil’ so quality down time is
essential. A keen oneirologist and interpreter of dreams – due to that fact I have so many! An added bonus they can be very inspiring. Like many who work in this industry, I love exciting, energetic and dramatic film – horror, sci-fi genres are favourites but anything that is comic book, mythical or supernatural related gets my attention. This goes in hand with a passion for design, drawing and sculpture – which has led to continually growing collection of film and book related sculptures and collectibles. Not forgetting most animated movies and my collection of associated Art books – on concept, process and production. I have also managed to develop an avid interest on inspiring natural phenomena from micro cellular worlds to the furthest reaches of space and like to combine these studies and findings with creational aspects of work. Despite also being a keen gamer - owning most past and current day consoles and a broad spectrum of games - I do actually get out on my mountain bike and down to the gym. REFERENCES |
Available on request.

Source: http://www.darrenblencowe.co.uk/files/CV_darren_blencowe_2013.pdf

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