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Feed Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE™ 209 feed as a creep to weaned pigs. This feed is designed to be fed to pigs weighing 12 to 16 lbs, but can be fed to heavier pigs. Offer PRELUDE™ 209 feed as a creep feed when pigs are 10 days of age to encourage early Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE™ 209 feed is supported by Purina. Get your newly weaned pigs on the PRELUDE™ program today to Unleash Your Genetic Investment. FEATURES
Formulated with very high quality animal protein sources Very palatable, newly weaned pigs get on feed fast and High levels of protein, essential amino acids (1.6% lysine), Nutrient dense to support intake and growth of young pigs Organic acids, yucca schdigera extract, and high levels Acidified to enhance digestibility, yucca to promote intake and air quality, and high in fat and water soluble vitamins Extremely small pellet for improved intake and pellet quality Two medication options (CTC/DEN & Carbadox) Control of swine dysentery and bacterial swine enteritis Produces full middles, muscle shape and bloom Easy transition from sow’s milk to solid feed Check your current price list for availability in your region, or contact your local
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Medicated for pigs weighing 12-16 lbs.
For the control of swine dysentery associated with Brachyspira (formerly Serpulina or Treponema) hyodysenteriae susceptible to tiamulin and for treatment of bacterial enteritis caused by Escherichia coli and Salmonella choleraesuis and treatment of bacterial pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida susceptible to chlortetracycline.
Active Drug Ingredient: Tiamulin (as hydrogen fumarate) 35g/ton
Offer HSC PRELUDE™ 209 CTC/DEN to pigs weighing 12 to 16 lbs in bodyweight. HSC PRELUDE™ 209 CTC/DEN can be used as a creep feed to encourage early feed intake. Feed continuously as sole ration for 14 days. Feed 0.25 lbs per every 10 of bodyweight to provide 10 mg/lbs bodyweight chlortetracycline.
Withdraw medicated feed 2 days before slaughter.
Do not feed to animals other than swine. Use as the only source of Tiamulin and Chlortetracycline. The effects of tiamulin on swine reproductive performance, pregnancy and lactation have not been determined. Swine being treated with tiamulin should not have access to feeds containing polyether ionophores (e.g. Monensin, Lasalocid, Narasin, Semduramicin and Salinomycin) as adverse reactions may occur. If signs of toxicity occur, discontinue use ofmedicated feeds.
Special Considerations:
Protect from excessive temperatures (temperatures that exceed 40o C or 104o F). Do not store at warm temperatures up to 104o F


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