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To Our Friends and Supporters,
We are sending a brief but specific “road map to Help Haiti Heal” letter for your
use to assist you in working with the Dessalines Rural Health Care Project and Kings
Hospital relief efforts in Haiti. In addition to these hospitals we also have at our use
Free Methodist Mission housing, vehicles and communication services to assist us
with the relief effort. We have had personnel on the ground from day 1 and continue
to have personnel in country, both expatriate and National, with whom we are
communicating and organizing with daily.

Dessalines Hospital is a Free Methodist sponsored mission hospital 90 miles north of
Port-au-Prince. The hospital has approximately 50 beds, a staff of 87 and 5 National
doctors led by our very competent Medical Director Dr. Johnny Fequiere. We also
work with Kings Hospital in Port-au-Prince Hospital which has a new medical
structure located near to the airport in PAP and is directed by Dr. Hubert Morquette
and Dr. Junie Hyacinthe. Neither hospital have received any earthquake damage and
are up and running but short on staff and supplies. We desire to see teams on the
ground assisting for the next 12 weeks after which we will re-assess the situation. On
the ground at present at Kings Hospital is a medical trauma team from the Northwest
Medical group from the state of Washington. Arriving at Dessalines Hospital January
23 is a medical team led by Dr. Jerry Rusher of Arlington, Washington. Both hospitals
are presently VERY busy and in need of the following.

1. IV antibiotics: ancef, clindamycin, metronidazole, penicillin, ceftriaxone,
2. Oral antibiotics: keflex, clindamycin, metronidazole, penicillin, vantin,
tetracylin, erythromycin
3. Pain medications: tyelenol #3, vicodin, IV/IM Demerol, morphine.
*we believe we will have open access to enter Haiti with these medications
4. 4X4 gauze, non-sterile gauze, ace wraps, kerlex, stretch kling wraps, betadine, #
10 and #15 scalpel blades, suture, lidocaine 1% & 2 %, umbilical clips, tape,
telfa, sterile gloves, non-sterile gloves, IV intracaths, washable cloth surgical
gowns, surgical caps/masks, syringes 3, 5 cc’s, orthopedic supplies for
treatment of closed (casting material and tractions devices) and open fractures
(including hardware for open reduction and internal fixation of of upper and
lower fractures)

5. Anesthetics: Spinal needles #22,25. Spinal medications succinylcholine,
nalaxone,marcaine, lidocaine, epinephrine,neostigmine, ketamine. We also
need and will transport small amounts of fentanyl,pentothal, valium, versed.
Also needed is Isoflurane which we have permission to transport on our
medivac DC-3.

6. Equipment needed urgently: SURGERY CAUTERY UNIT (110 volt) , hand held
dopplers (5), blood pressure cuffs (10), stethoscopes (20), autoclave “All
American 1925X non-electric sterilizer 25 quart” and autoclave “All American
1941X non-electric sterilizer 41 quart” both of which can be found and
purchased on

Attention: All items that are not carried in by a team member and which
will need to be sent to Haiti will be sent via Missionary Flights International
(MFI) and will need funding for the cost of shipping at a charge by MFI of
$1.50/lb. All materials that are not carried by a team member into Haiti
should be kept at your location until arrangements have been made for
shipping to MFI in Ft. Pierce, Florida. In normal conditions there would be
significant customs fees but for at least a 3 month time period custom fees
will be waived by the Haitian government.

Dessalines hospital has one 12 year old vehicle which will be used as an ambulance
for transporting injured, medical teams, supplies and staff to work sites. The need
for a new vehicle at this time is paramount. COST $38,000 for a replacement
vehicle. We are in this for the long term and we only want to purchase a new
vehicle. This would be purchased from available inventory already in Haiti and
would be the property of the Dessalines Hospital.

*If there is a party interested in directing this project please contact the Free
Methodist Mission organization directly. ( Bishop Roller [email protected], Deb
Miller [email protected], Dan Snyder [email protected] )

1. Physicians, physician assistants, nurses (surgeons, orthopedics, generalists first
2. General maintenance personnel to assist in keeping the hospitals running
January 28 is the next scheduled team departure date for Dessalines Hospital
*check weekly for updated team departure dates
1. It is very important that all understand that we are now treating all comers and
these patients will have not have the ability to pay. We are going to need
significant funding in order to continue to purchase in country supplies as
available, purchase diesel to run the generators ($4/gallon) shipping costs at
$150/lb via Missionary Flights International and to purchase food for those
patients who have lost everything. In addition, the staff deserves and need to be
paid. They themselves are under significant stress many having lost family
members and homes themselves in Port-au-Prince. We have already heard that
the Administrative Director of the hospital has lost one daughter and the Public
Health Director has lost a son in the earthquake. We need to partnership and
support our National staff with our prayers, finances, and expertise during this

1. Funds may be sent to : Bishops Relief Fund, PO Box 535002, Indianapolis,
Indiana 46253-5000
phone 1-800-342-5531; go to Help Haiti Heal
*You must indicate that the funds are for MEDICAL RELIEF

2. Funds may be held at your local church to be used in direct consult in with
medical relief team members or from the Free Methodist Mission relief effort

3. Funds may be sent to: Attention Pat Meyer, Southwestern Medical Clinic
Foundation, 8008 M-139, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103
Phone Contact Carolyn Philips [email protected]., Warren White
[email protected] for questions and to notify of the funds transfer.(phone 269-

4. Funds may be sent to: Central African Health Care Organization, 8050 Spring
Arbor Rd., Spring Arbor Township, Michigan, 49283
(indicate the funds are for Dessalines Hospital Haiti relief and notify Mr. Gene
Mogg of the funds transfer at [email protected] )

NOTE: For specific questions contact: Dan Snyder at [email protected] .
(Please limit email correspondence/traffic as possible)
NOTE: Please check daily for updates on personnel needed, issues surrounding
security in Haiti and supply and financial needs

NOTE: all organizations listed above are 501-3C foundations
Dr. Dan Snyder


July 29, 2003

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