Weekly report - november 28 - december 4, 201


On November 28th, this department was contacted by the manager of Drakeshire
Apartments. The manager advised that a tenant had parked her vehicle on the grass,
just outside her apartment, and had gotten her vehicle stuck in the process. In an
attempt to retrieve her vehicle, the woman caused damage to the lawn. The manager
had the vehicle towed and wanted a report made documenting the damage.

On November 29th, the district manager of Dominos Pizza reported that two night
deposits from his store in Farmington never arrived at the bank. The manager stated he
made the deposits but the bank has no record of them.

On December 1st, a resident of Farmington Plaza Apartments contacted this police
department to report that her mother had been assaulted by her boyfriend. Upon
arrival, officers interviewed the daughter and her mother and learned that the boyfriend
is currently under a “no contact” order with the daughter as ordered by the 47th District
Court for a previous domestic assault case. In addition, he has been ordered to not
return to the apartment. The daughter and the boyfriend have been living together
despite the no contact order and on this date the boyfriend began arguing with the
mother. During this argument the boyfriend slammed a car door on the leg of the
mother. Officers attempted to check the apartment for the boyfriend, but the daughter
advised that it was locked and that she did not have a key.
The following day the daughter asked officers to stand by for a civil stand-by while she
removed some items from the apartment. Upon checking the apartment, the officers
located the boyfriend sleeping in one of the bedrooms. He was arrested for the assault
and for violating the judge’s “no contact” order.
On December 1st, an officer stopped a vehicle in the area of Farmington Road and Nine
Mile for having illegal tint on its front windows. When the officer interviewed the driver
he noted that the subject was unusually nervous. After checking the driver through
Weekly Report
November 28 – December 4, 2011
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LEIN and the Secretary of State, the officer returned and asked him why he was so
nervous. The man advised that he had previously received a citation for the window tint
and feared another one. When asked if he had any weapons in the car the man stated
“no” and then offered the officer permission to search his vehicle. When asked if there
were illegal drugs in the car the man looked away from the officer and hesitantly stated
“no”. The man consented to a search of his vehicle which resulted in the officer finding
ten Adderall pills in a plastic baggie wedged between the driver’s seat and the center
console. The man was arrested for the illegal substance and was released pending a
warrant from the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.

LARCENY FROM AUTOS (11-6197,6198,6200)
Officers responded to Chatham Hills Apartments on December 2nd, for three larceny
from auto reports. The investigation found the vehicles were parked overnight in the
apartment garages. The suspect(s) gained access to the garage then entered the
vehicles. Stolen was a purse, some cash and miscellaneous items. These are common
garages that hold eight vehicles and are accessible by anyone from the apartment area.
On December 2nd, at 12:30 p.m., the owner of Yono Auto reported a possible auto theft
from his lot during the night. The investigation has found that the vehicle was sold to a
pawn shop then taken to Yono for resale. It appears the sale to the pawn shop was a
fraud with a fake title and the suspect from the fraud retrieved the vehicle. The case is
under further investigation as it appears this is not the first time this fraud has occurred.

On December 2nd, at 12:55 p.m., officers responded to a home invasion on Brookdale
Street. The home had been entered through an unlocked rear window. Suspect(s) went
through the house, stole miscellaneous items and had placed other items near the front
door. A relative of the homeowner came over and found the front door open.
Farmington Hills have had numerous home invasions over the past month with the
same method of operation.

On December 3rd, an officer observed a white female driver slumped over the wheel on
the left shoulder of eastbound M-5 near Halsted. The vehicle was running and the
headlights activated. The officer detected an odor of intoxicants and awoke the driver.
The driver stated she had consumed Vodka at a bar in Novi and had also ingested
some Zoloft pills. The driver had trouble moving and could not walk. Community EMS
was contacted. A Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) was administered with a result of
.17(2). A voluntary blood draw was conducted and a citation for Operating While
Intoxicated was issued. The driver was transported to Botsford Hospital for further

Weekly Report
November 28 – December 4, 2011
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On December 3rd, at 3:15 a.m., an officer stopped a vehicle near Grand River and
Mooney for weaving and speeding. Upon speaking to the driver the odor of intoxicants
was noted and the driver admitted to drinking. The driver failed field sobriety tests and
a PBT (.16). The driver was arrested. An inventory search of the vehicle was
conducted prior to it being impounded and suspected steroids and syringes were
located. The driver was transported to the station, where he submitted to the
Datamaster with a result of .17. During an inventory of the driver’s belongings, $1500
was located in his wallet. The money was confiscated under drug forfeiture laws.

On December 4th, at 2:00 p.m., an officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle near Grand
River and Halstead. During the stop, the driver was found to be suspended and in
possession of Marijuana. The subject was arrested for both violations.

Source: http://www.ci.farmington.mi.us/Services/PublicSafety/WeekInReview/2011/WeeklyStats_111128-111204.pdf


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