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Central European Vascular Forum
On the initiative of several angiologists from Central European countries, especially Italy and Czech Republic, a new angiological society, named Central European Vascular Forum (CEVF) has been set up on October 24th, 1997 in Rome. It came into being after preparatory consultations (in Prague and in Trieste) of prof. Claudio Allegra from Rome and prof.Vladimir Puchmayer from Prague - the Godfathers of the society. Nine countries are the members of CEVF - Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia. The members of the society are such countries which once belonged to the Austrian - Hungarian Empire at least by a part of their territory. But individual membership is opened to all specialists from all over the world. CEVF has 344 individual members. Prof.A. Schirger from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA is the honorary president, and C.Allegra and V.Puchmayer are the founding presidents. The reason of founding this new society was to connect the old historical and cultural roots of the middle Europe to the modern Anglo-Saxon progress. The aim of the society is to build a basis for close scientific cooperation among physicians of all clinical and theoterical disciplines dealing with problems of vascular diseases. The first Congress of CEVF took place on November 26-28th 1998 in Prague, Czech Republic, under the presidency of Vladimir Puchmayer with participation of 320 physicians. Rome, Italian capital, welcomed the 2nd CEVF Congress on September 14-16th in the year 2000. Claudio Allegra was the congress´ president. 550 participants took part on the Congress in Rome. Two years later the 3rd CEVF Congress was prepared in Slovenia, by prof.Pavel Poredos, president of the Congress. Portorož - the Port of Roses - welcomed the Congress participants on May 18-21, 2002. The 4th CEVF Congress was held in Croatian ancient city - Dubrovnik-Cavtat from April 28th till May 2nd 2004, under the presidency of prof. Tomislav Sosa. From the shore of the Adriatic Sea moved the Congress to the North - to Poland, to Warsaw, where the fifth CEVF Congress took place on May 2006, under the presidency of prof.Mieczyslaw Szostek. The 6th International Congress of CEVF was organized in Bratislava, the capital of Slovak Republic on May 16th – 18th 2008 under the presidency of Viera Stvrtinova. International Educational Courses of the CEVF were organized in Prague, Czech Republic on October 2003 and in Abano Terme, Italy, on May 2005, where Consensus on Intermittent Claudication was prepared and published in 2005 in English and Italian languages, and then in 2006 in Czech and Slovak languages. The 3rd International Educational Course of the CEVF „Peripheral vessels – a window to the heart“ was held in Portoroz, Slovenia, in September 2007. Central Europen Vascular Forum is an association of different specialists working together in the management of vascular diseases with the main goal to educate and train physicians and other healthcare proffesionalists in the field of vascular medicine. Last, but not least, the aim of the Forum is to increase the awareness of vascular health in general population of Central Bratislava, September 2009 Prof.Viera Stvrtinova, MD, PhD.


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A Look Back at the First Decades of Science and Mathematics at Austin College (1910-1940) by Peggy A. Redshaw In anticipation of the new IDEA Science Center that will be completed in 2013 and the celebration of a New Century of Science at Austin College, an exhibit entitled “A Look Back at the First Decades of Science and Mathematics at Austin College (1910-1940)” opened on September 28t

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