Professor of Psychiatry MEDICAL SCHOOL. OF SHAHID BEHESHTI UNIVERSITY 2003-PRESENT ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF PSYCHIATRY (S.B.U.M.S.H.S.) OFFICES & POSITIONS HELD Twelves years teaching as assistant proessor of psychiatry group in 2- Two year’s. As consultant of vice chancellor for education Three years as head of emergency ward and polyclinic at hospital of One year as general director of currative affair in (S.B.U.M.S.H.S) Two years as a member of the meidcal council in (S.B.U.M.S.H.S) Thirty months as psychiatry specialist in iranian hospital in Dubai, UAE Chairman of psychiatry group for four years. Vice chancellor in education and academic affaires. The head of psychiatry & behavioral sciences department oct.13.1998. 10- The head of psychiatry department DEC.8.1998. 11- The supervisor of the deputy office of academic affairs of shahidbeheshti university of medical sciences,health&therapeutic services. 12- The membere of the publication council of the university. June.13.2000 13- The head of psychiatry department nov.29.2000 14- The member of the council of the university may.14.2001 15- The head of psychiatry&behavioral sciences center. Jan.2.2001 16- The member of the editional board of journal of medical education 17- The member of the scientific committee of the world health organization collaborating center for mental health NOV.25.2001 18- The expert in specilization consulting commission at Islamic Republic of 19- The member of the higher council of standardizing of education 20- The expert in preliminary disciplinary committee of greater theran 21- The expert in specialization consulting commissions and disciplinary committees at islamic Republic of Iran medical council. 22- The expert of the state coroner’s department Dec,1.2002 23- The member of the specializaed committee of the psychiatry 24- The member of research committee of the psychiatry department 25- Chairman of Behavioiral sciences research center . 26- The member of IRANIAN board of psychiatry. workshop on research methodology in Bandar abbas university,Iran 2-workshop on problem – based learning in (S.B.U.M.S.H.S) 3-workshop on medical education in zahedan university.iran 4- workshop on medical evaluation in zahedan university. Iran. 7- course in addiction & substance abuse. Norotransmetters abnormality in schizophrenia. Guide Book in treatment of substance dependency. The relaxation and stress reduction work book. I have been graduated from (S.B.U.M.S.H.S) by M.D. in 1985 and then finished my post M.D. in psychiatry in 1990 in the same university and was honored-as the top graduate of the university-by offering a teaching and training situation as well as Clinical and mediacal practice opportunity at During my teaching period,due to my personal interest, I managed to gat the official approval for a series of researches with the cooperation of my medical and psychiatry students and colleagues in the following fields: 2- The effects of clomiperamine on LLPDD scan on about one hundred sample schizophrenic pateints 4- The prevalence of symptoms toxicity by 5- The effects of haloperidol on negative 7-The effects of amitriptyline on depressed 8- Comparison of the remedying effects of chlordiazepoxide and oxazepam on the heart attacked 9- The prevalence of schizophrenia due to the heredity tree of the patients. (birth order in shizophrenia) divorce in the courts in Tehran – Iran And Dementia in first Relatives of schizophrenic patients 14- Surveying the personal and psychological aspects of suicide in children referring to loghman- hakim hospital 1999-2000 16- Fahr’s syndrome with psychiatric symptomes(case report) 17- Rate of stress in asthmatic patients refrring to loghman- hakim medical 18- The investigation of psychiatric signs and symptoms in patients with complex partial epilepsy hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of Imam hossein 19- The investigation of the prevalance of depression among 2nd and 3rd graders of high schools of phiroozkooh . iran. 20- The invesigation of the rate of mental disorders in the opiates addicts referring to two treatment centers of Tehran-Iran. 21- The investgation of mental health in high-voltage power exposure 22- The investigation of childhood mental disorders in drug addicted patients. 23- The investigation of depression in diabetic patients. 24-The investigation of depression in patients with coronary diseases. 25-The investigation of mental disoredrs signs in patients with cancer. 26-The study of genetic Abnormalities in patients with bipolar mood disorders. 27-The investigation of depression in epileptic patients. 28-The investigation of depression in psoriasis. 29-Does mental health and self-concept relate to rhinoplasty? 30-The investigation of depression in patients with hemodialysis. 31-Prevalence of basal ganglia involvement in schizophrenia, schizaffective and bipolar patients refered to Imam Hossein Hospital during 2003-2004 32- Successful psychotherapy of Gender identiy disorder: a case series 33-Comparison of depression in hemodidalysis and continuous ambulatory 34- The investigation of Depression in patients with unstable angina 35- Report of a Rare case of olanzapine and Risperidone induced 36- Fahr’s syrdrome with neuropsychiatric manifestations (Idiopathic calcification of basal ganglia) (a case report). 37- The investigation on, Effect of GinKoBiloba Exatract on Haloperidol 38- The investigation of the effect of psychological stressors on the onset in 39- The investigation between Biorhythmic situation and scores of Hygenic 40- The investigation of panic attacks and hallucinations as manifestations of 41- The investigation in Differnet effects of GABA ergic receptors located in ventral tegmental area on the expression of morphine-Induced conditioned 42- The investigation of providing emotional stability through relaxation 43- The investigation between attempted suicide and demographic characteristics in Imam Hossein Hospital. 44- The of Effects Eight-Week Treatment with High Dose Vitamin E on Serum Cholesterol and Triglyceride Level of Patients With Schizophrenia on Olanzapine: A Placebo Controlled Study (2008) 45- Assessment of emotional intelligence among fourth year students of different fields of study in Shahid Beheshti Medical University 46-Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment in patient with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 47- The effect of methadone consumption on depression among the Injective 48- Effect of progressive muscle relaxation therapy on improving signs and symptoms of patients with myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome 49- Metronidazole exacerbate schizophrenic neuropsychiatric's symptoms about two cases. 50- Exacerbate on schizophrenic symptoms after taking metronidazole in two cases. 51- Panic attack and exacerbation of manic symptoms after taking ciprofloxacin. (Case report). 52- Efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy in a case of conversion disorder associated with mood disorder. 53 – Epidemiologic eualuation of Suicide attempters admitted to Emam Hossein hospital Psychiatnic ward from stemmber 1998 to stempber 1999. 54- The prevalence of violence and mental health outcome 55- Investigation of relationship among psychosexual factors and divorce in couples seeking to divorce in family courts. 56- Anxiety and depression in patients with back pain. 57- Group cognitive-behavioral therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder. 58- Survey about emotional quotient and job satisfaction instaff of shaheed 59- The efficacy of Bupropion in decreasing Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor- induced sexual dysfunction: A randomized, double blind, placebo 60- The study of EQ on humanity science in University of Science and 61- The study of EQ on engineers students University of Science and Culture. 62- Evaluation of the relationship between emotional quotient among 63- Evaluation of emotional regulation among patients with borderline pecsonality disorder compared to general population. 64- Evaluation of the relationship between self respect and mental anong 65- Evaluation of the relationship between job satisfaction and spouses IQ. 66- A comparisonal study of mental nealth and self image among married and 67-Emotional Intelligence measurement standardization on employee 68- The relationship of anxiety and depression with back pain. 69- relationship of Emotional quotient and mental nealth in people referring to family court consultation center of Shaheed Bahinar Center in Tehran. 70- Validity and reliabity of Yale-Brown Obsessive-compulsive Scale (Y-

Source: http://bsrc.sbmu.ac.ir/uploads/CV%D8%AF%D9%83%D8%AA%D8%B1_%D8%B8%D9%87%D9%8A%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AF%D9%8A%D9%86.pdf

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