Example of Usage
My name's
What's your name?
Have you got an English-English dictionary? Jean Reno is from France. He's French.
Bayern Munich is a German football team. Brazilian
The Maracanã is a Brazilian football stadium.
He's from Brazil.
Agneska is from Poland and she speaks Polish.
She's Russian. She's from St Petersburg.
Real Madrid is a Spanish football team.
United States of America
Angelina Jolie is from the United States of America.
What is it?
Where is he from?
Where is Madonna from?' 'She's from the United States of America.' Who is he?
I've got two aunts. They are my mother's sisters.
best friend
George is my best friend. We are in the same class.
My parents have three children, Jennifer, Tom and me.
We are a very big family and I have ten first cousins.
The Adams family are crazy but very funny.
family tree
My family tree is very big because we are a big family.
Her father-in-law is a very nice man.
This is a photograph of my grandmother.
Catherine Zeta Jones's husband is Michael Douglas.
Victoria Adams is married to David Beckham.
My mother is very young, she's thirty three years old.
He's got two nieces. They are his sister's daughters.
My parents and Kim's parents are best friends.
I'm from Greece.' 'Really? I'm from Greece, too.' relationship
He's got a relationship with a girl from his class.
Example of Usage
He's got two sisters. They are older than him.
She's got a very good relationship with her stepbrother.
Uncle Mike, my mother's brother is crazy.
My brother and his wife have two young children.
He's an accountant, he's good with numbers.
My sister's an artist. Her pictures are beautiful.
bank clerk
computer programmer
számítógép programozó I'm a computer programmer. I work with computers.
Tom is an engineer. He works with cars.
first name
His mother hasn’t got a job. She's a housewife.
Larry King is a journalist for the CNN.
mobile phone
She's a nurse. She works in a hospital.
place of origin
Where are you from? What's your place of origin? police officer
He's old. He's retired, he doesn’t work anymore.
My niece is a secretary. She works in an office.
shop assistant
We work in a shop. We are shop assistants.
My surname is Papadopoulou and my first name is Tonia.
traffic warden
Martha is a traffic warden. It's a very tiring job.
I'm unemployed, I haven't got a job.
Communication certificate
Communication degree
I've got a degree from Athens University. I'm a lawyer.
Communication exam
This is a very difficult exam. You must study a lot.
Communication identity card
I always have my identity card with me.
Communication language
She speaks three languages, French, English and Japanese.
Communication letter
This is a word of six letters. The first letter is A Communication marital status
What's your marital status? Are you married or single? Communication next of kin
My next of kin is my brother. He's my closest relative.
Communication passport
I haven't got a passport. I can't travel to other countries.
Communication Pleased to meet you.
This is Joanna.' 'Hi, Joanna, pleased to meet you.' Communication qualification
Communication relative
My family is very large and I have many relatives.
Communication See you later.
Communication university
Dora is a student at university. She wants to be a doctor.
Sean Connery is a very famous actor.
She's Australian. She's from Sydney.
Chinese is a difficult language to learn.
She is married to a famous footballer.
Example of Usage
That's all.
Ok, that's all. The lesson's finished.
What about:
I get home at six o'clock in the evening.
We get up at half past eight in the morning.
I go to bed at eleven o'clock at night.
go to work / school
I go to work at nine o'clock in the morning.
have breakfast / lunch /
I always have breakfast in the morning.
in the morning / afternoon /
I leave home at quarter to nine every day.
What time is it?
What time is it? It's half past seven.
advert / advertisement
This is an advertisement for a nice restaurant.
I don’t know her age, but I think she's very young.
Bondi beach in Australia is very famous.
In her daily routine, she meets clients and she organises games.
Read this description of the photograph.
In this hotel there are many forms of entertainment.
We want to go on an excursion to Eurodisney.
We always have a lot of fun at Peter's parties.
I help my mother when she has a lot of work.
He's a doctor, he works in a hospital.
tartalmaz, magába foglal This holiday includes hotel rooms and tickets in the price.
meet (friends)
I meet my best friend every weekend.
She's a secretary. She works in an office.
My mother organises a party every year on my birthday.
package holiday
My parents usually go on package holidays. They don’t organise anything.
play a game
My little sisters play games when they are at home.
The price of the tickets is included in the package holiday.
She's a rep and she meets clients every day.
We have dinner at a very nice Chinese restaurant every Saturday.
She's always careful when she works.
Check your exercise before you give it to the teacher.
My father cleans the kitchen when he cooks dinner.
He's an engineer. He makes rides in a theme park.
A hairdresser cuts my hair every month.
He's very clever. He invents new things all the time.
The British museum is very interesting.
I like to go and eat in a restaurant for my birthday.
When we go to Disneyland, we go on all the rides. It's fun! járművön, vagy egy kör pl. a hullámvasúton Headword
Example of Usage
He swims in the sea every afternoon.
theme park
three times a week
There are many visitors to the zoo every day.
I wait for my sister every day and we get back home together.
Sometimes I watch a film on TV in the evenings.
The water is very cold. I don’t want to swim.
wax model
There is a wax model of Jennifer Aniston at the museum.
My address is 37 King Street, London.
The bags are in the boot of the car.
kamera, fényképezőgép He makes short films with his video camera.
child, children
This is a very good dictionary. It has many words.
DVD player
Do you want to watch a film on the DVD player? everyday
He speaks English a lot in his everyday life.
fax machine
That film is horrible. I don’t want to watch it.
laptop computer
He takes his laptop computer everywhere.
men, women
There are many men and women at the party.
mobile phone
I don’t like these shoes. They are very old-fashioned.
She takes a lot of pictures with her camera.
Harry's got a laptop and a printer at home.
Look at those purple flowers! What are they? Take a scarf with you. It's cold outside.
The spelling of this word is wrong. Check it in the dictionary.
The suitcases are in the boot of the car.
Mobile phones are very useful things.
This laptop computer is useless. It doesn’t work.
Do you like my new watch? It's very modern.
Communication coffee
He drinks a cup of coffee every morning.
Communication mountain
Tony goes to the mountains on his holidays. Communication newspaper
Communication pizza
The pizza at this Italian restaurant is very nice.
Communication questionnaire
Ask the other students in the class the questions of this questionnaire.
Communication recording
Listen to the recording and answer the questions in your book.
Communication sandwich
I sometimes have a sandwich for lunch at the office.
Communication usually
He's an accountant. His job is difficult.
Do you know Brad Pitt? He's a famous actor.
I work all day and I'm very tired at night.
Example of Usage
There are many desks and chairs in our classroom.
I don’t write letters I usually send my friends emails.
In this film, Tom Cruise is a very good lawyer secretary
She's a secretary. She uses a computer and answers the phone in the sometimes
I sometimes go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. My brother and his wife come to see us every weekend.
She works all day. Her life is very busy.
I sometimes go on a day trip to a mountain near my house.
Tom is a holiday rep and organises many fun events for his clients.
My sister always reads women's magazines. She loves them.
He likes football and is a referee in many matches.
I have my money in my wallet and the wallet in my bag.
In my job we organise many fun activities for children.
When I'm at home, I read a book or listen to music.
My mum cooks very well. I love the food she makes.
Kim dances with her boyfriend every weekend.
free time
go for a walk
Ian goes for a walk every evening after dinner.
go to the cinema / a concert v phr
moziba / koncertre megy She goes to the cinema twice a month. She likes films.
go to the gym / a nightclub / v phr
He goes to the gym three times a week.
listen to music / the news
Mike never listens to pop music. He hates it.
play football /tennis
Jessica plays tennis, but she isn't very good at it.
play the guitar / the piano
Sometimes in the evenings, Danny plays the guitar and we sing.
read a book / a magazine / a v phr
I usually read a magazine before I go to bed.
go shopping / skiing /
My best friend goes shopping for clothes almost every week.
A lot of people go to the beach to sunbathe.
Young children watch TV for many hours a day.
a lot (of)
She studies a lot, because she wants to be a doctor.
call someone
My little sister calls her friends on the phone and they talk for hours! certainly
Ronaldinio is certainly a very good football player.
My job is very exciting. Something interesting happens every day.
This book is really interesting. Do you want to read it? Saturday
On Saturdays he usually stays at home and watches TV.
My father shaves every morning and afternoon.
spend (time)
He takes his dog for a long walk every Sunday.
Claire goes to the cinema every Thursday.
traffic jam
There are many traffic jams in Athens.
true or false
Do you want to go to an Indian restaurant on Tuesday? unfortunately
She plays the piano, but unfortunately she isn't very good.
I don’t use my mobile phone in the car. It's dangerous.
Example of Usage
She plays tennis with her friend every Wednesday and Friday.
Mr Benson is a very clever businessman.
This is a cooking competition for the best pizza.
do aerobics / judo / yoga
aerobikozik / dzsúdózik She goes to the gym and she does aerobics three times a week.
/ jógázik do tricks
trükköket mutat be (pl. Can you do tricks on your bike?biciklivel) drive (a car)
My sister can't drive a car. She thinks it's very difficult.
I don’t want to go in the car with him. He drives very fast.
go running / sailing
We go sailing every weekend when the day is good.
Some people do yoga and can stand on their heads.
She is married to a famous footballer.
I've got a message for you from Sammy.
Can you help me move the chair to the other side of the room? occupation
What's your job? What is your occupation? The students perform in a theatre play at the end of the year.
play computer games
My little brother plays computer games all the time.
What's the first prize in this competition? ride a bike
She's four years old and she can ride a bike.
All the kids come here with their skateboards.
the United States
She's American. She lives in the United States.
Can I speak to Laura?
Beszélhetnék Laurával? Hello, my name is George. Can I speak to Laura, please? Can I take a message?
Átadhatok egy üzenetet? Mathew isn't here right now. Can I take a message for him? character
How many characters can you type a minute on your laptop? There is a Chinese restaurant next to my house.
This competition is very difficult because all the competitors are very good.
get a takeaway meal
She never cooks. She always gets takeaway meals.
go to a football match
Why don’t we go to a football match this Sunday? How about lunch on
Mit szólnál egy ebédhez How about lunch on Friday?' 'Ok, let's go to the Greek restaurant.' My mother doesn’t like mobile phones. In fact, she doesn’t even have one.
Let's go to John's party on Saturday.
see a film
Can I make a suggestion? Let's go to the beach.
Why don’t we meet at Mike's bar tonight? What’s your number?
Can you tell him to phone me, please?' 'Ok, what's your number?' Why don’t we have dinner
Why don’t we have dinner tomorrow?' 'Oh, I can't tomorrow, I have a lot of tomorrow?
Communication ability
Communication (a) foreign language
Communication application
There are many applications for this job.
Communication architect
Communication art
Communication artist
My sister is an artist. She paints pictures.
Communication building
He's an architect. He designs buildings.
Communication carpenter
He's a carpenter. He makes things of wood.
Communication choose
I can't choose between these two handbags. They are both beautiful.
Communication degree
He has a degree in Mathematics from Oxford.
Communication draw
Sharon can draw very well. She's an artist.
Communication driving licence
Communication employment
Many people don’t have jobs and are looking for employment.
Communication engine
He's a mechanic. He can repair car engines.
Communication furniture
Communication mechanic
Henry is a mechanic. He can help you with your car.
Example of Usage
Communication musician
Donna is a musician. She can play the piano.
Communication paint
He paints beautiful pictures. He's a good artist.
Communication photographer
She's a famous fashion photographer.
Communication qualification
Communication repair
Communication technician
My brother is a computer technician and helps me when my laptop doesn’t Communication tourist guide
She's a tourist guide. She takes tourists around Athens.
Communication weather
We always have good weather in the summer.
Communication wood
What's your favourite music? Do you like pop? Catherine Zeta Jones' husband is Michael Douglas.
(not) at all
Let's have a break for five minutes.
Can I leave a message?
Can I leave a message for Peter, please?' 'Yes, of course.' certificate
He's got a language certificate. He can speak Spanish very well.
fall asleep
At the end of the day he's very tired and he often falls asleep.
I’m afraid he isn’t in.
Attól tartok, hogy házon Is George there?' 'I'm afraid he isn't in.'kívül van.
of course
Can I have some water, please?' 'Yes, of course.' Portuguese
She's from Portugal. She can speak Portuguese.
At weekends we usually stay at home and relax.
She works in a shop. She sells cameras.
I usually stay at my grandparents house in the summer.
She loves apples and she eats two every day.
Do you want to pay cash or by credit card? Can I have a cheese and tomato sandwich, please? I don’t like chicken and I don't eat it very often.
My grandfather gives me a euro coin every time I visit him.
Excuse me? How much does this mobile phone cost? credit card
You can pay by cash or by credit card.
She doesn’t drink milk or eat dairies.
Water, milk, orange juice are all drinks.
How many eggs do you want in your omelette? The food in this restaurant is great.
Most children have a glass of milk in the morning.
(minced) beef
She makes fantastic burgers with minced beef.
When I pay, I always take the receipt.
Chicken with rice is my favourite meal.
You can fish for trout in this river.
We eat a lot of melons and watermelons in the summer.
(white / brown) bread
We usually eat brown bread with our food.
Both my husband and I work very hard.
Harriet buys some fresh fruit every day.
Can you buy some carrots when you go to the supermarket? He usually has cereals with milk for breakfast.
convenience food
I eat a lot of convenience food because I don’t have time to cook.
Example of Usage
each week
fruit / orange juice
Ian usually has some orange juice in the afternoon.
Measure the rice before you cook it.
much / many
once a week
Fresh pineapple is great! I love it.
shopping list
Before she goes to the supermarket she always makes a shopping list.
In my family, we all eat together every Sunday.
Can I have a tomato and chicken sandwich? agree (with)
I don’t agree with you. This music is very good.
They drink a bottle of wine in the evenings.
When he goes to a fast food restaurant, he has a burger and a cola.
I usually buy a carton of milk once a week.
If you don’t eat all your food, put it in a container.
Crisps aren't good for you. They can make you fat.
Dear Mary, Thank you for your letter.
She's on a diet. She wants to lose some kilos.
Chocolate can give you energy if you're tired.
She's very fit. She does yoga and judo.
happy / unhappy
Bob is very unhappy because he's got some bad news.
healthy / unhealthy
Eating chocolate all the time isn't very healthy.
She works on a TV channel. She introduces a health programme.
Do you know Jim? He's my best friend.
I don’t send letters to my friends anymore. I write e-mails.
When I go to the cinema, I buy a packet of crisps.
rubbish bin
The carton is finished. Throw it in the rubbish bin.
some / any
That's a very interesting tale. I want to listen to it again.
If you're thirsty drink some water. Don’t drink a cola.
When I'm tired, I watch TV to relax.
Eating vegetables is very healthy for you.
I always take my dog for a walk in the morning and in the evening.
What is it about?
She's a shop assistant. She helps customers.
I’d like.
I'd like some pasta with tomato sauce.
How much is that?
How much is that?' 'It’s one euro and fifty cents.' Would you like a large or a small coffee?' mayonnaise
She likes to put mayonnaise in her sandwiches.
He has a medium salad and a sandwich for lunch.
Read the menu to choose what you want for dinner.
When we go to a restaurant, my husband orders for me.
Ready to order?
Would you like a regular coffee or a large coffee? side orders
I'd like a burger and a side order of fries tax included
Look at the receipt. The tax is included.
Example of Usage
waiter / waitress
Our waitress is very nice. She smiles a lot.
Communication ice cream
Children usually like chocolate ice cream.
Communication lamb
Communication market
I usually buy fruit and vegetables at the market .
If you're very fat, you probably aren't very healthy.
There are two bathrooms in our house.
Many tourists sunbathe at the beach.
How many bedrooms are there in your house? I want to travel to the Sahara desert.
dining room
They always have dinner in the dining room.
Many famous actors live in Beverly Hills.
We sometimes go for a walk in the forest.
He always keeps his car in the garage.
She loves to sit in the garden and read a book alone.
have a shower
Mary usually has a shower in the morning. Paul never stays at home in the evenings. He goes out for a drink.
Jo is in the kitchen making a sandwich.
living room
Jay's in the living room watching TV.
They don’t like the sea. They usually go to the mountains on their holiday.
There are many mountains to the north of my country.
We swim in the river in the summer, but it's very cold.
Their summer house is very near the sea.
The weather is different in the south of the country.
Jim never watches TV in the mornings.
There is a lake in the west of my town.
You can see the beach from the back windows.
breakfast room
We usually have breakfast in the breakfast room.
She can't choose which camera to buy.
country cottage
They live in a very beautiful country cottage.
There are six cupboards in the kitchen.
There are many different flowers in our garden.
dining area
Her flat has living room with a dining area.
I never wash the dishes. I have a dishwasher for this job.
Each room has its own bathroom and kitchen.
There are many facilities in this area: a gym, a cinema and a supermarket.
There are many factories near here and the air isn't very clean.
interested in
érdeklődik valami iránt Nick is very interested in art.
kitchen equipment
Our kitchen equipment is very modern.
They have a large house with fifteen rooms.
He always stays in a luxury hotel room when he travels.
Have you got a microwave in your kitchen? Simon is very rich. He owns three large houses and five cars.
What's the price of this mobile phone, please? The ship is very large. It even has a swimming pool! There is a lot of space to park your car here.
square metres
My flat is one hundred square metres.
She has a lot of stress because she's very busy.
Example of Usage
Harry's flat hasn’t got a garden but there is a small terrace.
That's not all.
She's got six cars and five houses. But that's not all, she's also got an airplane! This house is very unusual. All its windows are round.
I think it's very useful to know how to type.
Our kitchen is very well-equipped. It's got all modern facilities.
What kind of:
You need to find accommodation before you go on holiday.
centre of town
How many desks are there in your classroom? dining table
We don’t have a dining table so we eat in the kitchen.
electrical equipment
elektromos berendezés, Ann has a lot of electrical equipment in her flat.
felszerelés My grandfather always wears a hat when he goes out.
He takes all his possessions with him when he travels! I wash the dishes in the kitchen sink.
studio apartment
Bob lives in a small studio apartment.
Swiss watch
My mother has a Swiss watch. It's very expensive.
best wishes
… That's all my news. Hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, Mary.
She's a very busy person. She works ten hours a day.
Deserts are very dry places. There is no water.
They have a huge house in the country.
The landscapes in New Zealand are really beautiful.
lots to see
There are lots to see when you come to my country.
The city centre is very noisy. There are many cars.
Myconos is a very popular island in Greece.
Our city has wide streets and many parks.
Communication armchair
There are two armchairs in my living room.
Communication answering machine
I never leave messages in answering machines.
Communication bookshelves
He needs more bookshelves for all his books.
Communication coffee machine
I've got a coffee machine. Would you like an espresso coffee? Communication vacuum cleaner
Irene cleans the carpets with the vacuum cleaner.
Communication washing machine
He washes all his clothes in the washing machine.
I finally know where I want to go for the summer.
He's very healthy because he eats a lot of fruit and vegetables.
I'm afraid
I'm afraid, I can't answer this question.
The main bedroom in their house is very big.
all the time
If you're tired all the time, go to see a doctor.
Camden is my favourite area in London.
be in a hurry
He's in a hurry because he's late for work.
Their house is huge. It even has a swimming pool! fantastic
first of all
First of all, I want to ask some questions about the flat.
This film is great. We must go to see it.
Example of Usage
I'm sure.
Our village is very beautiful.' 'Yes, I'm sure.' She lives out of town. In fact, she lives in a very small village.
What do you mean? I don’t understand.
Monica usually meets her friends twice a week.
of course
Have you got a computer?' 'Yes, of course.' Some parts of the city are very old.
This is a really beautiful photograph.
along the road
We walked along the road for one hour.
art gallery
She's very interested in art and visits many art galleries.
He's a bank clerk; he works in a bank.
He goes to the bookshop every week and buys a new book.
I don’t buy books, I go to the library and read them there.
Can you buy the newspaper from the newsagent's? on the left / right
Walk along the road. The cinema is on the right.
police station
There is a police station in my village.
post office
You can send your letter at the post office.
Mr Mamood is a teacher at my school .
When we don’t have school, we play at the square.
straight on
Walk straight on to the supermarket.
She usually goes to the supermarket once a week.
train station
turn left / right
Turn right and walk straight on. The square is on the left.
There is a lot of electrical equipment in my office.
Many famous actors live in Beverly Hills.
last night
We watched a very interesting film last night.
look after
She's a baby-sitter. She looks after small children.
move (to)
She doesn’t like her flat. She wants to move to a house.
Their plan is to travel around Europe by train.
My village produces oranges. It's very famous for this fruit.
I couldn't go to school because I was sick.
The children studied very hard for the test.
two days ago
ask for directions
When you see the supermarket, ask somebody for directions.
between the trees
Can you see an elephant between the trees? bus station
There are many cashpoints at the next railway station.
Can you collect all the books and put them on my desk? confused
He was very confused after the accident.
The man disappeared. Nobody knows where he is.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the train station? There are many missing children in our country.
on the ground
The children played in the park after school.
She goes to her village every summer.
Excuse me, is this the way to the hospital? She wants to learn more about ancient Rome.
Example of Usage
The approximate time for this journey is three hours.
Combine the milk, the butter and the flour to make a sauce.
Sharon watches a lot of TV during the day.
get around
Bob gets around a lot in the summer.
The mobile phone is a very useful invention.
The French launched a new satellite last year.
She never drives anywhere. She goes everywhere on foot.
She's so rich she owns a private jet.
Write a paragraph about your village or town.
They were lost. They couldn’t find their position on the map.
Popeye is a famous sailor who likes spinach.
There are many satellites which go round the Earth.
:My mobile phone hasn’t got a signal here.
She owns a high speed boat and uses it every summer.
When the weather is good, you can see many stars in the sky.
When we were in Greece we visited many ancient temples.
Last summer we travelled from Madrid to Paris by train.
Many people use the tram to go to work and back.
What forms of transport are there in your city? Communication item
What's the first item on the shopping list? Communication present
He received many presents on his birthday.
Communication prompt
The students used the prompts to ask questions.
Communication suitable
This present isn't suitable for a small child.
There isn't any cheese in the fridge. Can you buy some? They have a huge house in the country.
I think the microwave is very useful kitchen equipment.
He's very tall and plays basketball very well.
Walk over the bridge and go along the road. The bank is on the left.
He changed clothes and called his friend.
It's only five o'clock, and it's already dark .
Megan decided to go to Denise's party.
Where is the men's clothes department, please? escalator
Let's take the escalators to the first floor.
He escaped from prison and the police are looking for him.
in front of
You're in front of the TV. Can you move a little? How long does your journey to school take? Somebody knocked him on the head and he didn’t remember anything after that.
He lives on the tenth floor and there isn't a lift in his building! We were lost, we didn’t know where we were.
She's a nurse, she works in a hospital.
on the first floor
You can find presents for children on the first floor.
She waited for him outside the bank for an hour.
Example of Usage
I realised I didn’t remember where the car was.
She never takes the lift. She always takes the stairs.
Harry isn't here. That's strange, he's never late.
belong (to)
I wear glasses because I can't read without them.
He's very young. He can't drive a car.
Best wishes
… That's all my news. Best wishes, Peter connection
What's the connection between Andrew and Mary? especially
I like Italian food, especially pizza.
family member
How many family members are there in your family? friendly
People in villages are usually very friendly.
She didn’t know the answer, but she guessed correctly.
When I was in England, I lived with a host family.
She's a very happy person, she laughs all the time.
I'm interested in French literature.
My parents are middle-aged. They are fifty years old.
move in with someone
összeköltözik valakivel He moved in with his girlfriend last week.
She's a very nice girl. I like her a lot.
My grandfather is very old. He's ninety five years old.
His face is pale because he never goes out in the sun.
The sea is quite warm in Greece in the summer.
He's short for his age. All the other children are taller.
She's very shy and doesn’t talk to people easily.
She's tanned from sunbathing every day.
My job is very tiring. I work for many hours every day.
This house is so ugly! I don’t like it at all.
(be) retired
My father is retired. He doesn’t work anymore.
electric drill
It's necessary to take an umbrella with you. It often rains in the evening.
on the first of May
Her birthday is on the first of May.
This TV doesn’t work. We must replace it.
When she goes jogging, she wears her trainers.
Why did you take an umbrella with you? The day is beautiful.
When is your birthday?
When is your birthday? Mine is on the first of December.
wrapping paper
She used some wrapping paper to wrap the presents.
She used the glue to put all the pieces together.
If you find a wallet, you must hand it in to the police.
jigsaw puzzle
My little brother likes doing jigsaw puzzles.
Don't lose this receipt. You must keep it.
He has no idea why his mother isn't at home.
Example of Usage
(a) piece of paper
Can you give me a piece of paper? I want to write something.
put together
The children put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.
My uncle is very rich; he's got a lot of money.
I can't solve this puzzle. It's too difficult.
Communication airport
They live in house near the airport and it's very noisy.
Communication appearance
He's very careful about his appearance.
Communication colleague
Ian is a colleague of mine. We work together in the office.
Communication feature
Can you describe the features of your best friend? Communication take notes
When the teacher talks, I always take notes.
Communication type (of)
The weather was awful. We stayed in the hotel room all the time.
She lives in a small flat in the city centre.
Independence Day is a holiday for Americans.
My friend is never on time. She's always late.
The thieves came in through the window.
It's a very long flight from London to Singapore.
She's very gentle with young children.
Good luck.
Good luck with the football match. I hope you win.
My boyfriend gave me a red rose and a card with a red heart.
Mr Thompson is in a meeting. He can't talk to you now.
A police car passed him as he walked down the road.
When the teacher asked me a question, I paused to think for a moment.
Stop swinging your legs and listen to me! What does he look like?
What does he look like? Is he tall or short? I usually wear casual clothes to parties.
Her clothes are always very smart and beautiful.
He has a warm coat for cold weather.
She wears formal clothes to business meetings.
Lilly usually wears a hat in the sun.
This jacket is very heavy. I don’t want to wear it.
When he goes to parties he usually wears jeans and a T-shirt.
Take a light pullover with you. It's a little cold.
Irene never wears loose T-shirts. She wants them to be tight on her.
You need to wear a thick pullover in the mountain. It's very cold.
When I go to the beach, I wear a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.
She wore a white shirt and a blue skirt.
When Ian has a meeting he wears a smart suit.
Look at this businessman in the dark suit.
This skirt is too tight. Do you have a bigger one? She usually wears T-shirts and jeans to work.
I need some advice about what clothes to wear to the party.
She always takes an umbrella with her in winter.
Put on your brown belt because these jeans are very loose.
They went to the Caribbean for a week's holiday.
I bought a pretty cotton dress for the party.
for example
You don’t need formal clothes to the party. For example, you can wear a T-shirt and jeans.
When it's snowing, I usually wear my wool gloves Headword
Example of Usage
hardly ever
My grandmother hardly ever wears trousers.
When you go walking in the mountains, it's a good idea to wear layers of clothes.
Sandra has a pair of black shoes and a matching bag.
He never wears a tie. He doesn't like them.
I often go through the park on my way home from school.
She put on some clothes and went for a walk in the park.
He wore a pink shirt and a blue tie.
My mother suggested that I wear a dress to the party.
Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses when you go to the sea.
I usually dress in layers and take off some clothes when it's very hot.
He always wears a shirt and tie at work.
That's a lovely top you're wearing! Where did you buy it? trousers
Take a wool pullover with you. It's cold in the evening.
He's a very careless student and always makes mistakes.
Peter is in the garden. He's digging.
look for something
I'm looking for my keys. I can't find them.
When they have a party they always play loud music.
I went home early to prepare for my holiday.
Shhh … John is resting. He's very tired.
Something is wrong with your TV screen. I can't see anything.
My head aches after last night's party.
Bad weather usually affects my mood.
all the time
When he's angry, he shouts all the time.
I had an interesting conversation with Alice yesterday.
She was very depressed when she heard the news.
We need some factual information about this place.
We finally arrived home at 10 o'clock, over three hours late.
When I have a headache, I usually take some aspirin.
My leg hurts when the weather changes.
It’s cloudy.
It's cloudy. I think it's going to rain.
It’s cold.
It’s foggy.
It's foggy. It's dangerous to drive.
It’s snowing.
It's snowing and the temperature is very low.
It’s sunny.
It’s warm.
It's warm. I don’t need a pullover.
It’s windy.
The temperature is usually high in the summer in Greece.
How many verb tenses do you know in English? The main topic of conversation was the party.
I was very hungry and I ate a whole pizza.
Communication air conditioning
Turn on the air conditioning. It's very hot in here.
Communication broken
My camera is broken. I can't take any photographs.
Communication company
She works for a company that makes bottles.
Communication complaint
She wrote a letter of complaint to the shop, asking for a refund.
Communication enclose
Please enclose a photograph of yourself.
Communication exchange
I want to exchange this pullover for a larger one.
Communication explain
I tried to explain how to play the game.
Communication fit
Communication month
She lived in England for six months.
Communication refund
The shop assistant gave me a refund.
department store
I don’t like shopping in department stores.
Our teacher gets very angry when we make a lot of noise.
Example of Usage
I had a big argument with my girlfriend. Now she's not talking to me.
There was a vase of yellow flowers by the window.
Perhaps Mary can explain the problem to us.
Can I have these shoes at size 9, please? When the wind is too strong, it's dangerous to go sailing.
That’s a shame.
You can't come to the party? That's a shame! classical / rock music
My brother only listens to rock music.
A fish called Wanda' is a famous comedy film.
She likes ballet and wants to study dance when she grows up.
The Rolling Stones are a very famous pop group.
horror film
Vincent van Gogh's paintings are very expensive. There is a play by Oscar Wilde at the theatre. Let's go to see it.
She like reading poems by John Keats.
Poetry is a very difficult form of art.
We went to the museum to see some sculptures.
There are many advantages in living in the city.
better (than)
Those shoes were very cheap. I didn’t pay a lot.
She gave us very detailed information about Japan.
What are the disadvantages of living in a flat? expensive
This camera is too expensive. I can't buy it.
Someday, I want to travel to Iceland.
When I heard the news, I told my mother immediately.
Our children go to the local school.
What is the best method of teaching children to read? I heard some interesting news about Charlie.
I haven't got any recent news from Richard.
(TV) programme
She looked at the TV programme to find something to watch.
The internet is a versatile method of learning the news.
I like the TV because it's visual. You can see what you hear about.
worse (than)
This hotel is worse than the one we stayed at last week! (an) action / adventure film n
I like action films because they are exciting.
Many famous actors appear in this film.
It's a difficult choice, but I think I like the red dress best.
The critics didn’t like the film at all.
The water isn't very deep. You can swim here.
That's the earliest information we have about Bob.
Don’t decide until you know all the facts.
Saving Grace' was a very funny comedy.
in my opinion
In my opinion, the Gladiator wasn’t a very good film.
Nobody knows the location of Atlantis.
love story
She's very romantic and she likes watching love stories.
We can't cross the Pacific ocean in this small boat! Please put the books back on the shelf in the right order.
She answered all the questions in the quiz.
My recommendation is to go and see the film.
The critic wrote a very good review of the film.
My boyfriend is very romantic and always brings me flowers.
Example of Usage
The Others' with Nicole Kidman was a very scary movie.
(a) science fiction film
Blade Runner' was one of the best science films ever! thriller
Do you like watching thrillers or comedies? Quentin Tarantino's films are always very violent.
I don’t like abstract art. I don’t understand it.
What do you think was the aim of the artist when he painted this picture? ambulance
He was very ill, so we called an ambulance to take him to hospital.
She paints little angels. They are very sweet.
answer the phone
Can you please answer the phone? I'm in the kitchen.
The park was lovely, and I enjoyed the walk.
She only wears clothes made of cotton fabric.
What happened to the ship is still a mystery.
(an) offer
I accepted his offer to help me carry the bags.
Before you buy her a present, learn about her preferences.
He smokes a packet of cigarettes a day.
He's a very spontaneous person. He doesn’t think much.
Use the steel knife to cut the meat.
She wrapped the present in gold paper.
Communication cure
Communication insomnia
If you have insomnia, you can't sleep.
Communication picnic
Communication (a) trip to the countryside
When I have a holiday, I go for a trip to the countryside The cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth.
The children followed the instructions of the teacher.
I can't spend a large sum of money on a new laptop.
Can you turn on the TV? I want to watch the news.
She worries about her weight. She thinks she's fat.
Peter Jackson is the director of 'The Lord of the Rings'.
I didn’t expect the film to be so good. It was a nice surprise.
There's a new guy at work. He's very good-looking.
Ralph Fiennes plays the part of a pilot in this film.
She has posters of actors and singers in her room.
Every Sunday evening he learns the results of the football matches.
There is a good selection of presents at the museum gift shop.
What a lovely surprise! A birthday party! Peter Jackson was unknown before he made the 'Lord of the Rings'.
Dennis Hopper plays the villain in 'Speed'.
What on earth.?
What on earth is this? I really don’t understand this form of art.
My Dad commutes from Oxford to London every day.
The bus was very crowded and we couldn’t get in.
The garage is big enough for two cars.
We parked the car behind the school.
There are many passengers on the boats going to the islands.
The train for Brighton leaves from Platform 4.
rush hour
There are too many people travelling in the rush hour.
She lives in the suburbs, not in the city centre.
There isn't as much traffic on the roads on Sunday.
Example of Usage
underground (metro)
Travelling by the Underground is very fast and safe.
He likes adventures, he's not afraid of doing dangerous things.
Many people in Spain watch the bullfights. It's a tradition.
We went to the circus and we saw the acrobats.
Travelling to Africa was a very interesting experience.
Have you ever been to
Have you ever been to Australia?' 'Yes, I was in Sidney last summer.' Australia?
When I was in New Zealand, we went hiking up in the mountains.
My little brother loves horses and often goes horse-riding.
long-haul flight
It's a long-haul flight from France to Australia.
Ian doesn’t like this particular kind of music.
The article in the newspaper refers to adventure holidays.
My friend Fiona is getting married and she's invited me to her wedding.
I don’t like artificial flowers. I prefer real ones.
brosúra, ismertető füzet He took some brochures to decide where to go on his holiday.
The east coast of Britain is very pretty.
They live in a small cottage in the countryside.
Maria is very interested in cultural activities. She goes to the opera and visits museums and galleries.
The dome of the Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul is very big.
This club is exclusive. You can't go in if you aren't a member.
First-class tickets are very expensive.
golf (course)
Many people visit Portugal because of its golf courses.
The village was so beautiful, I thought I was in heaven.
She's gone to London, to improve her English.
…That's all my news. Write soon. Love, Amanda luxurious
He has a luxurious apartment in the south of France.
on the coast
Theo lives in a small house on the coast.
They usually spend their summer holidays on a seaside resort.
The cinema has a roof that can open in good weather and closes in bad weather.
Bungee jumping is very safe. Don’t worry! He sailed all the way from Malta to Gibraltar.
See you soon.
…I must go now. See you soon. Best wishes, Bob sightseeing
In the afternoon we all went sightseeing round the town.
Be careful not to slip - the floor is wet.
She still hasn’t finished her homework.
We went surfing every day when we were in Australia.
He likes traditional houses, not modern ones.
water sports
Jim really enjoys water sports. He goes water-skiing and surfing.
winter sports
I don’t like winter sports. It's too cold for me.
megengedheti magának He can't afford to buy a new car. He hasn’t got enough money.
book (a hotel room)
I want to book a table for four for next Wednesday.
business class
He's rich and can afford to travel business class.
catch the train
She caught the train only a few minutes before it left.
In the rush hour there are many commuters on the trains.
Her flat is in a very convenient place, near the shops and the train station.
cross a busy road
It's dangerous for young children to cross busy roads alone.
He enjoys cycling and never uses the car.
It took me five hours to reach my destination.
direct flight
Is it a direct flight from here to Algiers? distance
What's the distance from London to Cambridge? economy class
Economy class is cheaper than business class.
Holland is very flat. There are no hills or mountains.
It’s raining.
It's raining. Take an umbrella with you.
make enquiries
The police are making enquiries about the dead man.
one-way ticket
She bought a one-way ticket to Bahrain.
Example of Usage
The railway system in France is very fast and modern.
return ticket
Rollerblading is a very amusing sport.
I couldn't get a seat on the bus this morning.
Communication beauty salon
Sandra wants to be pretty and visits a beauty salon once a month.
Communication double room
He booked a double room for himself and his girlfriend.
Communication facilities
The school has very good sporting facilities.
Communication offer
He came over and offered me a drink.
Communication reception
recepció, szállodai porta Please sign your name at reception when you arrive.
Communication receptionist
The receptionist at the hotel is very helpful.
Communication sauna
I have a sauna and massage every week.
Communication single room
There weren't any single rooms at the hotel, so I booked a double room.
Communication suite
The honeymoon suite at this hotel is very luxurious.
Communication swimming pool
They have a swimming pool at their house and they swim every morning.
Communication treatment
She had a beauty treatment before the party.
Communication twin room
The two friends booked a twin room for their holiday.
He's very efficient. He does his job well and fast.
Have you ever been to Greece? It's a beautiful country.
He took a jumper with him because it can get quite cold in the evening.
When they arrived at the town, they went to see the sights.
I've been to America twice this year.
I didn’t have an appointment, but the doctor managed to fit me in.
Joe has a very healthy lifestyle. He doesn't smoke and he goes jogging twice a week.
of a lifetime
Travelling around the world was the experience of a lifetime.
sort (something) out
There was a problem with my room, but the receptionist sorted it out.
There aren't many travellers in this part of the country.
break / obey the rules
She always listens to her parents and never breaks the rules.
I think Chemistry is a very difficult subject. I don’t understand it.
When she finished school, she went to college.
Many students think Geography is boring, but I like learning about new places.
History is very interesting because you learn what happened in the past.
Oxford University is one of the oldest educational institutions.
Helen is four years old and goes to kindergarten.
How many foreign languages can you speak? Mathematics
Einstein taught Mathematics at university.
His movements are always slow and careful.
Physics is a subject that studies the rules of nature.
primary school
My child is very young and goes to primary school.
When I broke the rules my parents made me stay in my room as a punishment.
school subjects
What are your favourite school subjects?' 'I like History and languages.' She doesn’t like Science because she can't understand it easily.
secondary school
What do you want to do when you finish secondary school? speed limit
The speed limit here is 60 kilometres an hour. Don’t go faster.
"Did you go to university ?" "Yes, I went to Oxford." He has a bank account and that's where he keeps all his money.
You are ill - you must avoid going to work for a few days.
She's an American citizen. She was born in the USA.
Sharon is doing a language course to improve her German.
Learning to drive isn't difficult, but you have to be careful.
She pushed the door and entered the building.
When you finish the course, you must pass an examination.
What was his explanation for not coming to our party? Headword
Example of Usage
She parked in the wrong place and had to pay a fine of 70 euros.
When you arrive at the main road, you must give way to other cars.
go faster / slower (than)
gyorsabban / lassabban My car can go faster than yours.
megy You can't have a gun in your house in most European countries.
identity card
He always carries his identity card with him when he goes out.
Immigration has become a serious problem for many Western countries.
There has been a great improvement in her work recently.
Look! There is a new green leaf on the tree! Spring is coming.
military service
In my country men have to do military service for a year.
She was a first-time offender, so she only paid a fine.
pass a test
To go to the next class you must pass a test.
(get) petrol
Don't forget to get some petrol before you start the journey.
Jim got some points on his driving licence because he passed a red light.
Is it possible to get a train to Bristol from here? He's been in prison for two years. He killed somebody.
road sign
When you learn to drive, you also learn the road signs.
rules of the road
Are the rules of the road the same in your country? seat belt
I always wear my seat belt when I'm driving.
You have to stop at the red traffic light.
traffic lights
We don’t have traffic lights in my village. We don’t need them.
He gave an account of his conversation with Jane.
There were six columns of names in the newspaper.
Some countries have compulsory military service.
The cost of life in the city centre is very high.
nevelés, oktatás, tanítás The education of small children is very important.
She's at intermediate level in English, but she can understand a lot.
What's the length of studies if you want to become a doctor? He's five years old and goes to nursery.
Studying art and music is optional in our school.
period of time
Sandra couldn’t understand French for a long period of time.
Pre-school education is optional, but helps children learn about school life.
He went to an expensive, private school.
He explained the reason why he was so late.
They had a review of the system to try and improve it.
school system
The school system is suitable for all children.
Anna took some specialised courses in computer science.
They put all the information they had in a table and tried to find the connections.
They've made some arrangements for their journey next week.
She decided to change careers and become a teacher.
How many children are there in this classroom? confidence
He has a lot of confidence and isn't afraid to give his opinion.
There was a lot of noise in the room, but I continued reading my book.
Kate doesn’t live alone. She has two flatmates.
Helen has a full-time job as a secretary.
Craig is worried about the future because he hasn’t got a job.
Sophia has joined the gym, she wants to get fit.
She was my mother's lifelong friend.
Life-saving is a very useful skill, especially if you live near the sea.
Katrina has a part-time job, but she's also studying to be a nurse.
Seeing her grandchildren gives her a lot of pleasure .
The prospects of finding a better job are small.
I didn’t recognise my sister in the dark.
He has many skills, like computers and languages, which make him very useful at work.
You must call a specialist. The computer doesn’t work.
Example of Usage
the weekend after next
a jövő hét utáni hétvége I'm flying to Brussels the weekend after next.
Her training as a doctor saved the man's life.
When I was at university, my tutor helped me a lot with my studies.
Communication appointment
She was late for her appointment and she had to run.
Communication dentist
George went to the dentist because his tooth hurt.
Communication make an appointment
I made an appointment with the doctor.
I don’t understand how to use this strange device.
Can you hold the baby for a moment, please? She had a lot of luggage and took a taxi home.
I asked Steve to help me, but he refused.
Be careful, the knife is very sharp.
switch off
He switched off the TV and went to bed.
take an exam
I'm taking an exam next week and I'm studying a lot these days.
take exercise
The doctor told him to take exercise because he's very fat.
Turn off the lights and go to sleep.
He's an average student, not bad but not excellent.
He keeps all his important documents on him.
Dr Branson is the head of the English Language Department.
It depends.
How much does it cost to buy a car in your country?' 'It depends. Some cars are very expensive, others are cheap.' The little child pressed the keys of the computer.
I listenend to the whole menu, but there is no information about boats to the islands.
We have three options - to go there by car, to fly or to catch a train.
Public transport in this city isn't very well organised.
We rented a car and travelled along the coast.
Andrew returned very late from work.
She's a trainee nurse; she's still learning.
He's a dog trainer - he teaches dogs to do things.
Her visa wasn’t valid and she couldn’t come into the country.
He did some vocational courses and found a job very easily.
Before you wash clothes always read the instructions on the label.
The children swam in the cold river.
A long tunnel connects France to Britain.
white-water rafting
I think white-water rafting is a very dangerous sport.
The mountain forms a natural barrier to the villages.
They are going to build a hotel near the beach.
Asia is the largest continent on the planet.
I can always discuss my problems with my sister.
The new government has done a lot for the educational system.
The bridge links the two sides of the town.
They don’t live on an island, they live in the mainland.
The children are doing a project on different cultures.
space station
Are people going to live in space stations in the future? technology
Modern technology has made people's life easier.
Ronaldinho's control of the football has made him a very famous player.
Madonna's fame as a pop singer has reached the whole world.
Bill Gates made his fortune by selling computer programs.
David Copperfield is a very famous performer. People love his shows.
Example of Usage
My little brother wants to be a professional basketball player.
She hasn’t received any news from her friend for a long time.
Ian has just had a training session and he's tired.
Liam swapped seats with me because I couldn’t see.
Climbing to the top of the mountain was a challenge for Jim.
Many people give money to charities at Christmas.
His desire for fame made him work very hard.
They decided to go on an expedition to the North Pole.
extrém, szélsőséges(en) I don’t like extreme sports. I think they are very dangerous.
mountain climbing
Christina's hobby is mountain climbing.
raise money
The children of our school decided to raise money for a charity.
The police are searching for the missing boy.
She can’t stand flying.
She can't stand flying. She prefers going by train.
The students wrote a summary of the newspaper article.
take place
The next Olympic Games are taking place in Beijing.
White-water rafting is a very tough sport.
There is an ancient wall around the old town.
Communication likes and dislikes
The little children talked to their teacher about their likes and dislikes.
Communication monolingual
When you're learning a language, it's a good idea to use a monolingual dictionary.
Communication strengths and weaknesses
At the job interview they asked me about my strenghts and weaknesses.
Communication (study) objective
His objective is to become the best student of his year.
Communication timetable
She looked at the timetable and decided to take the 5 o'clock train.
We stood at the bottom of the mountain and looked high up at the top.
There is a small village at the bottom of the hill.
She hasn’t got many relatives - only two cousins and an uncle.
travel agent
We went to a travel agent's to book a flight to Nepal.
This place is beautiful. I want to stay here for ever.
It was a very frightening experience. I don’t want to remember it.
Her face lights up when she hears about her grandchildren.
The moon was behind the clouds and the night was very dark.
They tried to leave the island on a wooden raft.
The sky is blue and the sun is shining.



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THE PREVALENCE OF PANTOPROZOLE ASSOCIATED THROMBOCYTOPENIA IN A COMMUNITY HOSPITAL –A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY Efrat Dotan, MD; Randi Katz, DO; Jason Bratcher, MD Sivakumar Reddy, MD; Carrie Wasserman, DO; Michelene Liebman, MD; Amy Michel, PharmD; Aliasad Arastu, MD; Georgia Panagopoulos, PhD; Colette Spaccavento, MD Division of Hematology and Oncology, Department of Medicin

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