David Borde Resume addendum: Background: I started my photography career with Peter Elliott Productions, Inc. in May of 1983. For 2 years I assisted this top Chicago photographer and film director in the field of large format food and product photography. During this time I also broke into the film industry where I developed my skills as a prop-master and rigger for special effects in film. In 1985, I went freelance and have worked for over 40 commercial photographers and a couple dozen film production companies in Chicago. Back in 1987, I had my first experience with digital imaging. I was working with David Deahl of Big Deahl Productions in Chicago on a national print campaign for a new fruit drink for Leo Burnett. Separate shots were taken of a woman in a bikini, a hand model's arm, her hand holding the bottle, the bottle itself, and a close-up of a model in a swimming cap and goggles. Then, with the help of some clever rigging, multiple splash and spritz shots were all composited together onto a single piece of 8 x 10 film by Raffael in Texas, the first firm to develop the Scitex system. We learned a great deal about photo-compositing multiple images digitally. Since many shots and tests were shot over a period of five days, we had to pay close attention to continuity and modify the shot angles and lighting accordingly. In 1988, I opened David Borde Photography. From 1988 to 1990, I devoted myself to the field of special effect photography. I built a 12’ x 16’ color and black & white darkroom in my Bridgeport studio that had a Beseler 4 x 5 Dichroic enlarger with a pin registration and vacuum system to photo-composite my 8 x 10 transparencies together. Working with Kodalith masks, in-camera masks and multi-exposure techniques, I developed the foundation of my understanding of layers, selections and channels in Photoshop. I built a six foot diameter dome that I used as a light source to many table top sets. I projected images with my slide projector onto its smooth interior while it hung suspended with pulleys above my table top sets. I built countless rigs and sets and have worked with many model makers and riggers to create many surreal effects. Between 1990 and 1997, I built and operated a photo studio at 1603 South Michigan complete with an eight foot stainless steel darkroom sink, color print processor and a water temperature control unit. I had a complete workshop with a table saw, drill press, router table, metal mill, stationary drum and belt sanders, air compressor and many power tools. I used this equipment to build rigs and create special effects for film production companies in Chicago such as Big Deahl Productions, Back Yard Productions, Silent Partner Films, Chicago Story, Freese and Friends, and Peter Elliott Productions (see resume). In 1995, I learned about motion control film making and used various motion
control systems like the Gazelle, the Kenworthy and a few others. I have
adapted my techniques in rigging to utilize computer controlled step motors to
sequence the timing, delay, position, and motion of my rigs with camera and
During this time, I also produced many print ad campaigns, catalogs, and
marketing pieces for various clients at my Michigan Avenue studio using 4x5
and 8x10 formats.
Between 1998 and 2000, I headed up the digital photography department for
Campaign Communications and Campaign Press, a full service printer and ad
agency in Cicero, IL. It was there that I began using a 16 mega-pixel
Dicomed™ "Big Shot" digital back for Hasselblad cameras. With almost 3
years there shooting catalog, fashion, product and location, I learned about all
facets digital imaging, prepress and printing. I worked with the pressmen to
make critical color and density adjustments through Photoshop, Quark,
Illustrator, match prints and press checks.
In 2000, I opened Bigad Agency with two other partners. Since then, we have
completed over 700 jobs for clients such as the Illinois Liquor Control
Commission, Hyatt Hotels, Exelon, Veeco Manufacturing, Aspen Valley
Landscape Supply, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and dozens of others.
I have traveled as a location photographer and videographer to New York,
Washington, Dallas, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Florida, LA and
many locations around Illinois. Our company has also created many
campaigns for restaurants, hotels, resorts, political candidates and sports
teams. I have extensive experience creating logos, graphics and interactive
maps and virtual tours using programs like Illustrator, Free Hand, Quark
Express, Photoshop, In Design, VR works and QTVR authoring studio. I also
have done extensive video, DVD and interactive web work using After Effects,
Flash, Final Cut Pro, Fireworks, Image Ready and DVD Studio Pro.
Below are some details about my experience in digital imaging:
Photoshop Sklls:
I have been using Photoshop since 1995. Starting with Photoshop 3, I am now
proficient up to Adobe CS3.
I am excellent in the following:
• Layer styles • Vector masks • Alpha, spot and split channels • Shape layers • PMS duo-tones and tri-tones • Color and Levels histograms • Working with Lab, CMYK, RGB and Pantone and Web color spaces • Use of shadows, highlights and strokes as separate channels when • Drop Shadows • Retouching • Outlining and paths • Computer Icon Creation • Sizing and Sharpening images to obtain optimal clarity and gradations. • Bringing out highlight detail in blown out photos • Bringing out shadow detail in poorly lit photos without generating excess • 3D perspective • Keyboard shortcuts I do extensive work retouching fabrics, faces, and surfaces and know how to preserve skin and fabric textures while getting rid of wrinkles and blemishes. I can enhance bad lighting dramatically and have developed proprietary techniques for retouching using the history palette, custom brushes, selections, and various filters and blending modes. As a web designer for over six years, I know how to create web safe content, media and imagery. I worked with Motorola and Getty Images in March and April of 2005 to create stills, videos and animations for their new cell phone screens. I used Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Image Ready and Fireworks. David Borde


Microsoft word - caldolor orthopedic study publication 8.30.10.doc

FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION PRE AND POST-OPERATIVE USE OF CALDOLOR (IBUPROFEN) INJECTION SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES PAIN AND OPIOID USE IN NEWLY PUBLISHED STUDY ¾ Study demonstrates IV ibuprofen can be safely administered at induction of anesthesia as well as throughout the post-operative period ¾ IV ibuprofen decreases morphine use by more than 30% while improving pain control

Pharmacology: doses for the examinations

Pharmacology: Doses minations 1st semester Autonomic drugs Epinephrinum, adrenaline (Tonogen inj.) 0.05-0.1-0.2! mg iv Cardiovascular-renal drugs Chinidinium sulfuricum, quinidine, 200-400-500! mg Mexiletin (Mexitil caps., Ritalmex caps.) 200-400 mg Digoxin (Digoxin tabl.) daily maintenance oral dose 0.25-0.5 mg Metoprolol (Betaloc ZOK) daily 1 x 25-100 mg Enalaprilum mal

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