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BYETTA is an injectable medicine used to improve blood sugar control in people with Type 2
Diabetes. Byetta improves the action of insulin, delays stomach emptying which delays the
absorption of food, and decreases appetite. It is used to prevent the blood sugar from
increasing after eating.
BYETTA comes in 2 doses of a pre-filled pen: 5mcg and 10mcg. Each pen contains 60
doses to provide a 30 day supply of twice a day dosing. Inject BYETTA straight into the skin
of the abdomen, upper leg (thigh) or upper arm.
Because of the side-effect of nausea, it is better to gradually go up on the Byetta dose. If you
have a lot of nausea at any one dose, lower dose to the previous week’s dose.

FIRST WEEK: Take Byetta 5mcg at least 15 minutes before supper only

SECOND WEEK: Take Byetta 5mcg at least 15 minutes before breakfast and supper
If you have left over medication in the 5mcg pen, you may use it as follows as you go
up on your dose.

FIRST WEEK: Take Byetta 5mcg at least 15 minutes before breakfast and 2 doses of
5mcg OR 1 dose of 10mcg pen at least 15 minutes before supper.
(To take two doses,
leave needle in the skin and redial the dose and administer the second dose)
SECOND WEEK: Take 2 doses of Byetta 5mcg or 1 dose of 10mcg at least 15 minutes
before breakfast and supper daily.

If you cannot tolerate the 10mcg dose, you will need to get a refill with the 5mcg pen.
BYETTA is injected before breakfast and supper only. If you do not eat breakfast, you
may take the injection before lunch and supper. Do not inject it after a meal. You may give it
as much as 60 minutes before a meal. If you forget to take the dose, do not take it later or
double up on the next dose.
The major side-effect of BYETTA is nausea. The nausea usually is mild and may last for
several hours after the injection. The nausea should improve in a few days. To minimize
nausea, do not eat a large meal or excessive starches or sugars when you first start the
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K. Jean Lucas, MD
Diabetes & Endocrinology Consultants, PC
Kristin Gainey Ferree, FNP

Other less common side-effects are dizziness, diarrhea, headache, feeling jittery, and an acid
stomach. BYETTA may reduce your appetite and lower your weight. These are desirable
side-effects which also help control your diabetes.

When you first start BYETTA, it is important to check your blood sugar frequently since your
other diabetes medications may need to be adjusted to avoid a low blood sugar.
If you are not on any other diabetes medications except for metformin, Actos, or Avandia, you
should not have to make any dosage adjustments. You should not be having any
hypoglycemia. If you do, you should call your physician.
If you are on other diabetes medication, the addition of BYETTA may cause your blood sugar
to drop too low. If you are on Novolog, Humalog, or R insulin with meals, you should lower
your pre-breakfast and pre-supper insulin by one-half when you first start the BYETTA at that
meal. If you are on Lantus as your only insulin, you should reduce the Lantus dose by 5 units
every time your blood sugar drops below 100.
Additional instructions on insulin dose:
If you are not on insulin or have tapered off insulin and are taking Amaryl, glyburide,
glucovance, metaglip, or glipizide, you may need to lower the dose of these medications by
50% if your blood sugar drops below 80 after starting the BYETTA.
For example, if you are on Amaryl 4mg twice a day and your blood sugar drops below 80,
you should only take the Amaryl once a day. If it drops again, you should lower the Amaryl to
½ tablet daily.
If it drops again, stop the Amaryl.

Call your physician if you are unsure what to change as your blood sugar becomes better
The BYETTA pen you are using may be kept at room temperature and does not need to be
kept refrigerated. A pen not in use may be kept in the refrigerator. Once in use, the pen is
only at optimal dose range for 30 days. After 30 days, the dose is weaker and will continue to
weaken the longer it is used after 30 days.
\\W10060-2\dec forms & documents\Patient Brochures\Byetta Information.doc
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