Childbirth trends in the private sector : south africa

Childbirth Education Trends in the Private Sector : South Africa
A research project of the Childbirth Educators Professional Forum
Aim: To establish childbirth education trends in the private sector in South Africa
Questionnaire to be filled in by a mother who had a baby 6 weeks ago within the private sector in South Africa 1. Womans’ age_____________________________________________________________________ 2. Marital status _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Which town do you live in ____________________________ Province _______________________ 4. Was this a 1st baby ______________________ or 2nd or more baby __________________________ 5. Did you have a doctor or midwife looking after you during your pregnancy? ___________________ Doctor’s name __________________________ Midwives name ____________________________ 6. Did you attend childbirth education classes? Yes_______________ No______________________ 7. If not, why did you choose not to attend classes? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If yes, please continue answering the questions 8. What was your motivation for attending classes__________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 9. How many sessions were offered – day____ weekend_______ multiple sessions once a week___ 10. Name of the childbirth educator_______________________________________________________ 11. How many people / couples attended the classes?_________________________________________ 12. Were they couples classes or classes just for moms? ______________________________________ 13. What was the cost of the classes? _____________________________________________________ 14. Did your medical aid reimburse you for the classes? Yes_____________ No________________ 15. Which medical aid do you belong to? __________________________________________________ 16. What made you choose the childbirth educator that you went to? ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 17. What topics were covered in the classes? Tick those that were covered 3rd stage of labour – active vs passive 18. Venue where the classes were given – tick where appropriate Home gym__ community centre__ hospital__ doctor room__ other___ 19. What was your level of satisfaction of the classes Very satisfied__ satisfied __ not satisfied___ very unsatisfied___ 20. Did the classes meet your needs? Yes_______________ No______________ 21. Did the class meet your expectations? Yes______________ No_______________ 22. Were you taught research based information? Yes________________ No_________ 23. Availability and appropriateness of visual aids ___________________________________________ 24. Did your educator use 25. Was your childbirth educator well groomed? Yes__ No___ 26. What did you most like about her______________________________________________________ 27. Was she appropriately dressed? Yes__ No__ 28. Did she speak clearly and confidently? Yes___ No____ 29. Did she instil confidence? Yes___ No___ 30. Were you exposed to other education classes eg massage classes? Yes__ No__ 31. Did she offer support groups? Yes___ No____ Which ones?_________________________ 32. How did you feel you benefitted from the classes? ________________________________________ 33. Would you go to a refresher class with your next baby? Yes____ No________ 34. What resource reference materials were you encouraged to use? _____________________________ 35. Which pregnancy books and magazines did you read? _____________________________________ 36. Which internet site have you found useful? ______________________________________________ 37. Was a reunion class organised? Yes___ No___ 38. What suggestions do you have about improving classes in general? __________________________ 39. Would you recommend the classes to your friends to attend? Yes____ No____ 40. Did childbirth educator favour or have a bias to promote a specific type of birth? Yes__ No____ 41. What was the most helpful thing/s that you gained from the classes?__________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your valuable time to fill this in – we really do appreciate it. You can return this form to us by any of the following means  Return it to your childbirth educator who gave you this form  Post it to CBEPF – Box 15047, Lambton 1414 Kind regards - Lynne Bluff, Barbara Hanrahan, Lynda Lilienfeld, Hettie Grove


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