120  frugal  tips  for  a  fabulous  face Apply loose powder over your blush for a softer look. Mix Sorbolene and almond oil together for a lovely moisturiser. Grow Aloe Vera and use for a great face lotion and anti-ageing eye cream. Baby Amolin is great for chafed lips and sore red noses.
Mix blush with baby powder for a new colour. Buy an old fashioned razor at the barber shop. Replace the blades. Powders and shimmers can show lines and wrinkles more. Invest in a big makeup brush with natural or soft synthetic bristles. Squirt lemon juice into your face scrub to brighten and exfoliate your skin. If you have dark skin use peach or vanil a shades on your brow bone. Brush away more costs Invest in good makeup brushes. You will save your products. Cetaphil works great for both face and body moisturiser. Dab Champagne on your skin as toner for an anti-ageing treatment. Half day pamper packages at beauty schools can be dirt cheap.
Book makeovers at cosmetic counters when you are ready to buy a product. Combine castor oil and olive oil for a moisturiser for the face. Buy a cheap powder compact and simply mix it with baby powder. Cheap SPF moisturiser Mix bulk moisturiser with a bulk sunscreen for cheap SPF moisturiser. Mix warm water with Apple Cider Vinegar and use on your face as a toner. Keep floral waters and toners in the fridge in summer as a nice spritzer. Use concealers which balance out the colour of your blemishes.
Pat a little coconut oil on your cheekbones and brow bone. Simply add food colouring to white zinc. Use concealer lightly on your face. Stays longer than foundation. Do not use hot water on your face. Use cool or tepid water. Keep moisturiser in the fridge for a nicer feel. Apply blush to the tops of your cheeks, not under your cheek bones. Whisk up an egg white and apply as a face mask. Egg yolks are great for keeping your face soft and subtle. Apply as a mask. Apply foundation with fingers instead of a sponge to save product. Ditch buying wipes altogether and use a soft flannel or Chux wipes. Apply primer or base before applying makeup for a flawless finish. Apply blush to the tops of cheeks by fanning upwards towards your ears. Foundation as primer Save on primer by using foundation on your eyelids instead. Lightly spray your face with water and press foundation down with a compact. Attend a free beauty session at a pharmacy. Mix mineral powder into your moisturiser for instant foundation.
Book makeovers at cosmetic counters for Fri or Sat before closing.
It is cheaper to buy disposable razors than a razor and blades. Use mild or perfume-free skin cleansers.
Hand cream face mask Use hand cream as a simple and effective face mask. Add Witch Hazel to moisturise and clear acne. Use shimmer highlighter sparingly. It is not for the whole face. If you have light skin use a white shade as a highlighter on your brow bone. Combine olive oil, essential oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.
Mix olive oil, vinegar and water for an effective night cream.
Honey makes an effective and simple face mask. Dab blemishes with honey. Cover overnight and blemish will be smaller. Add colour to your cheeks for an instant face-lift. For instant radiance apply some moisturiser with pink undertones.
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120  frugal  tips  for  a  fabulous  face51. Put a few drops of Jojoba oil on your finger and put it on your cheekbones. Lacura range of creams and cosmetics from Aldi are good value. Nude by Nature powder foundation is light and easy on the skin. Buy a cheap ivory foundation and mix with foundation to lighten. Apply natural yogurt to your face to lighten spots on your face. Dig out the leftovers of your old lipsticks and use them as a blush. Mix colours. Make Hydrosol toner. Mix water with essential oils. Mix foundation with moisturiser or sunscreen to make tinted moisturiser. Make wipes last longer Cut makeup wipes (or baby wipes) into four to make them last longer. Try Jojoba oil on a cotton pad for removing makeup. Maximise moisturiser Apply moisturiser while your face is still moist after cleaning. Lock in this moisture. Microfibre as a flannel Microfibre cloths are great as face washers. Microfibre clothes are great for removing makeup.
Make a stiff paste with milk powder and water. Apply twice weekly. Wash your face with milk to brighten your face. Mix sea salt, avocado oil, almond oil and essential oil for a scrub. Dab olive oil on your cheekbones and brow bone. Use olive oil to remove makeup. A cheap alternative.
Pat dry your face. Do not rub it with a towel. Make peppermint tea and put it in a spray bottle. Enjoy this nice spritzer! Reduce redness using products containing Benzoyl Peroxide or Cortisone. Clean your phone regularly to reduce acne on your face. Use a large powder puff to buff your face. Look less shiny. Mix foundation with a little moisturiser to make it go further. Moisturise as soon as you get out of the shower while your skin is damp.
Kabuki brushes are very popular for powder application. Quick makeup routine Cleanse, tone, moisturise (with SPF), add face powder and then lip balm.
For instant radiance apply a blush or rose moisturiser to your cheekbones. Use a light reflecting concealer. Light will reflect away from your wrinkles. The make-up section at the reject shop offer great buys for cheap makeup. Replace sponges regularly or wash them regularly to keep good hygiene. Do not rub or stretch eyes when washing or applying makeup. Reuse Vitamin E tablets Squirt out the contents of your old Vitamin E tablets into moisturisers. Try Rosehip Oil for problem skin. Apply twice a day.
Put rosewater in a spray bottle for a spritzer and toner. To keep eyes cool dip cotton pads in rosewater. Cut cotton buds in half to make them last longer. Skip the facial. Buy facial peel pads from a Dermatologist instead. Place rings of sliced cucumber on eyelids for beautiful eyes. Use eyelash tint kits instead of visiting a beautician. Splash face with cold water. Dab with cotton pads before applying makeup. This one is a no-brainer. Skip the sweets and get rid of pimples. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase stops creases. Your hair and skin will be healthier. Avoid wrinkles by not squashing your face into the pillow. Face the ceiling! Add a little baking soda for a light exfoliator. Store foundation bottles upside down when they are nearing empty. Mix a little water with your moisturiser to make it go further. Use cold pressed olive oil and essential oils as moisturiser. Copyright @ Savings Room 2012
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120  frugal  tips  for  a  fabulous  face101. Super cheap face-lift Apply blush higher on your cheeks for a cheap face-lift. Fish oil regulates hormones and reduce pimples.
103. Tea tree oil on pimples Dab Tea Tree Oil on pimples using a cotton bud. Test a foundation shade by applying it right under the jaw line.
105. The secret is to exfoliate Exfoliate twice weekly to help your beauty products work better. Apply pink glitter blush to the top of cheekbones. Add darker blush underneath. Clean your pillow cases more frequently to reduce acne. Use as a cleanser, moisturiser, make-up remover and shaving cream.
Baby wipes make cheap makeup remover sheets. Bronzer makes a good eye shadow and blush. Combine for new colours. When applying makeup use natural light if possible. If you do not have any concealer on hand you can use face self-tanner.
Dab some Vegemite on a pimple and leave on for a little while. Wash face with vinegar and water to clear blemishes. Do a test spot first. Put Vitamin E on spots before going to bed. Mix Vitamin E with foundation and triple the amount you have on hand. Wash brushes. Do not rub old makeup back over your face. Keep daily makeup simple and light. Keep heavier makeup for special occasions. Add wheat germ oil to night cream to add moisture. Got skin problems? Grab some natural yogurt and apply it as a mask. Copyright @ Savings Room 2012
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