Web: http://grad.physics.sunysb.edu/ jfaherty/ Camino El Observatorio # 1515 Casilla 36-DSantiago, Chile Stony Brook UniversityM.A Physics, 2006Ph.D. Physics & Astronomy, 2010Thesis Advisors: A. Burgasser (UCSD), M. Shara (AMNH), F. Walter (SBU) University of Notre DameB.S. Physics , 2001 Student Commencement Speaker at Stony Brook University’s PhD Convocation, 2011Stony Brook President’s Award for Distinguished Doctoral Students, 2011Astronomical Society of New York Graduate Dissertation Award, 2010Best Poster Award: Cool Stars 15, 2008Ford Pre Doctoral Fellowship Honorable Mention, 2007Semi-finalist NASA JPFP Graduate Student fellowship, 2006, 2007Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Stony Brook University, 2006Teaching Materials Award of Distinction (for DTU Teachers Manual), AMNH, 2002Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, University of Notre Dame, 2001Fulbright Grant Semi-Finalist, 2001New York State Regents Scholar Award, 1996New York State Scholar Athlete Award, 1996 University of New South Wales (UNSW) Visiting Scientist Fellowship 2012 ($10,000)NASA Astrophysics Data Analysis Program 2011 (PI E. Rice; Collaborator Faherty $181,647)NSF International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program Award, 2010 ($125,000)AAS Rodger Doxsey Dissertation Travel Award, 2010 ($500)American Museum of Natural History Research Fellowship recipient, 2008 ($35,000)Peter B Kahn Fellowship for travel to an International Conference, 2007 ($1,500)Northwestern REU Fellow 1999 ($8,000) Postdoctoral Fellow, Universidad de Chile Cerro Calan New York, NY, USASupervisor: Sebastien Lepine Properties of brown dwarfs and hot extrasolar planets Kinematics, AstrometryStar and Planet FormationWolf-Rayet Stars, Emission Line Stars, Planetary Nebulae Twenty refereed journal papers published or accepted to date (17 since PhD completion in 2010), garnering 251 citations, 152 of which are for first author papers) leading to an H-index of 9.
20.A WISE search for very late objects detected only in the W2-bandD. J. Pinfield, J. Gomes, A. C. Day-Jones, T. Cattermole, C. Cardoso, J. Faherty, M. T. Ruiz,R. Kurtev, J. R. A. Clarke, B. Burningham, L. Smith, R. Smart, P. W. Lucas, N. Lodieu, M. C.
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16. Deep Search For Companions to Probable Young Brown DwarfsG. Chauvin, J. Faherty, A. Boccaletti, K. Cruz, A.-M. Lagrange, B. Zuckerman, M. S. Bessell, J.-L.
Beuzit, M. Bonnefoy, C. Dumas, P. Lowrance, D. Mouille, and I. Song; 2012, A&A in press (arXiv1208.3092C).
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12. A Near-Infrared Survey of the Inner Galactic Plane for Wolf-Rayet Stars II.
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Astronomy Moveable Museum Coordinator, AMNH Created teaching materials then instructed with the moveable at various schools in NYC Presenter with the Eugene Lang Middle School Outreach program Teaching Assistant, Stony Brook University Led practical portion of Observational Astronomy for majors.
Instructor, Amateur Astronomers of New York Instructor for Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology courses Professional Development Instructor, AMNH Designed workshops for teachers from NYC schools on how to use AMNH as an Astronomy resource.
WNYC Radio, NHK Japan TV interviews for July 11, 2012 Manhattanhenge event La Tercera, 24 horas, El Mercurio, RadioChile interviews for June 5th Transit of Venus event onEaster IslandNPR Science Friday Radio, Televisa Mexico TV interviews for July 12th, 2011 ManhattanhengeeventAmerican Museum of Natural History Blog contributor Insights from the Hubble TelescopeThe Explosive UniverseOur Solar NeighborhoodWhats up in the Winter Sky?Stars, Constellations, and Legends in the Southern Sky Virtual Universe and Celestial Highlights Talks at AMNH (6-10 each year)El Futuro de Los Viajes en EspacioEaster Island Museum, 2012The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Astronomy in the MediaColumbia University Open Night, 2009Planets, Planets Everywhere!Amateur Astronomers of New Jersey, 2009Robots on Mars: The story of Spirit and OpportunityNew School, 2006 Organized a 2-day Astronomy outreach workshop at the Easter Island Museum and a visit by 9professional astronomers to the 3 main schools on the island to promote the June 5th Transit ofVenus. 20% of the island was present for the viewing I organized at the Ahu Tahai Moai alter site.
Organizer, Global Hetu’u Venus Transit Viewing Network Organized a global network of school groups in Chile, China, Australia, Europe, Japan, Iran, USA,India and Colombia to view the June 5th/6th transit of venus and combine timing measurements tocompute the distance to the Sun.
Served on a lunch panel with 4 senior female faculty members to to discuss issues related to genderthat arise while doing field work Mentor for three high school female students in the NASA Science and Research Mentoring Program(SRMP) Attended annual meeting to give scientific talk and forge mentorships.
Presenter, Trendsetters Network Conference Speaker at an all girls event where female professionals look to mentor young women in Science Arranged Astronomy activities for the after-school programs at IS162 in the Bronx Provided Astronomy activities for students bused in from NYC by aid societies to rural NJ Mentored middle school females in Science through the WIZARDS outreach program

Source: http://research.amnh.org/users/jfaherty/Faherty-cv.pdf

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