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Human Ultracell Anti-Ageing Vaccine
The “Institute of Biological Research” of Biocell Ultravital has worked tirelessly on cellular, hormonal and enzymotherapy treatments and devoted many years to a research that have been capturing an enormous interest among the Scientific community. Their rather controversial treatments have been braking through the field because they have been proven to be effective. The “Institute of Biological Research” of Biocell Ultravital subscribes the approaches taken by prestigious research centers in Europe and the United States, regarding the vital importance of hormones and enzymes within physiological reactions and their contribution to a satisfactory or otherwise poor systemic functioning of our body. Based on such scientific concepts, the extracts of embryonic tissues of sheep fetus included in H-Ultracell have become richer. Enzymes make “assimilation” easier for the body and substantially improve induction abilities. But we certainly go further than that – we make our extracts even richer by incorporating aminoacids, which favors the development of living cellular tissue. Finally, we include hormonal inductors, which are so specific and vital for regenerating human body that the result must be necessarily the end of the human body deterioration. Today, aging is considered a disease that gets worse as time goes by. That is why H-Ultracell, our Anti-aging vaccine, is that encouraging answer everybody has been waiting for. All these years of scientific efforts, trials and studies are now bearing fruit – Today we are proudly introducing H-Ultracell, our anti-aging vaccine. With a life expectancy of at least 75 years in developed countries and substantial changes in life-styles in a post-modern era (on the edge of a new millenium), a higher incidence of biological aging-related diseases has been observed. The phenomenon could be linked to an increasingly frequent premature senile dysfunction observed, which stimulates an unprecedented interest among scientists. The characterization of the phenomenon says that aging begins at the age of 40, at the cellular level. Once a cell finishes its differentiation process and optimizes its functions, development changes begin to take place, induced by metabolic errors that create a gradual deterioration of our systems, tissues and organs. In the light of this information, it would be useless to approach aging “after” damages have occurred, when there is no turning point or the recovery would be almost impossible. We must address functional alterations early in life, so structural damages can be prevented. Could we enjoy physical activities and natural pleasures again, once our life has been extended? H-Ultracell says yes, we can do everything we want. A single formula will prevent cellular alterations, recover body functions and favor a systemic revitalization. History
H-Ultracell is an implant of tissue and cellular component suspension extracted from fetal
sheep, enhanced with hormonal inductors and enzymes that play a central role in the
cellular development of human beings. Our therapy represents years of research, trials and tests by Physicians and Biologists who have been using Opotherapy to treat their patients (Voronoff, Bogomotetz, Fischer, Filatow, Niehans, Stein, Denis, etc.) As specialists adopted blood implants (transfusions), Opotherapy (Barnard) continued to evolve through heart and kidney transplants, etc. On the other hand, it is widely known that today Medicine lies on many products derived from organic extracts. Let us just mention here pig-origin insulin, for instance, equine anti-toxins, estrogen and gamma globulin, ox bile and liver. How about codfish liver products? All of us heard about its therapeutic applications at least once. H-Ultracell is a Medical alternative working with cellular components of human and animal origin, which makes it unique and definitely the best product among other similar alternatives. What is the difference between an organ transplant and H-Ultracell? A transplant is an extreme action, a decision made for saving someone’s life. H-Ultracell is a preventive, healing therapeutic resort, and an immune-stimulator, polypeptide factor and a cellular regenerator, well characterized both chemically and physiologically, regulating and revitalizing the organic functions of the body. We know a simple introduction would not be enough to completely understand H-Ultracell. We wouldn’t go on before establishing that there are sixteen thousand (16,000) Physicians practicing cellular treatments only in Europe; the “International Society for Cellular Treatments” with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, brings together more than twenty-four thousand and (pituitary gland growth hormone, Pit-HGH). The method had two major disadvantages: Limited availability of donors. Above-average risk of suffering Jacob’s Disease. The introduction of growth hormone recombinant preparations became the answer to these drawbacks. A sustained supply of the product is guaranteed. Growth hormone segregation depends largely on age. In adults, HGH production decreases by approximately 10-15% each decade. Similarly, hormone segregation is related to sex, nutrition, and physical condition as well as health. Growth hormone works under the Information with Hypophysiary Deficiency
What does “hypophysiary deficiency” means? What causes it? What are the typical complaints related to it? How can hypophysiary deficiency be diagnosed? What is the treatment? Frequently asked questions
What are the effects of hypophysiary deficiency on my every day life?
What do I need to know about it?
What is hypophysiary deficiency?
“Insufficiency” means “weakness”, “insufficient performance”. We mention insufficiency when a gland does not segregate the hormones necessary for the body. Fortunately, we are now in the position to provide our body with almost every hormone it needs. The hypophysis is like an “appendix” to the brain, incrusted into the bone structure of the sphenoid, called “Turkish chair” because of its saddled shape. Two lobes are found in the hypophysis; the front or anterior lobe and the back or posterior lobe. The hypophysis is a small organ, but one playing a critical role to the body functioning. From the anterior lobe come the hormones that will be carried later through the bloodstream. These hormones are mostly responsible for controlling What are the typical complaints related to it? Following is a description of the hormones produced by the hypophysis and the typical complaints related to an insufficiency of them. Hormones stimulating thyroid hormones: They allow for the production and release of hormone thyroxin and tryodothyronine. Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism and have an effect upon growth and body development. In adult stage, a lack of thyroid hormones will cause the “deceleration” of metabolic processes and the subsequent slowing down of physical and mental activity, lack of drive, fatigue, low blood pressure and pulse, as well as dry and scaled skin. Adrenocorticotrophic hormone: This hormone allows for an increase in the segregation of cortisol within the adrenal gland cortex. Also called hydrocortisone, cortisol has important effects upon the body, by playing a role in sugar processing (which is so important to human beings), in the effects of other hormones, such as adrenaline. It has a direct or indirect influence on every biochemical process, takes part into the regulation of body responses to environmental stimuli –hunger, infections and stress. The lack of cortisol is a reason for weight and energy loss, blood pressure drop, etc. Our body does not always behave the way it should under environmental demands. The lack of cortisol will allow for fat deposits, especially in the face and neck area, thus causing a weight gain that becomes evident through the so-called “full-moon face” and “buffalo neck”. Luteinizing and follicle-stimulant hormones affect sexual male and female glands (testicles and ovaries). As for women, both hormones are responsible for producing female sexual hormones estrogen and progesterone, and the functioning sequence of a normal ovulation cycle and menstrual period. A prolonged and premature lack of female hormones will lead to the suppression of the menstrual period and the emergence of typical symptoms of menopause (hot flashes), and osteoporosis (bone calcium loss). In men, luteinizing hormones allow for the production and release of testosterone. They are responsible for creating sperm cells and, through follicle-stimulant hormones, the male characteristics in the body. At early stages, the lack of testosterone will cause muscle mass loss, high-pitched voice, and childlike Cellular Components
Fetal Tissue
We use black sheep as donor animals. Genetically speaking they are one step forward compared to white sheep, given their great compatibility with human cellular system. A record and a medical history of each animal are umber is stamped on their ear. Surgeon Veterinarians of the University of Veterinarian Hygiene check them all. They inspect the flock every six weeks and draw blood, urine and excrement samples. Normally pregnancy in sheep lasts five months. At three and a half months, we put the animals in a quarantine room next to the laboratory where they will spend the rest of the time under absolute sterile conditions. Meanwhile endless bacteriological, serological and clinical tests are carried out in order to eliminate the possibility of any transmissible disease to man. A total of thirty-six zoonosis exist, actually reduced to 27. Scientists pay special attention to this area, double-checking and making sure no one of them is present. No special food is given to the donors –we just make sure they get a protein-rich diet, through sterilized, specially prepared food for laboratory animals. The animals are given a bath with a sterilized solution intended to kill germs present in the sheepskin. Anesthesia is administrated through electrical shock. Finally the animal is covered with a sterilized blanket and then shaved, its abdomen disinfected before the cesarean –then the uterus and the fetus are removed (normally two little lambs are found, still alive). Oxygen and food are available to them for twenty more minutes. The uterus is passed from a hatchway to an inner compartment, which is sterile, completely germ-free, airtight and high pressurized so that air can flow out (never in) in case a mistake has been made. Everything remains inside the operating room. The Surgeon and his assistants work through two glove-shaped holes (similar to cuffed mittens). This way they make sure only his hands -covered with sterilized rubber gloves- will touch the fetus. They work fast –they dice the tissue and take it immediately into a suspension solution. Next they take fragments to an adjacent freezing chamber at –85º C. At this temperature, no chemical or enzymatic change will take place. The tissue is taken to a lyophilization chamber where at high vacuum, a freeze-drying process will follow for the next thirty-six hours. Of course a given measure of “structural” water will be allowed in order to sustain chemical balance of the organs. The desiccated material will be cut and sifted. Then the rest of the enzymatic and hormonal components of H-Ultracell are prepared under vacuum, sterile atmosphere, for the lyophilization of the cellular mix. plays the role of a “bio-catalyst”. Remember what enzymes (catalysts) are –those substances that in small quantities and without changing themselves will allow for chemical transformation of a number of substrates. Enzymes make possible endless metabolic processes within our body, and there are many enzymes working tirelessly. One of them, a special category called regulating enzymes, are able to receive different metabolic signals and change their catalytic speed. The enzymatic systems used by H-Ultracell work in a highly coordinated way for establishing a fluent relationship among the many, different metabolic activities necessary for sustaining life. Professionals working at Biocell studied for more than 10 years the enzyme effects regarding elimination of cancer cells in tumoral cultures, inflammatory processes, arthragias and edemas of different etiology. Their research confirmed that systemic Enzymotherapy has a wide-range of applications in this field. On this basis, Biocell made a decision and incorporated enzymatic systems to the H-Ultracell formula. They are called for a catalytic and synergetic function, so that an unstoppable, systemic revitalization mechanism is set off, leading to the integral rejuvenation of the body. Background
Burger and Heyden found out that the concentration of biological substances will begin to
decrease in humans at the age of forty. A reduced concentration will obviously have an impact on protein synthesis that in turn will produce a diminished efficiency of the whole system. In order to understand how these effects work through an implant with cellular content (remember that only the removable content of the cell is transplanted, not the whole cell), let us say that this material is the base of life. As Pauli wrote in 1960, “Life doesn’t come from a molecule, life comes from the relationship between molecules" Basic chemical substances of life consist of molecules. They are not living beings but work as such, interacting and promoting special chemical reactions. When a tissue “puree” is made (naturally made of cells) it is essentially the same chemical substances that originally constituted the living tissue. To obtain such substances, mostly containing polypeptide factors, very amino acids into proteins and purine into nucleic acids). Sydney and Fox, who worked with an amino-acid mix extracted from a cellular “puree” and heated it at 150-180ºC, obtained small spheres they called “Protenoids”, which constitute the basic structural material. They are the fundamental units for generating protein, from which cells are generated. Recently, Russian researchers reported new results about spontaneous generation. This freshly updated theory reads, “Protenoids can be linked to the material surrounding them and can be increased through “yolks” and grow organically. It is known that a cellular puree, used for cellular therapy purposes, contains different protenoids. When adult fetal tissue is extracted, a group of polypeptides and specific biological substances are obtained from the organ. We call it “cellular outline” because it is a very important link for the future of the new cell. When this cellular-outline compound finds a living cell (regardless the age of the cell) it will introduce information and orders into its own mitosis chain so that cellular differentiation occurs into a cell with the young fetal characteristics. Experiments like the ones described above (all of which would be impossible to include here) made Scientists to be sure that cellular extracts transplanted to humans will go to homologue tissues and organs, and white corpuscles are the vehicle they use to do so. This mechanism has been called Self-Recognition and Self-Distribution principle. Immunology has also made its contribution to clarify the effects of the cellular extracts and helped to develop practices for using them. Medawar and Burnet reported the behavior of transplants within individuals of the same specie (homograft) and the subsequent rejection reactions. This mechanism posed several questions to researchers. Since embryos are perfectly tolerated by homograft and xenografts, when within Ontogeny is the body able to recognize the transplant as a foreign body? The most remarkable fact is: When a homo-graft is used with an embryo, the graft is not eliminated. Once it gets to the adult stage, any kind of organ or tissue transplant from the same individual that provided the graft will be accepted. Bold reported that cellular extracts among different species will work as inductors. The induced organs kept its own characteristics –shape and size- since the inductor acted only as a stimulus for promoting the mechanism and activating a whole new potential in the recipient. re not the only ones with induction properties –even dead tissue and extracts from them have such properties. This reveals the importance of chemical-type inductors: it is not important whether the cellular extract comes from a living cell or a dead one. Either way it can be used as an inductor. To properly understand the efficacy of cellular extract transplants, we need to get familiarized with the cellular protein participating (directly or indirectly) into every single mechanism of a living cell. These substances begin to work in the fundamental matrix of cytoplasm. Depending on its category, cells have very special structural proteins that cannot be obtained through synthesis. These proteins help to build cellular structure and are included, without exception, in every cell. Proteins are responsible for invaluable functions during the life and reproduction of cells. There are extractable proteins so specific that can only be found in a particular kind of cell. They transmit properties the recipient cells lacks of (e.g. Thymus proteins are able to transfer specific properties to an aged human cell, which means, are able to induce and/or chemically transform the chemical content of one cell from the 80-year old recipient into a younger one). This effect depends on the quality and layout of the amino acids involved. Therefore, the amino acid sequence of insulin will be completely different from that of a collagen, even though both are made of similar amino acids. These extractable elements play an important role within the vital course of life and the prevention of cellular aging, given that reposition of missing substances is their most important attribute. That is why the most essential element in H-Ultracell is not the intact or living cell but the biological content, specially the protein-type content, reusable even though it came from a dead tissue. Organisms –an animal, a plant, a microbe- are able to live thanks to a continuous stream of molecules, regenerative chemical particles. These substances can be obtained through extraction, and once implanted into a recipient, they will get intercalated into the cellular regenerative processes they normally work for, and take part into them as if they had been created in the recipient in the first place. The substances will become similar to the chemical bodies they previously knew in the animal, a process called “assimilation”. At first, the recipient will assume that a foreign substance has entered the body (the organic extract), even though they share the same chemical composition. The recipient will have two options, rejecting it or converting it through complicated chemical The body can recognize a living or dead invader (the same happens with vaccines) but it cannot tell a cellular extract from living cells from a cellular extract from dead cells. The body will accept the implants based on its chemical composition. Research
Action on cardiovascular and respiratory systems H-Ultracell administered to rats (0,8
mg/kg, intraperitoneal), rabbits and cats (mg/kg i.v.) will not alter blood pressure, heart or
respiratory frequency. Intravenous administration at a dose of 1 mg/kg to cats will not alter electrocardiogram and pneumographic responses to epinephrine and acetylcholine. Activity on isolated organs
H-Ultracell will not alter muscular tone in isolated guinea pigs and will not inhibit contractions provoked by acetylcholine and histamine. It will not alter the isolated uterus of a rabbit or the responses provoked by bradychinine and serotonin. H-Ultracell will not change spontaneous motility of isolated duodenum in rabbits.
Action on neuromuscular transmission
H-Ultracell will not change “in vitro” the diaphragm conditions in rats (electrically
induced). Neither “in vitro” tibia muscle contractions, motor coordination or fatigue

H- Ultracell does not contain DL50. An intraperitoneal dose of 1000 mg/kg will produce allergic-like reactions and not the dead of the animal (rat or mouse)

Sub-Acute Toxicity
Administration for 21 days (mouse) and 31 days (rats), up to a 100 mg/kg dose (intraperitoneal) will not produce chronic disorders or alter body weight or the weight of major organs, spleen or thymus. The macro and microscopic appearance of the observed organs is completely normal. Chronic Toxicity
Daily administration for 100 days to rats (intramuscular) and dogs (intraperitoneal) at a
150 mg/kg dose will not produce lethal effects or modify body weight, or the weight of major organs. Hepatic and urine values remained unchanged. No injuries were observed after a macro and microscopic examination on the studied Fertility and Toxicity (Prenatal and Postnatal)
Subcutaneous administration to male and female rats at a dose of 100 mg/kg for two consecutive generations will not affect fertility or reproductive capacity. No effects were observed in the progeny. Mutagenecity Test
A concentration of 50,000 mcg/plate will not increase the number of inversions of
Salmonella mutant stumps requiring histidine for growing (Ames test). Analysis and Results
H-Ultracell presented by Biocell Ultravital is different from similar compounds from another
sources. Differences in content and applications are:
The synergic action of the fetal cells of unborn sheep, with the essential enzymes and amino
acids carrying and stimulating the growth hormone. The anti-aging substances Seleginile
Chlorhydrate (Dephrenil), recombined Melatonine, Acetyl-I-Carnitine, Co-enzyme Q10 and Procaine KH3, will produce an almost immediate revitalizing, refreshing and functional effect on the body. Sheep embryos and fetal cells, combined with hormonal extracts, will quickly improve by 89% the physical condition of an individual, according to his age. The Anti-Aging Vaccine H-Ultracell will bring health, vitality and energy back and allow for a longer life with much better physical and mental conditions and a fresh, much younger look. The treatment should be used every 2 or 3 years. With a new millennium just around the corner, we can proudly say that even though H- Ultracell will not take people back in time or transform a 60 year old person in one of 40, or make a 55 year old person recover what he or she had in their 20's, it will make easier and possible for anyone to look ten (10) or twenty (20) years younger than his or her real or chronological age, while keeping this physical well-being, both internal and external, for the rest of his or her life. Besides, people can recover and keep the vitality and libido they though forever lost. History shows that average life span of human beings have been extending. In the 19th century people lived from 45 to 60 years. During the 20th century life expectancy increased and the average life span was from 55 to 70 years. For the new millenium, and thanks to H-Ultracell, we are expecting an average of 80 up to 100 years of useful, active and 100%-lucid life, always with a younger physical appearance. What is exactly the H-Ultracell Anti-Aging Vaccine?
In lay terms, is an injection of hundred of millions of cells and tiny cellular groups.
An estimate of 50 millions cells die within our body each second and are replaced by a similar number of cells. However, when we are sick or get prematurely old, both the quality and number of said replacement cells decline: fresh cells replacing dead ones are not as good as they used to be. In the automobile industry, millions of identical pieces are manufactured from templates or mold every day. What if one of these molds has a small dent or defect? Pieces will come out faulty. The same happens with human body. When an organ –skin, liver, heart, spine, for instance- gets injured or damaged by toxins, infections, illnesses, nicotine or alcohol, cells will not come out the same, they will not be what they used to be. Here is what H-Ultracell does –giving damaged organs and tissues a new cellular mold from which they will work and manufacture the corresponding organ. Why don’t we take a look to the fundamental effects of H-Ultracell?
General revitalization or regeneration -a dream came true only after years of research and
clinical trials- through injections of cells from fetal tissue, Thanks to a high concentration of amino acids, H-Ultracell delays the aging of the mental processes, improving the “brain fuel”. For all these reasons, H-Ultracell means a great influence on the cellular metabolism. An H-Ultracell-based treatment, our Anti-Aging vaccine, guarantees 85% health-improvement for people in the “middle age”, changes that will become evident in their physical, mental and internal condition. H-Ultracell will improve the physical condition of “senior” people in at least 70% and important changes will be noticed: skin tone, capillary growth, darker hair, less porous fingernails, increase of the muscular mass (without exercises), regeneration of bone density (for preventing osteoporosis), stimulation of immune system (for preventing illnesses), decrease of excess fat (cholesterol and triglyceride) and improved absorption of nutrients. Biocell Ultravital, through H-Ultracell, is a pioneer in this original method of approaching body rejuvenation. H-Ultracell is also a fundamental carrier of Hormone Inductors. With an exclusive formula, our product will return the body to a young-adult level. Today, different hormones are being used with huge success both in USA and Europe. Scientific studies endorsing this are growing in number in the field of Regenerative Medicine. H-Ultracell makes cells coming from an organ to act upon the same organ once in the recipient’s body –heart cells will work on recipient’s heart, liver cells will work on recipient’s Why H-Ultracel uses a combination of amino acids with fetal cells from sheep,
specific hormones and enzymes?

To begin with, the biochemical structure of animal cells is similar to that of the human body. We use sheep for their good health and resistance to disease. We use fetuses because in most cases cells from a neonate animal are still completely sterile and more important, the immune system of the fetus is still untouched by bacteria and viruses. A newborn does not have his own antibodies (he uses his mother’s), so his antigenic capacities are minimal. There is no reason then for a recipient donor to reject the implant –a group of vital enzymes carrying genetic material necessary for the major reproduction of young, fresh cells has been incorporated. This way the adaptation process is speed up, favoring an instantaneous, complete acceptance from the human immune modulating system. There are many cellular treatments available today but H-Ultracell is the most complete revitalizing and regenerative of all. In fact, it is the most immune modulating system. There are many cellular treatments available today but H-Ultracell is the most complete revitalizing and regenerative of all. In fact, it is the most effective anti-aging treatment in the world. To the traditional cellular treatment, we incorporated enzymes and activators of enzymes responsible for protecting the body from most of diseases. H-Ultracell is rich in essential amino acids, and represents a cellular, regenerative composition working for balancing and perfecting the functioning of the human body. Our product applications are so wide and safe that can be used for years without risks. H- Ultracell, Anti-Aging vaccine, includes all the required material for promoting cellular growth in people of any age. The value of this treatment lies on this –it is not exactly a pharmacological medicine but a regenerative treatment that can be completely assimilated by the body without disadvantages or risks. “Above all, do no harm”. A motto that holds truth on the verge of a new millennium. Questions
Let us see how you can benefit from H-Ultracell: Do you feel like you are getting older? Do you find it difficult to keep your energy level along the day? Would you say your strength and Histamine is going downhill? Are you having overweight-related problems? Do you think your fat and cholesterol levels are rather high? Are you experiencing more physical pain (muscles, bones) than ever before? Are you having problems with your sleep? Do you have as much sexual drive as usual? Do you think you might have memory problems? Are you experiencing hair-loss problems? Do you have problems with your blood pressure (high or low)? Do you often get dizzy? Have you experienced a general and prolonged weakness? Does your skin look dry and wrinkled? If you said “YES” to three or more of the questions above, you might be one of many people who will certainly benefit from this treatment –the only answer to the inexorable wear caused by the passing of time. Composition
Each vial of H-Ultracell contains 500 mg of lyophilized powder comprising 300 mg of fresh
fetus tissue from unborn sheep and 200 mg of L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, GABA, L-glycine, L- lysine, L-tyrosine, Seleginile hydrochlorhydrate, Acetil-l-carnitine, co- enzyme Q10, Procaine KH3, essential enzymes, glycine and mannintol. The extraction and tissue processing are done preserving its biological integrity. No additives are used. The 3-ml solvent contains 150 mg of amino acids and stabilizers for diluting lyophilized powder before applying the injection (deep, intramuscular, and gluteal). The injection is painless. Indications
During the last 5 years H-Ultracell has been proven effective for:
Improving the tone of the skin and stimulating capillary and nail growth Preventing the aging of the skin Revitalizing body functions Increasing resistance to stress Improving organic functions and performance normally deteriorating with time Reducing blood pressure Improving memory Improving the quality of sleep Preventing osteoporosis, stimulating and controlling libido both in men and women. H-Ultracell also stimulates blood vessels and accelerates recovery from wounds. Successfully treating anemia of any origin and stimulating the growth hormone (which make Generally speaking, we can summarize H-Ultracell indications as follows
Sub-functioning of endocrine glands, which comprises underdeveloped genital organs,
menstrual disturbances, infertility, premature menopause, obesity of glandular origin,
diabetes due to advanced age, hypotension and impotence. Premature aging with loss of vitality. Chronic degenerative diseases including poor circulation in limbs, inadequate Contraindications
No adverse reactions have been observed in any case at the recommended doses. However,
H-Ultracell must not be applied when vaccines have been administered within the last thirty
(30) days; in cases of evident intolerance to protein compounds exist (previous tests are necessary) or chronic infections (tonsillitis, vesicle or teeth). Patients with diabetes family history and patients with diabetes: Treat before administering H-Ultracell. This product may be safely combined with other medicines. Side Effects
Sometimes large red aureoles may appear on the injection area. Rarely tachycardia or a blood pressure drop may be also observed. Give a 40-mg injection of Solu-Medrol and Administration
Dissolve the lyophilized content of one vial with the diluent contained in a specially-
designed syringe containing 3 ml of a amino acids compound of 150 mg. Prepare the
injection and administer immediately through deep intramuscular injection. H-Ultracell treatment is painless for it contains only natural biological material. A one-day rest after each treatment-session is recommended (no exercising allowed until next day, limited to moderate exercises). Restrictions on smoking and drinking for some days are Treatment Frequency
Based on the life-span information available, life-style and recurrence of aging-related
conditions involving disorders like premature senility, we suggest devising a “treatment
strategy” with H-Ultracell, our vaccine against aging, and always take into consideration the age of the patient involved. Remember that certain changes are inevitable and result in the gradual deterioration of the body, i. e. the gradual damage of tissues, organs or the entire system. We cannot afford to overlook this -we need to face it and begin to work early. Don’t wait until deterioration is irreversible (do no let a functional disturbance become a structural damage). Presentation and Packaging
H-Ultracell of Biocell Ultravital comes in a specially designed case of expanded
polystyrene to protect it from temperature changes. Includes 4 vials with lyophilized material and 4 syringes with 3 ml each. The protective band and the sealed box guarantee the purity and quality of the product. Do not use if quality tags or vial guarantee cover have been removed. Storage
Keep in a dry and cool place.
H-Ultracell may be stored at room temperature between 5°C and 25°C. Refrigeration is not necessary. Do not use after expiration date or if the guarantee cover has been removed. Control of the Finished Product
An independent laboratory is responsible for required microanalytic, bacterial, anti-
brucellosis and virus controls, and other required physic-chemical tests. Bibliography
Enderle, E
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Induced Tumors (1979) 7-9 Fuentes Chaos, A Philosophy of Cancer Therapy. Cytobiological Magazine 2 (1978) Gianoli, A.C. Immunotherapy for the Prophylaxis of Malign Tumors “More Cancer Recovery Cases”. Helfert Publishing House, E. Sachwabe Bad, Hamburg srdH Landsberge, A. Cellular Therapy for Cancer. Medicine from Experience 25 (1976) 281-283



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