MONTRACHET FINE WINE MERCHANTS - 020 7821 1337 2011 is undoubtedly a great vintage, certainly the best since 1994 and possibly 1963. After a wet end to 2010 which more than replenished water tables, 2011 was a very dry year. From January to August only 250mm of rain fell, well below the average 400mm with the crucial month of July total y rain free through-out much of the Douro. However, it wasn’t particularly hot, al owing the grapes to survive the dry condi-tions until much welcome rain arrived on 21 August and then again on 1 September. This was just in time to get the vines working again, al owing the grapes to reach ful phenolic maturity. The harvest started around 15 September by which time any dilution effect from the rain had passed and the crop was in a perfect state of health and with a fine balance of rich fruit, ripe tannins and crisp acidity. There was no rain until the middle of October and the ideal combination of sunny days and cool nights allowed each quinta to choose precisely the right moment to pick without any constraints due to the weather. I have never tasted such a consistently fine vintage. Al the major houses have made successful wines with their different characteristics showing up most clearly. They wil undoubtedly age well and the less famous names offer great value. The only downside is the smal volumes produced as a result of the dry summer. If you’re interested in acquiring these fine wines, please don’t wait as I am sure that most wil sell out quickly. Produced at Taylor’s by the same gifted wine-making team. This is always a more forward style of vintage port best drunk from ten to twenty years of age. In great vintages such as 2011 it is wonderful value as the natural concentration shines through and increases both its quality and longevity. Aromatic with fine mixture of red and black fruits on the nose and perfectly balanced on the palate. Much better bet than a single quinta from a lesser year. Just 1000 cases from Smith Woodhouse’s own Madalena quinta where over half the vineyard is planted with very old mixed vines. The higher proportion of Touriga Franca in the blend gives a highly aromatic wine with a wonderful violet nose and a fresh, seamless texture. Croft has had the same owners as Taylor and Fonseca since 2001 and quality has soared as a result. Croft is now making ports reminiscent of the great vintages of the 1940s and 1950s rather than the weaker offerings of the 1970s and 1980s. Al the fruit for the 2011 comes from Croft’s own Quinta da Roeda just upstream from Pinhao. Rich and ripe, this is a full-bodied, strapping port in an opulent style that wil age beautiful y. Produced by Johnny Graham at Quinta da Gricha on the south bank of the Douro. Vinified exclusively in traditional granite lagares, this is a backward wine with masses of red and black fruits to balance the powerful tannins. Needs time but wil make a fine bottle. The Symington family bought the Cockburn vineyards in 2006 and this is clearly the finest Cockburn vintage port since 1963, showing the wonderful elegance and fruit flavour of the famous Cockburn vintages of the early twentieth century. Produced principal y from Cockburn’s two prime vineyards, Quinta dos Canais and Quinta do Vale Coelho, this is sweet and lush with lovely, pure fruit aromas and lush, succulent texture. Finishes long and sweet. Only 3000 cases made for the whole world. MONTRACHET FINE WINE MERCHANTS - 020 7821 1337 The cooler climate at Quinta da Cavadinha, from where 53% of the blend originates, gives a fresh, elegant style of vintage port. Vividly fruity with perfect balance, this isn’t a blockbuster but wil age effortlessly. Made principal y from grapes grown at Dow’s Quinta da Bomfim and Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira. Only 14% of the crop was used for the 2011 vintage port, the rest being kept for Dow’s ruby, tawny and LBV ports. Splendid wine, the best Dow since at least 1994. Full-bodied, firm and concentrated with lush, sweet aromas and the traditional drier finish (3.4 Baumé as opposed to 3.8 Baumé for Graham). Impressive, long finish, classic vintage port, built to last. 35% of the wine for this comes from Graham’s famous Quinta dos Malvedos. Malvedos is well-known for its full-bodied, opulent wines and this has tremendous power and depth. The low-yielding, north-facing, high altitude Quinta do Vale de Malhadas (19%) contributes tannin and the Quinta da Vila Velha (18%) freshness and elegance. The balance comes from Quinta das Lages and Quinta do Tua. The overal blend has an impressive close-knit texture, wonderful concentration and great length on the finish. Quinta do Panascal in the Tavora val ey has been the backbone of Fonseca Vintage Port for decades often supplying a majority of the grapes although it was only purchased by Fonseca in 1978. Since then, major investment in both the vineyards and the wine-making facilities has contributed to the outstanding track record of Fonseca over the past thirty years. The 2011 is rich and opulent with dark colour, deep brooding fruit and wonderful opulent texture. Another great success. Deeply impressive wine from Quintas de Vargel as, de Terra Feita and do Junco. Vargel as gives fruit and aroma whilst Terra Feita adds body and depth. This is as concentrated as any wine this year and has a fantastic, long aftertaste. 2011 Taylor Quinta de Vargel as Vinha Velha Just 310 cases produced of this intense wine made from the oldest vines on the Polverinho and Renova do Armazem terraces at Quinta de Vargel as. Rich and raisiny, very ripe but has retained freshness and vitality. The ports will be invoiced upon confirmation of order, payment 30 days from date of invoice. All prices are quoted IN BOND lying at London City Bond per case (12x75cl). Delivery, Duty and VAT will be invoiced at current rates upon shipment in Spring 2014. MONTRACHET FINE WINE MERCHANTS - 020 7821 1337


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