West Atlas - Drilling Supervisor; Duncan, Craig; Wilson, Chris 'Chris Wilson'; Brand, Keith; Loveless, Steven; Glennon, Chris; Higgins, Mathieu Subject:
052 SDWA-POB 07 Mar 09.xls; BHI_SLS_Montara H1 ST1_07_070309.xls; SDWA STOP 09-03-07.pdf; 09-3-07 Bulk Report Montara H1 ST1.xls; Montara H1-ST1 DMR# 07.pdf; 09-03-07 DDR 07 Montara H1-ST1.xls
Please see attached reports.
Brief summary:

STOP cards: Total – 38 Seadrill – 28, PTTEPAA - 3, Third Party – 7.
Incidents: 2
At 03:30hrs this morning – Whilst running the 9 5/8” casing the MLS landing collar held-up in the wear bushing. The
plan was to lay out the landing joint that had a small pup joint on top – then pull out and investigate the problem with
the MLS. The single joint elevators (SJE’s) were placed around the full joint of casing and the blocks lifted up. It
appears that all the focus was on the casing collar on top of the pup joint not on the collar between the casing joint
and the pup joint. The SJE’s caught on the collar between the casing joint and the pup joint taking the full weight of
the casing causing the shackles holding the SJE’s to shear. NOPSA have been notified.
While attempting to free the jammed Casing Drive System (CDS) which would not release from the casing string, an
air hoist was routed through a sheave block attached to the Stbd ‘V’ door Samson post and connected to the CDS to
assist in trying to work it free. While applying tension to the CDS the sheave block failed with the sheave section
being flung into the air although still attached to the tugger line. On investigation it was noted that the SWL for the
sheave block was 0·8t being used on an air hoist with the lifting capacity of 5t SWL.
Medic’s daily record

Sprained R/wrist
Sore Elbow
Voltarin Rapid
Sleep Problems due
Unisom sleep Gels
to short change
Operations Montara WHP Well H1-ST1

RIH with 244mm casing 3676m to 3754 working restricted hole as required. Removed FMS from rotary table, trouble shoot jammed pin and lift FMS clear of casing. P/U and RIH with MLS and observed hung up in wear bushing at 17m RKB. POH to inspect MLS and observed wear bushing wedged on MLS. Cut wear bushing free and observed damage to MLS latch assembly. TOFS due to mishap with single joint elevators hanging up and parting shackles. L/O landing string and damaged MLS assembly and P/U replacement unit. P/U and RIH with back up MLS and landed casing –Ok. Circulated casing volume and cemented casing into position, bumped plug Ok. Tested casing to 27.6MPa –Ok, bled off and encountered float failure. WOC 3 hrs, concurrently changed oil on TDS and cleaned flow lines. Checked cement integrity – Ok. R/D cement head and L/O same. PTT.9004.0001.0034
R/D casing equipment and cleared dill floor. Re- installed TDS components (removed to install CDS) and changed pipe handler dies. RIH and set corrosion cap in 244mm MLS at 28m. RIH and retrieved diverter assembly and racked same in derrick with outer mandrel.
0600 Update WHP Well H1-ST1

Installed 50t slings to TDS to support BOP for skidding.
Operations Montara Well H4

Skidded cantilever out board and to Port over well slot H4. Prepared test assembly and M/U and RIH same.

Lady Valisia En-route to West Atlas. ETA = 1200hrs/ 8th March Outstanding Equipment Issue’s
#3 mud pump is now out of service as of 00:00hrs on the 5th March due to bleed off valve failure, there are no replacement internal parts for this (or any other of this type of valve) on-board. Note: The body also sustained some wash damage has now been be cut out and replacement ongoing. Internal parts ETA = TBA. Damage was sustained to the BOP crane cable tray while attempting to bring on the TDE. Temporary trays (rig fabricated) installed on both side and used for running BOP. Guides protrude too far and hoist control hoses damaged – guides to be modified and trays replaced when new pieces arrive. Drillers console window (Top) needs to be replaced – ETA Darwin on Friday the 20th Feb 09. Should make the rig Sat the 28th Feb.


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