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Fasting weeks at Pirchner Hof Hotel & Farm in Tyrol – Austria
Sensible dieting – spelt based and à la Hildegard von Bingen
Living a life of excess and overload can easily result in imbalances and being thrown off kilter;
reasons are an inappropriate diet, insufficient relaxation and lack of exercise – often combined with
emotional conflicts, an altogether unhealthy proposition! Fasting weeks at the 4-star Pirchner Hof in
Tyrol offer a down to earth solution for inner cleansing, eliminating toxins and ballast, whilst clearing
mind & spirit of stress and tension. The Pirchner Hof is Austria’s premier hotel for naturopathy
following the holistic teachings of Hildegard von Bingen,
where in addition to a moderate spelt based
reduction diet the programme includes detoxifying treatments, intestinal purification therapies,
exercise, relaxation and supervised fasting.

Fasting – finding the right measure Hildegard von Bingen believed that a harmonious life included
fasting as part of the cycle of the seasons. Fasting gives respite to the body, lets the mind come to rest, and
releases energy. The focus is directed inwards and the mind becomes clear. This enables guests to have
access to their spiritual core and find the harmony within. This return to the essence of life is the measure of
all things and the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition Fasting the Hildegard von Bingen way does not involve a starvation diet – it is all about
conscious reduction. Hildegard von Bingen held the view that strict fasting harms body and mind. This is why
the weeklong spelt based fast at the Pirchner Hof offers a sensible reduction diet including a ‘fasting soup’
and spelt bread. This simple diet is based on Hildegard's healing herbs and spices as well as the ancient
grain known as spelt or dinkel wheat. In addition, galangal benefits poor circulation and strengthens the
immune system; wild thyme stimulates the metabolism, purifies the blood, and exerts a positive influence on
the skin and respiratory system; pellitory improves digestion and hyssop cleanses liver and lungs as well as
acting as an all round mood enhancer. During the fasting week, guests predominantly drink fennel tea – it is
known to have a harmonising effect on the acid-base balance and brightens the eyes. During the course of
fasting some people might experience slight dips in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In these cases,
Hildegard's 'heart wine', made with parsley and honey, has proven to be an efficient pick-me-up.
Internal purification The body cleanses and regenerates itself during the fasting period. Detoxifying
applications include purifying body wraps to support this process in addition to skin brushing massages,
compresses, baths and thermal treatments. The medical therapies of bloodletting and cupping are available
and performed under the supervision of Dr (med) Karlinger. A daily liver detox pack either after lunch or in
the early evening relaxes and unburdens the body.
Conversation & reflection The host and Hildegard consultant Ms Christa Peer is always on hand to
give advice and support during the fasting weeks. Relaxing country walks, morning and evening meditations,
conversations and meetings as well as talks on a variety of topics, including 'Fasting', 'Nutrition', 'Remedies'
and 'Herbs & Spices' are truly enlightening and have the potential to effect personal change and realignment.
Guests learn to reactivate their senses, listen more attentively to their bodies and recognise their needs and
limitations. The hotel has a deliberate policy of avoiding modern devices such as televisions, computers and
Retreat The Pirchner Hof is a tailormade retreat from everyday life. It is the premier dedicated Hildegard
von Bingen
hotel – an ideal place for a complete break, to learn and indulge in inward reflection. The
combination of seclusion, picturesque countryside and crystal clear mountain air are the key elements for a
learning experience that culminates in a healthier lifestyle – beginning with the fast and creating a basis for
sustainable wellbeing in the long term and well on course for a successful start to the New Year.
Spelt based fasting week at the Pirchner Hof Hotel 12-19 / 19-26 Jan 2014
7 nights including sensible spelt based fasting diet according to the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen
Supervised fasting & lectures • 1 purifying body wrap • 1 lymphatic drainage • 1 skin brushing massage with
base oil • Exercise & relaxation programme • Bread baking course • from €707 pp •
About the Pirchner Hof The Hotel & Farm is located at an altitude of 640m in Reith im Alpbachtal,
renowned as one of Europe's most beautiful flower villages. Surrounded by awe-inspiring mountain scenery
and enveloped by the magical silence of Lake Reith, the 4-star Pirchner Hof melts into the unspoilt nature.
Following recent extensive restoration, the hotel is now the epitome for zest and vitality. In addition to 76
rooms & suites facilities include 3 restaurants & Stuben, a house bar and a spacious Vitality SPA with indoor
pool, year-round heated outdoor pool, sauna landscape and spacious Health House with extensive exercise
pavilion. Other features include the Life Energy Garden where guests can find places of spiritual energy
based on the four elements, natural pond, Kneipp water treading pool, barefoot massage path and the
Hildegard von Bingen herb garden.
About Hildegard von Bingen The Benedictine nun Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), abbess, herbalist
and visionary, is one of the Catholic Church's most eminent women and a true pioneer of her time. It took
until May 2012 before she was finally canonised by Pope Benedict XVI. In October of the same year she was
declared a Doctor of the Church for being 'an authentic teacher of theology and a profound scholar of natural
science and music'. Only three other women have been honoured in this way. Hildegard von Bingen devoted
her life to medicine and science, she composed divine choral music and wrote several important manuscripts
about fundamental human issues. Many influential people of the time sought her advice to help them deal
with issues of life and faith. Hildegard medicine is a holistic concept of healing named after the saint and
based on her vast knowledge of herbalism and naturopathy. Today her teachings enjoy great popularity,
particularly with people in search of a way of life in harmony with the natural world.
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