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A machine to bore three holes to accommodate Blum hinges NOTE: PLEASE REFER TO THE LESSON PLAN “Installing Blum hinges” FOR

Members are NOT permitted to operate this machine unless they are under the
direction of an AUTHORIZED supervisor.
Only AUTHORIZED supervisors are permitted to make adjustments, perform maintenance, or
change or adjust the drill bits.
Do not operate the machine with covers removed.
Eye protection is required.
Keep all body-parts away from the point of operation; remember the three-inch rule.
Disconnect the power and air before adjusting or performing maintenance on the
Keep work-area clean.
Disconnect the power and air after use.
Do not make ANY adjustments to this machine, as settings are fixed to accommodate:
Doors – thickness of 3/4-inch; plus or minus 1/8-inch.
Clip and Clip Top, frame and panel operations - For overlays – 5/8”, 1/2”, 9/32”. For openings in degrees – 100, 107, 120, and 170. Plug in the machine and connect the air supply. Air pressure must be 90 PSI. Turn on the dust collector. Turn on the power switch. Align the clamps. The clamp guards must be 1/8-inch higher than the work. Turn the clamp switch to “On”. Place the door against the base ruler and align with the pre-set stop. If a raised- panel is higher than the rail, a shim will be needed under the rail. Push and hold the drill/press strike button. When the drill attachment reaches the pre-set stop position, release the button, turn off the clamp switch, and remove the door. Repeat the above steps after sliding the door to the other end of the door and aligning against the base ruler and the other stop. Doors exceeding 36” or 15 Lbs. will need one or more hinges centrally located between the two end hinges. The setting will be manually determined. The table is designed to accommodate doors up to 51 inches. Longer doors may need supports.
After the doors are completed, disconnect the power and air supply, turn off the dust
collector, and clean up!
Depth of boring:
Holes are drilled 1/2-inch deep. Drill stops have been installed to standardize this
setting regardless of the board thickness.
Distance from door edge to 35 mm hole:
Holes are drilled 5 mm. (3/16”) from the edge of the board. A scale on the front of
the machine reads 22.5 mm. This is calculated by determining the distance to the
center of the hole, which is 35mm in diameter: 1/2 of 35 mm. equals 17.5 mm.
This is added to the distance to the edge of the board: 17.5 + 5 = 22.5 mm.
Setting the clip on the cabinet:
The stops on the base ruler are set to bore the center of the hole 3 1/2 inches from
the top and bottom of the door. This allows for an easy way to set the top mounting
plate on the face frame. Assuming that the top and bottom door overlay is 1/2 inch,
just use one of the mounting plates as a spacer to install the top mounting plate on
the face frame. Plates are exactly 2” wide. Then, the bottom plate can be installed
by attaching it to the hinge and fastening it to the frame. Of course, a different
spacer will be required if you decide on a different overlay on the top.
Hinge types:
We have elected to use a snap-in (INSERTA) type hinge, which is easily installed and
removed. We stock the 120-degree hinge, Richelieu part # 71755908. These sell for
$2.00 each.
Clip overlay:
The mounting plate determines the overlay on the sides of the doors. We stock a full
overlay: 5/8” and a 1/2” overlay for face frame operations only: part #s 1756600.22
and 1756630.22m respectively. These are $0.75 each.
There is a manual in the cabinet drawer called “Concealed Hinges” which provides
complete information on the Blum hinges supplied by Richelieu.
David Aman, Maxcy Boineau, Bill Brett, Curt Downing, Danny Goodson, Gene Hardy, Herb
Ireland, Al Kaufmann, Karl Kelly, Ron Mensik, John Riordan, Darryl Roberson, Aubrey
Rogers, Tony Ryan, Buddy Turner.
Richelieu Hardware
1140 White Horse Road.
ASR 30/10/08


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