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In an effort to reduce some of the confusion surrounding donor guidelines for giving blood, the 1. IDENTIFICATION. All donors must provide personal photo identification. ID’s must be issued by state (DL or ID), school or US government (passport, military ID, resident alien 2. AGE. All donors must be at least 16 years of age and in good general health. 156 year olds must have written parental consent. There is no upper age limit. A. Cannot give blood if taking the following: Antibiotics, Accutane, Propecia, Proscar. B. OK to give blood if taking the following: Vitamins, birth control pills,or medicine for : Allergies, Blood Pressure, Thyroid Replacement, Female Hormones, Anxiety, High Cholesterol, as well as most other medications. 4. CANCER. OK to donate after curative treatment for basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer. For most solid tumors, including breast cancer, it is OK to give 5 years Permanent disqualifications required for individuals who have had : Lymphoma, 5. DIABETES: OK if controlled by human or porcine insulin, oral medication or diet. 6. SHOTS: OK after allergy shots, influenza vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine and tetanus shot. 7. EATING/DRINKING/ACTIVITY: Try to eat a low-fat meal before giving. Drink lots of fluids before and after giving. Avoid alcoholic beverages for 12 hours before and after giving. Avoid strenuous exercise for 12 hours after giving. COLD/FLU/DON’T FEEL WELL – One day symptom free. PREGNANCY – OK to donate 6 weeks after end of pregnancy. EARLOBE PIERCING – OK to donate, if performed with a single use device. If not, wait 1 9. BODY AND EAR CARTILAGE PIERCING : OK to donate, if performed in a Texas state- 10. HEPATITIS B VACCINE : OK to give 2 weeks after vaccine. 11. TATTOO : OK to donate, if performed in a Texas state licensed facility, otherwise wait 12. BLOOD TRANSFUSION OR TISSUE TRANSPLANT: None in the past year. 13. MALARIA: One year following travel to malarial area as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). OK to donate 3 years after malaria is cured. 14. LAST BLOOD DONATION: Eight (8) weeks between whole blood donations. Seven (7) days between platelet donations up to 24 times per year. Sixteen (16) weeks between - AIDS/HIV INFECTION OR CERTAIN RISK FACTORS. - HISTORY OF HEART ATTACK. - HISTORY OF ILICIT DRUG USE, INCLUDING STEROIDS, USING A NEEDLE. - HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE INJECTIONS (PITUITARY DERIVED). - VIRAL HEPATITIS (AGE 11 OR OLDER). - DIABETIC WHO EVER TOOK BOVINE (BEEF) INSULIN INJECTIONS. - MORE THAN 3 MONTHS SPENT (CUMULATIVE) IN THE UNITED KINGDOM - RECIPIENTS OF BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS IN THE U.K. SINCE 1980. - MORE THAN 5 YEARS SPENT (CUMULATIVE) IN EUROPE FROM 1980 TO PRESENT. - IF DONOR WAS A MEMBER OF THE US MILITARY, A CIVILIAN MILITARY EMPLOYEE, OR A DEPENDENT OF A MEMBER (US MILITARY) WHO SPENT A TOTAL TIME OF 6 MONTHS OR MORE ASSOCIATED WITH A MILITARY BASE IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: BELGIUM, THE NETHERLANDS, GERMANY (1980 – 1990), OR IN SPAIN, PORTUGAL, TURKEY, ITALY OR GREECE BETWEEN 1980 – 1996.


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SEPTEMBER 2001 NEWSLETTER SVBC OFFICERS President: UPCOMING MEETINGS September 10 6:00pm WELCOME BACK RETURNING MEMBERS Thanks to all the above for your continued support of the Club. ANNUAL ICE CREAM RIDE RECAP The 2001 edition of our Annual Ice Cream Ride refreshingly good. We also had a couple riders, Sheila was a change from past years. Instead of starting and

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Dhanawibawa Daily Update 11-Sep-12 10-Sep-12 10-Sep-12 10-Sep-12 4,160.66 Hang Seng 19,827.17 DJIA 13,254.29 10-Sep-12 10-Sep-12 10-Sep-12 Dual Listing Asia Pacific 10-Sep-12 Daily Trading Summary Buy/Sell (Rp) F. Investor D. Investor 10-Sep-12 Commodity Foreign Net BUY Value Net Buy F. Investor Net Sell F. Investor (DWAC Onli

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