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September 10 6:00pm
Thanks to all the above for your continued support of the Club. ANNUAL ICE CREAM RIDE RECAP
The 2001 edition of our Annual Ice Cream Ride refreshingly good. We also had a couple riders, Sheila was a change from past years. Instead of starting and and John, that needed to sample the spicy Mamazuma's finishing at Kline's after a two hour ride, the twelve Revenge chips. And one, Marshall, needed to have participants started from the north end Food Lion at some cottage cheese. Oh the food bikers crave. After 8:30am. From there we rode the back roads to New our feast we were off on our bikes again. After more Market and then to the outskirts of Timberville where back roads, we ended our 50-mile odyssey back in the new dairy is situated. Though it was not the hottest of days and only about 10am, the ice cream tasted Mark’s Bike Shop, Blue Ridge CycleWorks, and Mole Hill Bikes all contribute to the cost of the monthly newsletters. (Also underwritten by R.R. Donnelley Company) SVBC ACTIVITY COORDINATORS
Tricosports bike case/carrier. Good for transporting your bike on plane, train, or bus anywhere in the world. Contact Dick Wettstone at 434-9430 (work) or 433-4884 (home). 1996 Cannondale R500 Compact road bike. 49 cm, built for women or smaller men, on 650C wheels. Shimano RSX Triple chain-ring with STI shifting. Very nice bike, not ridden much at all, maybe 50 miles total. EXCELLENT condition! Paid $850 new at Rockfish Gap Outfitters. Need to get a good price – the bike is practically brand new - even tires are in decent shape (Continental Grand Prix). (David Taylor at Rockfish Gap is going to tune it up good for the new owner.) Call Andy at 540-234-9095 or e-mail him at 19th ANNUAL SHENANDOAH VALLEY CENTURY
By the time you read this, our 19th Annual Century will be just a few days away. Nineteen years - that's just about as old as the SVBC. What were you doing 19 years ago? Support your Club by taking part in this annual event - see information and registration form elsewhere in this newsletter. Bring your friends and relatives. Help mark the roads on September 3rd during the Workers’ Century. Or bring goodies for our guests to enjoy at the end of If you can't ride it, please consider volunteering to help. As I write this, I am still in desperate need of sag drivers and other help. E-mail me at [email protected] or call 433-9247. Hope to see you there. TIME TRIAL RESULTS
We have two more official time trials for the year, September 11th and the 25th. After the last one on the 25th, Les would like to get us all out for some food and some awards. Be sure to be prepared to hang out for a while afterwards. Carpool or make plans for someone to bring you and your bike back into town. August 14
mid-80’s, comfortable humidity, “Excuse Night”
August 28
mid-80’s, hazy, very light winds
19th Annual Shenandoah Valley Century
Sunday, September 9, 2001
Bicycle rides of 25, 50, or 100 miles through the scenic and historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Sponsored by the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club The Shenandoah Valley Century is a special bicycling event sponsored in conjunction with a number of bicycling organizations nationwide that are offering similar rides during September. The term “century” refers to the longest ride being 100 miles (a century of miles). Century rides originated in the late 1800’s. Cyclists would attempt to ride 100 miles in under 10 hours. Now, rides of various lengths are offered to suit all abilities with no time limits set. We invite you to join us and others on the SHENANDOAH VALLEY CENTURY for some of the finest cycling to be found. Scenic vistas, small towns, beautiful farms, quiet roads, and more. All routes are paved and have low traffic volume. Participants ride at their own pace; the event is not a race. Maps are provided and the route will be patrolled by automobile sag to provide assistance as needed. A food and drink stop is provided every 25 miles and at the midpoint of the 25 mile ride. At the end of the ride, bicyclists are treated to a variety of baked goods donated by the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club members. To avoid delays in waiting for the sag, be prepare to fix minor repairs yourself, e.g. a flat tire. 100 mile ride: registration 7am; start 8am 25 & 50 miles: registration 9am; start 10am Individual $8 pre-registration (see registration form) Registration includes route map, marked route, route patrol, mechanical help, food and water stops during the ride, and after ride treats. Massages and patches from the League of American Bicyclists (a national bicycling organization) will be available after the ride for a nominal fee. ANSI OR SNELL APPROVED HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. Harrisonburg is easily reached from the north or south via I-81. Hillandale Avenue is off Route 42 (South High Street) on the western side of the city. Parking in Hillandale may be limited. Additional parking is available at the nearby Food Lion and other locations. REGISTRATION FORM - Shenandoah Valley Century ANSI or SNELL APPROVED HELMETS ARE REQUIRED Cost $8/person (must be postmarked by 9/4/01 or received by 9/8/01; $10 thereafter) $ In consideration of the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club sponsoring a tour on the above years of age on the tour date and have no physical or other limitations preventing me from riding a bicycle on this tour. Furthermore, if I am under 14 years of age, I will ride with an adult over 18 years of age. Name of adult 2. I have inspected my bicycle for this tour and I know it to be in reasonably good and safe condition for this tour. 3. I have adequate and reasonable knowledge of what is prudent and safe bicycle riding and shall ride in that manner, for my own protection, and for the protection of others. 4. I agree to check in with those operating the tour at the end of my ride so that they will know when I am finished on the tour route. Furthermore, if I quit my ride on the tour before completion, I agree to inform those operating 5. In signing this release for myself, or for the named entrant, I understand that the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club, club officers, club members, the League of American Bicyclists, the City of Harrisonburg, and any others connected with this event are not responsible for, and are not insurers of, my personal safety during the ride. I recognize that bicycling on the roads may be hazardous and that various dangers such as rough roads, railroad tracks, etc. may be encountered. 6. In case of cancellation due to means beyond our control, a full refund cannot be guaranteed. I thus release the above organizations and their officers, employees, and members and agree to absolve and hold them harmless from any and all liabilities arising from my having sustained any property damage or personal injury by reason of their negligence in participating, sponsoring, planning, or arranging this event. I shall abide by all traffic laws and practice courtesy and safety in bicycling. I shall wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST COMPLETE AND SIGN THIS RELEASE. THIS REGISTRATION FORM WILL NOT BE HONORED IF THE RELEASE IS NOT SIGNED. Mail form and check payable to Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club to If each resident of a community of 100,000 replaced a car trip with a bicycle trip just once a month, 3,764 tons of CO2 emissions could be cut per year. Some 20 pounds of CO2 are emitted per gallon of gasoline used for driving a motor vehicle, according to the EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality. Here’s a site to check out - It has tons of mountain biking trail maps (not just reviews), with associated pictures so you can actually see what the riding is like. Of course no trail review would be complete without a rating system - all trails here are rated (1-5) in buckets of puke. WATER REPLACEMENT
Water replacement can be tricky. For one thing, you can’t rely on thirst. The primary trigger for thirst is a fall in water concentration. Water loss without salt loss, or salt addition without water addition will get you searching for the liquids. Which is why there’s a handful of salty nuts on the bar where the bartender wants to push the sale of beer. But when salt loss and water loss occur together, the thirst trigger isn’t pulled and significant dehydration can It’s like taking a water pill, a Lasix, lots of fluid loss with no craving to replace it. It follows then, that you’ve got to drink while you exercise, even when you’re not thirsty. A couple of one-pint water bottles every hour are just right when temperatures are extreme. Yes, you read right! A water bottle every 30 minutes. Sports drinks are structured to make drinking a little easier. Their flavor and sweetness let people drink significantly more than they can make themselves drink of plain water. Their electrolyte content gets the fluid absorbed from the gut a good deal faster than plain water. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that their sodium and potassium content is enough to offset the loss of sodium in sweat. Salt loading before and after exercise is still essential. So how do folks get into trouble in hot weather riding? 1. They ignore the advice in articles like this that appear every summer. They head out, ride, don’t drink. They wind up exhausted, lightheaded, faint, sometimes in a heap at the side of the road with filled water bottles still on their 2. Some folks bonk. They use up the energy stored in liver and muscle glycogen, burning calories without replacing 3. It is possible to overshoot, to drink too much water, to get to a state of serious, even fatal water intoxication during strenuous exercise. Further, your body has a lot of compensating mechanisms, many of them in your kidneys, to make adjustments for salt or water deficits or excesses. Pain relieving medications, like Ibuprofen (Advil or Aleve), aspirin and the new wonder drugs, Vioxx and Celebrex, produce temporary changes in kidney function that blunt the kidneys’ ability to compensate fluid and electrolyte problems. Pain relievers are wonderful taken after a ride, but So go to it. Ride and enjoy the great outdoors this summer. But think a little about your salt and fluid intake SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Helmets are required on all Club rides.
7:30pm. Mountain Bike Night Rides. Chill-paced rides for beginners to experts. Leaves from the Shenandoah Bicycle Company. Call Thomas Jenkins at 437-9000 TUESDAYS
Time Trials, Montezuma. Officially timed from May – September, the 2nd and
4th Tuesdays of the month at 6:30pm. On non-officially timed dates, 5:45pm,
5:15pm. 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a B-pace. Meet at the parking lot at Harrisonburg
High School. Call Marcia at 432-3312 for more information.
10am. We will continue the Saturday Rides throughout the season when there
are no other scheduled rides on the calendar. Call Marcia (432-3312),
Marshall (434-1609), or Bill T. (828-6635) for location and other details.
SUNDAYS (June-Sep) Rides leaving from Bridgewater College at 8am. We ride 2-3 hours (40-50
miles) to have fun! Please contact Rich Harris, 828-2380, e-mail
[email protected], Dan Finseth, 438-8063, e-mail
[email protected], or Marcia, 432-3312, e-mail
[email protected] each Saturday for latest ride information.
September 3
Worker’s Century, 9am. Meet at Wildwood Park, Bridgewater. Come help
mark the course for this year’s SVC.
23rd Annual Great Peanut Bicycle Tour & Rides, Emporia. Call them at 1-800- 449-2453, e-mail them at [email protected], or visit them at 15th Annual Amish Country Tour. Legislative Mall, Dover, DE. 15-100 miles and the famous Amish schoolhouse food stop. Call 1-800-233-5368 or visit them at September 9
19th Annual Shenandoah Valley Century.
Potomac Pedaler 100 - 2001 Edition in the upper Shenandoah Valley (Berryville). Choices for all riders: 25, 50, 63, 100 miles. More information and online preregistration (through 8/31: $13 members, $18 nonmembers) at Civil War Century. Hagerstown, MD. 30, 63, and 100 miles. Three major climbs on the century. Sponsored by the Cumberland Valley Bicycle Club. Register at 7th Annual West Wicomico Watermelon Ride and Seed Spitting Contest. Pemberton Historical Park, Salisbury, MD. 32, 50, and 62 miles. Call 410-548- 4900, x116 Monday – Friday, e-mail [email protected], or visit them at Mid-Atlantic Governors' Conference on Greenways, Blueways, and Green Infrastructure. Crystal City, Arlington. Visit Heart of Virginia Century Ride, Ashland. Fun rides and optional dinner on Friday, optional pancake breakfast and century on Saturday, shorter rides on Sunday. Call 5th Annual Rappahannock RoughRide. 12, 35, or 60-mile paved tours. 20 or 30- mile paved and unpaved courses. Proceeds benefit the Fauquier Free Clinic. Call 540-675-1942 or e-mail [email protected] for more information. Great Gear Exchange in Washington, DC. 9 am at the Washington, DC Armory. Bicycling Magazine's Great Gear Exchange. The Gear Exchange is a consumer show where individuals and retailers can buy, sell, or trade bikes, equipment, and accessories at a one-day, indoor venue. It will be held in conjunction with the BikeDC ride, Sunday, September 23. BikeDC registration and T-shirt pickup will be available at the Great Gear Exchange. Special discount tickets to the Great Gear Exchange will also be available for BikeDC riders. Go to http://r a discount admission coupon and to register for space, or call Sue Snyder, Event Coordinator, at 610-967-8243. MS150 Shenandoah Valley Classic Cycling Tour. Call 1-800-451-0373, e-mail Cannonball Century, Fredericksburg. Rides of 25, 50, 62, and 100 miles in Stafford and Fauquier Counties, starting from Custis Memorial County Park in Hartwood, VA (just south of the Quantico Marine Base reservation). 8am mass start. Visit their web site atr contact Morgan Jenkins: 540-371-7506, 4th Annual Fall Metric Century. Centreville, MD. For more information, call 410- 810-2841 (Sarah or Jeff), or e-mail [email protected]. Kernstown Battlefield Ride. Rides of 25 & 50 miles. $25. Benefits the Kernstown Battlefield Association and their attempts to preserve the battlefield property known as the Grim Farm. Call Mike Perry at 540-662-1510 or e-mail him at [email protected] for more information. 2nd Annual Bicycle Tour of Clarke County, Berryville. 25-or 50-miles. Call 540- [email protected] for more information. 13th Annual Sea Gull Century. Optional rides on Friday and Sunday. Registration deadline is August 31st. NO late or ride-day registrations. Call 410-548-2772, e- mail [email protected], or visit them atr more Sstival. Staunton. Call 540-885-2668 or visit them Remember to pay your dues when the date on your mailing label is either highlighted or marked through. The newsletter deadline is the third Monday of each month, so have your check in before then. MEMBERSHIPS EXPIRING SEPTEMBER/October
REMEMBER that the Newsletter is available for delivery via e-mail, fax, or regular mail. The same can be said for articles submitted for the Newsletter. The deadline for articles is the second to last Monday of the month. Just e- mail to Neups at [email protected] or fax articles to 564-9505. You may use the Club’s P.O. Box 1014 for



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