Datalogger T-PRINT is designed for logging temperature
from one external probe into its internal memory. Datalogger
T-PRINT-2 logs temperature from two external probes.
Anytime it is possible to print out the record on the built in
needle printer. The result is a hardcopy on the strip of paper
of 58mm width. Format is numerical with date, time, place of
measurement (vehicle, cold store). It is possible to repeat
the print out from the last stored temperature to the past
until a button is pressed to stop printing. Consequently it is
easily possible to print out a hardcopy of transport conditions
to every client.
It is also possible to transfer logged data into a PC. Then it ispossible to analyze and print out temperature in numericaland graphic format. The PC software enables to erasedatalogger memory, set logging interval, set internal realtime clock. It also enables to enter the place of measurement(vehicle) to printout heading. After datalogger memory is full,datalogging continues and the oldest stored values arecyclically being replaced by the Newest.
The T-PRINT datalogger memory is fulfilled in 40 days of continuous record with logging interval of 5 minute or4 months with 15 minutes sampling interval. Memory fulfilling times of dual channel datalogger T-PRINT-2 are20 days/5minute interval and 2 months/15 minute interval.
Operating temperature range of the printer: 9 to 32V dc, protected against alternator load shedding+ internal lithium battery 3.6V, 5 years of minimum life - internal clock back-up Tested by accredited laboratory in accordance with the European Standard EN12830 -
Temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled and frozen

It is necessary to order temperature probe with the Ni1000/6180ppm sensor. Recommended is the multi-purposewatertight probe N1ATG8U/C on the PVC cable with Cinch connector. Range of the probe -30 to +80°C. Pleasespecify required cable length 5, 10 or 15 meters.
Warranty: two years
Datalogger is designed for installation at driver`s cabin. Connected
temperature probes are located in chilled or frozen space. Anytime it is possible to print out the record. Low cost operation is the advantage.
Needle printer requires only usual paper in 58mm rolls of 30 meters length. One roll of the paper enables to print out 9000 lines of record. Life of ribbon cassette enables to print out 3 rolls of paper.
T1(°C): FROZEN SECTIONT2(°C): CHILLED SECTION Included accessory: calibration certificate from the manufacturer, PC
cable, internal Lithium battery 3.6V for supplying the internal clock, ribbon cassette, roll of paper, self adhesive Dual Lock for easy installation.
Free Windows program is ready to download at www.cometsystem.cz Program enables to control all logger functions and viewing and printing ofdata in numerical and simple graphic formats. It is possible to export datato dbf or txt formats.
Optional accessory:
- CD with free PC program
probes with Ni1000/6180 RTD sensor with Cinch connector
- probe marking followed by letter /C
A1536 - mains ac/dc adapter 230V-50Hz/12V-500mA
A4203 - spare Lithium battery 3.6V
PR002 - spare roll of paper for printer, width 58mm,
length 30m 9000lines of record
DPN-290BL - spare ribbon cassette for printer,
life 3 printed out rolls of paper
SWR004 - optional software for Windows
color print, vertical and time zooming of graphs and other functions Warranty: two years

Source: http://www.evikon.ee/catalog/images/comet/DS_EN_T-Print.pdf

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