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Eligible and Non-Eligible Health Care Expenses
The following list identifies some of the common medical, dental and health related expenses that the
Internal Revenue Service considers to be deductible expenses.
reimbursement through your Medical Reimbursement Account (MRA) provided that you have not been
reimbursed for them through any other benefits plan. You must be eligible on the date of purchase.
Eligible Health Care Expenses (*Reimbursement for Co-Payments)
Lead based paint removal – to prevent lead poisoning Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Treatments Legal Fees – to allow treatment for mental illness Capital Expenses – Special equipment installed in home Skilled Nursing Home – (if for medical reasons) or improvements made, if main purpose is medical careCar – special medical equipment within Contact Lenses – including saline solution & enzyme Over the Counter Drugs – see attached specific list Electrolysis or Hair Removal (medically necessary) Special Schooling for Physically or MentallyHandicapped Fees for Health Club (prescribed by physician) Travel Costs – to obtain medical care & prescriptions(must be submitted via paper claim) Health Institute – prescribed by a physician Vitamins – that require a prescription for purchase Weight Loss Program – physician approved HMO Health Maintenance Organization – co-payments Wigs – to cover baldness due to medical reasons * The following co-payments are reimbursable through your MRA: Over-the-Counter Drugs
OTC drugs include many drugs that used to be prescription drugs, such as Claritin and Advil, aswell as items like cold or cough medicine, pain relievers, allergy medications, and antacids areeligible for reimbursment. OTC items that are merely beneficial to the general health of anindividual, such as vitamins, toiletries, (such as toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.), dietary andnutritional supplements, and cosmetics (such as face cream) are not allowable. You may findadditional information regarding coverage of OTC at the IRS website located
As with all other expenses, you will need to save you receipts for these items and send them inwhen you submit your claim reimbursement form. The Fund requires proper substantiation foreach item purchased to show that they are being used to alleviate or treat personal injuries orsickness for you and your dependents(s).
Eligible Over the Counter Reimbursable Medical Expenses
Allergy Relief, such as oral medications, nasal sprays, and patchesAnalgesics, such as fever and pain reducers like Aspirin, Tylenol & IbuprofenAntacids and Heartburn Relief, such as Alka-Seltzer, Mylanta, & Milk of MagnesiaAntibiotic OintmentsAnti-itch & Hydrocortisone creamsArthritis pain relieving creamsAthletes Foot Treatment, such as nail & foot anti-fungal creamsBlood Pressure monitor & related equipmentCholesterol test equipmentCold medicines, such as tablets, syrups, drops & lozengesDiabetes, such as glucose monitor & related equipmentEye Care, such as contacts, saline solution, & lubricating eye dropsEye PatchesFeminine Care relating to treatment of vaginal infectionsFirst Aid, such as heat wraps, compresses, bandages, tape gauze dressing, & pain relieving creamsIncontinence Products, such as Depends & Serenity padsJoint Support Bandages & Hosiery, such as knee supports, elbow supportsLaxativesMotion Sickness, such as Dramamine, patches, & braceletsShampoo Treatment relating to treatment of psoriasis, liceSmoking Cessation Relief, such as patches, gumStomach & Digestive Relief, such as Pepto-Bismol, Imodium, Colace, & LactaidTooth & Mouth Pain Relief, such as Orajel, AnbesolUrinary Pain ReliefVaporizers & HumidifiersWart Removal Medication



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